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See the file INSTALL and the Manual for building and installation instructions.

See the file NEWS for new features and bug fixes of this release.

The Manual can be downloaded at:

For bug reports, please open an issue.

For help, please post to the mantle convection forum:
CitcomS v3.3.1 can be cited as:
    Moresi, Louis, Zhong, Shijie, Han, Lijie, Conrad, Clint, Tan, Eh, Gurnis, Michael, Choi, Eunseo, Thoutireddy, 
    Pururav, Manea, Vlad, McNamara, Allen, Becker, Thorsten, Leng, Wei, & Armendariz, Luis. (2014). CitcomS v3.3.1 (v3.3.1). 

Full citation information can be found on the CIG website:

CitcomS is free software published under the GPL2.0 license.  See the file COPYING for copying conditions.

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