Release v1.0.0 created by Zhang Yunjun on 26 March 2019, 02:59:42 UTC
update code from py27 to py36
add supports for ISCE-2.2/topsStack and GIAnT products use 3D matrix IO in HDF5 format without compression to replace the previous 2D matrix IO with compression for faster IO speed. update scripts for unwrapping error correction: automatic bridging method and faster phase closure method. use pyresample for geocoding to replace scipy.interpolate module, which supports 1) multiple layers of geocoding, 2) radar2geo and geo2radar, 3) parallel processing using multiple cores new file structures for timeseries, interferogram stacks and geometry files, each corresponds to a class. new code structure with subfolders/submodules: add pysar/objects/ subfolder for all scripts defining objects/classes add pysar/simulation/ subfolder for scripts to simulate decorrelation noise, tropospheric delay. add pysar/defaults/ subfolder for all default settings files/scripts move all utilities scripts into subfolder pysar/utils/ move obsolete scripts into subfolder pysar/legacy/ add systematic file reading/writing improved file plotting scripts: better default setting, faster speed, more advanced choices, etc. improved raw phase time-series estimation: 1) add weighted inversion with min-norm phase velocity, 2) masking based on coherence/connected components on the fly, 3) split chunks for less memory requirements, 4) add individual redundancy checking add GPS data download/reading/plotting support automatic outlier detection based on phase residual RMS standardize all used metadata to the style of "ABC_DEF" (old names still kept) shorter and more compact scripts
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