Release v0.2.1 created by Zhang Yunjun on 26 March 2019, 02:45:16 UTC
use argparse instead of get opt for input argument parsing, for some scripts, not all yet improved visualization, including lat/lon label, scale bar, various map projection, auto switch backend, transection with topographic profile, network plotting update support for UNAVCO InSAR Archive format update support for insarmaps - UM Web Viewer add more parallel processing using multiprocessing and job lib renamed some scripts: ->, ->, etc. add precious radar2geo and geo2radar coord conversion, thus subset/reference using yx/lalo both work. add documentation, including auto API documentation using Doxygen and Github Wiki, in html and PDF format create Github Page add examples using jupyter notebook to show how to use PySAR as a python module separate automatic path for Miami file structure, and add easy turn off in with variable miami_path more module-lized file loading renamed working directory from TSSAR to PYSAR, and create PYSAR/subset folder if subset option is specified. updated routine processing bugs fixed
Target: f1aa0822320b996bc5ad1ef235d612bb1892b978
Directory: 7588d21fa23456ba6016177447c8f055b67f2a53
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