Name Target Message Date
0.1 fd061d4 0.1 24 March 2016, 18:12 UTC
0.10 66c2a0f 0.10 25 October 2016, 21:50 UTC
0.10-rc1 4e66097 0.10-rc1 27 September 2016, 18:45 UTC
0.10-rc2 33fe87a 0.10-rc2 04 October 2016, 21:25 UTC
0.10-rc3 31d7684 0.10-rc3 13 October 2016, 01:43 UTC
0.11 725582c 0.11 27 December 2016, 16:58 UTC
0.11-rc1 35b8d18 0.11-rc1 04 December 2016, 13:33 UTC
0.11-rc2 6350752 0.11-rc2 11 December 2016, 19:10 UTC
0.11-rc3 1172566 0.11-rc3 17 December 2016, 20:22 UTC
0.12 ee8ed39 0.12 07 March 2017, 14:43 UTC
0.12-rc1 f68d2fb 0.12-rc1 21 February 2017, 10:19 UTC
0.12-rc2 f954d74 0.12-rc2 28 February 2017, 18:09 UTC
0.12.1 e221d28 0.12.1 14 March 2017, 03:15 UTC
0.12.2 4d026f8 0.12.2 03 April 2017, 15:00 UTC
0.13-rc1 94ad169 0.13-rc1 18 April 2017, 22:42 UTC
0.13-rc3 40a0c20 0.13-rc3 01 May 2017, 14:28 UTC
0.13.0 85e97bb 0.13.0 08 May 2017, 16:35 UTC
0.14-rc1 4e663ab 0.14-rc1 14 June 2017, 23:03 UTC
0.14-rc2 3f2023e 0.14-rc2 23 June 2017, 00:23 UTC
0.14-rc3 02005e3 0.14-rc3 29 June 2017, 17:26 UTC
0.14-rc4 ff1eccf 0.14-rc4 12 July 2017, 00:08 UTC
0.14-rc5 6c9aa2a 0.14-rc5 18 July 2017, 23:16 UTC
0.14.0 52a790c 0.14.0 26 July 2017, 23:20 UTC
0.15-rc1 6271abd 0.15-rc1 09 October 2017, 12:29 UTC
0.15-rc2 bfe8649 0.15-rc2 17 October 2017, 01:09 UTC
0.15-rc3 0c1ef88 0.15-rc3 24 October 2017, 01:18 UTC
0.15-rc4 59222bc 0.15-rc4 30 October 2017, 21:23 UTC
0.15.0 52c4c16 0.15.0 06 November 2017, 23:17 UTC
0.15.1 c08c805 0.15.1 28 December 2017, 02:26 UTC
0.15.2 78740b9 0.15.2 12 April 2018, 23:29 UTC
0.2 a4bf09f 0.2 30 March 2016, 12:38 UTC
0.3 655b003 0.3 30 March 2016, 13:26 UTC
0.4 9412dc7 0.4 15 April 2016, 18:57 UTC
0.5 54c635c 0.5 16 April 2016, 14:23 UTC
0.6 eec09ca 0.6 29 April 2016, 14:09 UTC
0.9 31ce010 0.9 02 August 2016, 11:42 UTC
0.9-rc1 ee67c5b 0.9-rc1 28 July 2016, 11:26 UTC
0.9-rc2 9661272 0.9-rc2 29 July 2016, 11:36 UTC
0.9-rc3 44a4905 0.9-rc3 31 July 2016, 03:26 UTC
1.0-alpha.1 4b20086 1.0-alpha.1 07 April 2018, 19:33 UTC
1.0-alpha.2 404d006 1.0-alpha.2 13 May 2018, 19:00 UTC
1.0-alpha.3 867fb6a 1.0-alpha.3 09 June 2018, 18:32 UTC
1.0-alpha.4 bec982b 1.0-alpha.4 17 July 2018, 21:30 UTC
1.0-alpha.5 0cd418b 1.0-alpha.5 06 August 2018, 12:40 UTC
1.0-alpha.6 e6a52ae 1.0-alpha.6 21 September 2018, 13:45 UTC
1.0-beta.1 3f02218 sway 1.0-beta.1 Sway 1.0-beta.1 contains 2,544 changes from 80 contributors since 0.15.2, plus 3,225 changes from 67 contributors via wlroots, for a total of 5,769 changes from 128 people over the past, and is the first **beta** release of sway 1.0. Beta releases are considered feature-complete, but are not thought to be bug-free. Nevertheless, it should be suitable for most users, and we did not ship it with any known major bugs. Please use it and provide feedback. Package maintainers: **please do not package this release**. - We have completely overhauled the codebase. Some behaviors were changed to match i3 behavior, in breaking ways. There are likely many bugs we don't know about. Your millage may vary. - swaygrab has been removed. For screenshots, try grim[0], and for video capture try wlstream[1] - This release depends on wlroots[2] 0.1 and drops the dependency on wlc. - This release depends on scdoc[3] for generating man pages, and drops the dependency on asciidoc. - Experimental Nvidia support has been deprecated since its inception, and has now been removed entirely. Please use nouveau and consider future purchases from GPU vendors that support open source. Other proprietary drivers are also unsupported. [0] [1] [2] [3] - 100% i3 compatible* - 100% i3 IPC compatible - 100% i3-gaps compatible - 100% i3bar compatible** * Not including a small number of features which are are deliberately unsupported, such as layout save/restore or features which only make sense on X11 ** Not including tray icons **Sway features** - swayidle, a daemon for managing DPMS and idle activity (e.g. automatic lock after a timeout), has been added - `man swayidle` to get started - swaynag, an i3-nagbar replacement, has been added, with additional features not supported by i3-nagbar - `man swaynag` to get started - `bindsym --locked` now adds keybindings which work when the screen is locked - Command blocks are now generic and work with any command - Window opacity can now be adjusted with the `opacity` command - `border csd` now enables client-side decorations explicitly - Atomic layout updates ensure that, when resizing windows and adjusting your layout, you never see an invalid frame with partially drawn clients - Urgency hints from Xwayland are now supported - Output damage tracking significantly improves CPU performance and power usage - Hardware cursors are now supported, improving performance - The Wayland, x11, and headless backends are now supported for end-user use, enabling nested and headless sway sessions - On-screen keyboards like virtboard[0] are now supported - Moving tiled windows with the mouse now behaves like the proposed i3 feature[1] [0] [1] **Outputs** `man 5 sway-output` - Output rotation (e.g. `output NAME transform 90`) - Fractional scaling (e.g. `output NAME scale 1.5`) - see man page for warnings - Windows can now be dragged between outputs with the mouse (and display correctly when dragged between outputs with different scale factors) - Output resolution is now applied via modesetting - Sway can now run on multiple GPUs - Support for daisy-chained DisplayPort and other exotic configurations - All sway clients (e.g. swaylock) now support HiDPI correctly - A new gamma control interface with broader hardware support has been implemented* - see this[0] redshift patch [0] * Some users will have issues with buggy drivers, particularly certain AMDGPU configurations **Inputs** `man 5 sway-input` - Keyboard layout and XKB options may be specified in the config file - Multitouch support is now stable - Drawing tablets are now supported (partially - it emulates a mouse) - You can now specify the status of num lock and caps lock on startup - Multiple input devices can be bound to a single on-screen cursor (or several cursors) - Multiple keyboards with different layouts can be used interchangeably - Multiple seats can be configured (each with their own input devices and focused window) - Input devices can be mapped to limit their influence to specific outputs or regions of the screen - Input devices which provide absolutely positioned events (e.g. drawing tablets) can now limit their influence to a subregion of the input device - Mouse movement and button presses can now be simulated with sway commands **Wayland Features** - Drag and drop is now supported - Rich content (images, etc) can now be copied between Xwayland and Wayland - GTK's primary selection protocol has been implemented (and syncs with Xwayland primary selection) - The layer-shell protocol has been implemented (which allows for third-party panels[0], lock screens, notification daemons[1], etc) - A real time screen capture protocol has been developed and implemented (which allows for future third-party screenshot[1] and video capture[3] tools) - The idle & idle inhibit protocols have been implemented (which permits DPMS and the inhibition of DPMS by e.g. video players to work) - Client-side/server-side window decorations negotiation has been standardized and implemented - The xdg-shell stable protocol is now supported [0] [1] [2] [3] **swaylock** `man swaylock` - Now supports different images on each output - Appearance can now be configured - Adds an optional config file **Misc** - Xwayland is now started only when the first X11 client is started - All known problems with xdg-shell have been fixed (such as blurry menus that don't accept focus) - All known problems with Xwayland have been fixed (such as Firefox menu weirdness) - All known HiDPI bugs - All known swaylock & swaybar bugs - Reloading your config doesn't cause crashes - TTY switching doesn't hang your system - Most bugs in general are fixed 20 October 2018, 22:00 UTC
1.0-beta.2 fd37ded sway 1.0-beta.2 7415963987456321 (1): Remove extra line Arnaud Vallette d'Osia (1): Advertize dependency on git Arthur Gautier (1): fixes pango_markup support with title_format Brian Ashworth (31): cmd_reload: recalc font sizing + rebuild textures Merge branch 'master' into fix-scratchpad-resize config: remove peeked + expanded line log entries cmd_swaynag_command: fix typo in variable Merge pull request #2993 from mwenzkowski/fix-2992 Merge pull request #3009 from emersion/swayidle-sigusr Fix focus_wrapping yes gaps: remove duplicate inner gaps Implement per side and per direction outer gaps resize set: implement width and height keywords Merge pull request #3091 from c-edw/feature/FocusFollowsMouseDoc Alter config variable replacement process Allow multiple outputs for workspace output cmd_ws_auto_back_and_forth: fix negation Merge pull request #3128 from RyanDwyer/fix-unmap-crash Merge pull request #3018 from sxmichaels/add-scroll-factor Implement title alignment Merge pull request #3183 from emersion/fix-escape-pango Merge pull request #3168 from mihaicmn/scratchpad-events Change execute_command to return a list of results Implement swaynag -B/--button-no-terminal Do not strip quotes for cmd_mode Introduce a way to show config warnings in swaynag Merge pull request #3212 from martinetd/move_floating Implement support for swaymsg -t SUBSCRIBE [-m] Implement bar gaps Fix scratchpad segfault - NULL focused workspace Fix default_orientation auto Fix titlebar when no title or marks swaymsg: parse success of single object Merge pull request #3218 from johnae/master Cameron Nemo (1): Create Christian (1): Parse missing i3 window types Cole Mickens (6): tree/view.c: fix uninitialized variables warning sway-ipc: includes current_mode for each output swaymsg: get_outputs: use output->current_mode for current mode display fix: restore refresh to the modes_array ipc: move refresh from output to output->current_mode commands/resize: fix grow vars uninitialized Connor E (6): Add focus_follows_mouse always. (#3081) Update documentation for focus_follows_mouse. Use parse_boolean where possible. Add some missing frees. More frees. Implement strip_workspace_name. Dominique Martinet (1): move to workspace: fix moving floating container to non-empty workspace Drew DeVault (62): Merge pull request #2909 from makepanic/issues/2906 Merge pull request #2913 from emersion/fix-swaybar-hotplug Merge pull request #2923 from RyanDwyer/fix-move-to-fullscreen-crash Merge pull request #2924 from RyanDwyer/fix-qt-menu-crash Merge pull request #2926 from RyanDwyer/fix-xwayland-floating-logic Merge pull request #2929 from RyanDwyer/fix-scratchpad-resize Merge pull request #2935 from mteyssier/ref-output-docs Merge pull request #2944 from RyanDwyer/fix-multiseat-dormant-cursor Merge pull request #2942 from ianyfan/swaybar Merge pull request #2933 from Snaipe/xwayland-window-properties Merge pull request #2954 from RyanDwyer/cursor-rebase-after-focus-direction Merge pull request #2957 from RyanDwyer/rebase-cursor-after-map Merge pull request #2964 from RyanDwyer/tab-wheel-focus-inactive Merge pull request #2925 from ianyfan/swaylock Merge pull request #2950 from emersion/presentation-time Merge pull request #2975 from RyanDwyer/deny-commands-when-no-outputs Merge pull request #2980 from ppascher/allow_workspace_missing_output Merge pull request #2982 from Toromtomtom/master Merge pull request #2985 from mihaicmn/fix-retiling Merge pull request #2989 from RyanDwyer/fix-focus-glitchiness Merge pull request #2994 from RyanDwyer/respect-lone-child-border Revert "Fix #2992" Merge pull request #3001 from madblobfish/swaylock-completions-and-manpage Merge pull request #3006 from Snaipe/remove-class Merge pull request #3008 from CameronNemo/patch-1 Merge pull request #3010 from Emantor/fix/cursor_warping_view_map Merge pull request #3011 from Emantor/fix/2922 Merge pull request #3020 from emersion/swaymsg-return-status Update Merge pull request #3031 from atomnuker/master Merge pull request #3042 from madblobfish/swaymsg-fish-completions Merge pull request #3037 from RyanDwyer/focus-output-wrap Merge pull request #3040 from RyanDwyer/border-props-to-container Merge pull request #3041 from RyanDwyer/marks-props-to-container Merge pull request #3028 from emersion/disambiguate-drop-root-error Clean up dependencies in Correction to dependency updates Merge pull request #3052 from colemickens/output-current-mode Merge pull request #3021 from Snaipe/singlekey-binding-trigger Merge pull request #3073 from oranenj/swayidle_workaround Revert "Work around swayidle never triggering on SIGUSR1" Merge pull request #3075 from swaywm/revert-3073-swayidle_workaround Merge pull request #3078 from Emantor/fix/exec_always_double_load Merge branch 'master' into effective-damage Merge pull request #3068 from emersion/effective-damage Merge pull request #3086 from RedSoxFan/fix-dup-inner-gaps Merge pull request #3090 from RedSoxFan/resize-set-improved Merge pull request #3085 from 7415963987456321/master Merge pull request #3098 from c-edw/feature/RefactorArgParse Merge pull request #3108 from RedSoxFan/workspace-output-improved Merge pull request #3113 from RedSoxFan/fix-ws-auto-back-and-forth Merge pull request #2979 from RedSoxFan/config-var-repl Merge pull request #3117 from emersion/wlroots-config10 Merge pull request #3102 from emersion/render-software-cursors Merge pull request #3121 from c-edw/feature/MissingFrees Merge pull request #3126 from emersion/swap-unused-function Merge pull request #3130 from RyanDwyer/fix-mode-double-free Merge pull request #3143 from colemickens/grow Merge pull request #3142 from RyanDwyer/move-view-properties Merge pull request #3147 from emersion/set10 Merge pull request #3152 from camoz/master Merge pull request #3175 from emersion/rename-gtk-primary-selection Ferdinand Bachmann (1): sway-ipc: don't log errno if unneeded and add more descriptive errors Florent de Lamotte (1): Adding commands for configuring titlebar borders and padding Franklin "Snaipe" Mathieu (4): xwayland: populate window_properties in json for views ipc: remove class key from view json ipc: make class, instance, and title window properties optional binding: match single-key bindings if no multi-key binding matched Harish Krupo (1): IPC: Send keyboard layout info in IPC_GET_INPUTS Ian Fan (14): commands: print correct command on error for exec and opacity commands: remove EXPECTED_MORE_THAN commands: clean-up checkarg function commands: replace EXPECTED_LESS_THAN with EXPECTED_AT_MOST swaylock: exit early if unable to inhibit input swaylock: exit on display error swaybar: exit on display error swaybar: absorb bar_init function into bar_setup swaybar: reverse order of workspaces list swaybar: fix scrolling behaviour swaybar: when scrolling, check that there are workspaces to scroll on swayidle: when acquiring sleep lock, initialize and free variables properly swaylock: fix display_event to not block Merge pull request #3191 from emersion/fix-swayidle-busy-dispatch Jarkko Oranen (1): Work around swayidle never triggering on SIGUSR1 John Axel Eriksson (1): Fix json object ipc return Konstantin Kharlamov (1): seat: don't traverse the list to check if it's empty Konstantin Pospelov (2): resize set: fix units for floating containers resize set: add assertion for an invalid unit Mihai Coman (4): Fix re-tiling for floating containers IPC: Trigger move events for scratchpad containers IPC: Add scratchpad containers to get_tree reply IPC: Use consistent function names across ipc-json Robinhuett (1): Use output identifier for workspace config Rostislav Pehlivanov (2): Revert "tree/view.c: fix uninitialized variables warning" Revert "Respect border settings when rendering lone tabbed/stacked child" Rouven Czerwinski (4): input-manager: consider cursor warping on input_manager_set_focus output: initialize layers and signal before using functions commands/exec_always: defer command on config validation config: mention that reload message is also printed on validation Ryan Dwyer (35): Make workspace back_and_forth seat-specific Fix crash when moving a container to a fullscreen workspace Fix crash when quitting a QT app on the wayland backend using menu Fix xwayland wants_floating logic Merge pull request #2922 from RedSoxFan/fix-2905 Fix crash when resizing container hidden in the scratchpad Merge pull request #2934 from RedSoxFan/config-log-cleanup Fix swaybar crash when there's no status_command Merge pull request #2941 from ianyfan/commands Fix dormant cursor when using multiple seats seat_update_capabilities: Set cursor image while we have the capability Rebase the cursor after focusing in a direction Rebase the cursor after mapping a view Add multiseat support to swaylock When scrolling on a tab titlebar, set focus_inactive if not focused Fix containers not being resized when entering scratchpad Document how to identify outputs by make, model and serial Rebase the cursor after applying transactions Deny several commands when there's no outputs connected Fix focus after a non-visible workspace's last container is destroyed Respect border settings when rendering lone tabbed/stacked child Merge pull request #2995 from colemickens/uninit-warnings Don't reset cursor during mouse operations Remove enum movement_direction Move view border properties to container struct Wrap to fartherest output when running focus output Move view marks properties to container struct Merge pull request #3087 from RedSoxFan/side-gaps Fix double free when unmapping any view Fix double free of mode Merge pull request #3132 from emersion/dispatch-cursor-btn-segfault Move view {x,y,width,height} into container struct Merge pull request #3185 from emersion/remove-xopen-source Merge pull request #3199 from emersion/handle-subsurface-destroy Merge pull request #3211 from emersion/child-view-unmapped-segfault Ryan Walklin (1): Add relative output transform Spencer Michaels (1): Add scroll factor config option. Tom Warnke (1): protect newline Trevor Slocum (1): resize set: convert ppt to px for floating containers camoz (3): fix typo in fix typo in fix typo in swayidle(1) emersion (65): Merge pull request #2903 from RyanDwyer/seat-specific-backandforth swaybar: fix hotplug Merge pull request #2936 from RedSoxFan/fix-swaynag-command Merge pull request #2940 from RyanDwyer/fix-swaybar-crash Implement the presentation-time protocol Merge pull request #2961 from RyanDwyer/swaylock-multiseat Merge pull request #2970 from RyanDwyer/fix-scratchpad-size Merge pull request #2971 from RyanDwyer/document-output-identifiers Merge pull request #2974 from RyanDwyer/cursor-rebase-after-txn-apply Merge pull request #2973 from ianyfan/swaybar Merge pull request #2984 from Ferdi265/master Merge pull request #2997 from RyanDwyer/fix-cursor-during-operation Merge pull request #3003 from Hi-Angel/master Merge pull request #3000 from Robinhuett/workspace_address_output_by_name swayidle: enter idle state on SIGUSR1 Merge pull request #3016 from mwenzkowski/fix-uninitialized-pointer swaymsg: fix get_outputs status code Merge pull request #3033 from RyanDwyer/remove-movement-direction Merge pull request #3027 from madblobfish/remove-resolve_path Make it clear that being able to restore root is a failure Teardown compositor when failing to drop permissions Merge pull request #3061 from colemickens/output-current-mode Use wlr_surface_get_effective_damage Merge pull request #3067 from madblobfish/three-trivial-fixes Merge pull request #3066 from mwenzkowski/fix-gaps Merge pull request #3071 from RedSoxFan/fix-3064 Merge pull request #3046 from tokyovigilante/relative-transform Merge pull request #3089 from sghctoma/fix-clang-build Render software cursors with wlr_output_render_software_cursors Merge pull request #3116 from harishkrupo/master Use #if instead of #ifdef for WLR_HAS_* Fix unused function in swap command Fix segfault in dispatch_cursor_button Merge pull request #3141 from tslocum/resize-set-floating-ppt Use #if instead of #ifdef Merge pull request #3083 from c-edw/feature/StripWorkspaceName ipc: fix focused in get_outputs reply Merge pull request #3160 from camoz/master Merge pull request #3171 from camoz/master Merge pull request #3158 from emersion/get-outputs-focused Update for swaywm/wlroots#1387 Merge pull request #3178 from progandy/sysconfdir Merge pull request #3145 from fdlamotte/master Merge pull request #3179 from baloo/baloo/title_format-pango_markup swayidle: listen when display becomes writable swayidle: fix dbus_event not to block Fix pango title escaping Merge pull request #3049 from ianyfan/swayidle Replace _XOPEN_SOURCE with _POSIX_C_SOURCE Merge pull request #3184 from kupospelov/fix-resize swayidle: fix busy loop on writable FD Merge pull request #3169 from RedSoxFan/title-align Handle destroyed subsurfaces Damage view child when destroyed Merge pull request #3209 from RedSoxFan/fix-3146 Merge pull request #3204 from RedSoxFan/cmd-res-list Merge pull request #3207 from RedSoxFan/swaynag-no-term-buttons Fix segfault when destroying unmapped child view Merge pull request #3202 from RedSoxFan/swaynag-config-warnings Merge pull request #3208 from RedSoxFan/bar-gaps Merge pull request #3206 from RedSoxFan/ipc-subscribe Merge pull request #3213 from RedSoxFan/fix-3203 Merge pull request #3214 from RedSoxFan/fix-3156 Merge pull request #3216 from RedSoxFan/fix-empty-titlebars Merge pull request #3219 from RedSoxFan/swaymsg-object-success madblobfish (9): updated fish completions for swaylock reordered swaylock manpage added fish completions for swayidle added fish completions for swaynag Revert "Add resolve_path() to utils" improved swaymsg completions for fish removed unneeded code fragment added space after table in sway.5 manpage document swaymessage type for get_seats mteyssier (1): Add references to sway-output(5) in sway(5) mwenzkowski (5): Fix #2992 cursor: fix uninitialized pointer in cursor_rebase Fix #2992 Correct manpage regarding gaps command gaps: Improve error reporting ppascher (2): Update workspace.c Update workspace.c progandy (1): Meson: Fix SYSCONFDIR definition. sghctoma (1): Fix building with clang 29 November 2018, 22:27 UTC
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