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0612d94 Updated file ChangeLog to r8244 08 November 2007, 22:41 UTC
209f8f4 Replaced a system call by std C library remove() and disabled another system call (backup input file). Partially fixed issue130. All remaining system calls are in lib/Output_gzdir.c. 08 November 2007, 22:31 UTC
d280056 Updated file ChangeLog to r8242 08 November 2007, 21:38 UTC
eb0cd74 Removed binary checkpoint files from makefile, as the file size is too big for distribution. 08 November 2007, 21:36 UTC
4ffbc25 Updated file ChangeLog to r8240 08 November 2007, 21:17 UTC
2b294a0 Update the version number 08 November 2007, 19:19 UTC
744e0f1 Update NEWS 08 November 2007, 19:18 UTC
6e63c0b Dereased the timestep size to reduce artifacts in advection 08 November 2007, 19:18 UTC
678f8c2 Decreased the # of processors. This is the only way I can reproduce single-cell convection as in the manual. 07 November 2007, 19:52 UTC
ef214c1 Removed comp_el from default output, since it is not required for restart anymore. 07 November 2007, 19:52 UTC
9dbf4b9 Print a warning when matrix eqn solver not converging 07 November 2007, 19:51 UTC
7153443 Added cgrad solver convergence parameters, increased buoyancy_ratio and lower the # of steps 06 November 2007, 23:18 UTC
1dabe41 Removed unused multigrid parameters 06 November 2007, 23:18 UTC
bfead3f Increase vlowstep to match the default value in pyre 06 November 2007, 23:18 UTC
965c015 Fixed a few memory errors 06 November 2007, 23:17 UTC
bad9502 Init'd some variables about vtk_io, which might be accessed with uninit'd values in output_finalize() 06 November 2007, 01:04 UTC
9a543f7 Shrank the size of sph. harm arrays 06 November 2007, 01:04 UTC
da29725 Removed functions related sph. harm in lib/Regional_obsolete.c 06 November 2007, 01:03 UTC
3d2ebff Scaled topo with variable gravity. Fixed an error in comment. Rearranged computation. 06 November 2007, 01:03 UTC
2469135 Fixed an error in comment 01 November 2007, 23:33 UTC
e0c3652 Print dv/v=dp/p=1.0 for the 1st Uzawa iteraion 01 November 2007, 23:33 UTC
6d90070 Minor modification 30 October 2007, 22:29 UTC
1f562ce Added the C program project_geoid to the makefile 30 October 2007, 21:54 UTC
1ea69a0 A post-processing program to project geoid coefficents onto a regular (longitude, latitude) mesh 30 October 2007, 21:53 UTC
4d7f4a3 Fixed a bug in dimensionalizing density. Provided the formula of geoid calculation in the comments. Rearranged the order of functions. 30 October 2007, 21:50 UTC
f40dafa Compute d(rho)/dr/rho from rho(r) 30 October 2007, 21:49 UTC
8102449 Updated file ChangeLog to r8170 22 October 2007, 20:57 UTC
26c3d4a Updated NEWS 22 October 2007, 20:26 UTC
a05de44 Minor update 22 October 2007, 19:46 UTC
7823da3 Simpilify INSTALL 22 October 2007, 19:44 UTC
4832d3d Eliminated unnecessary computation 22 October 2007, 19:03 UTC
e8a9d98 Variable material properties in latent heat correction on adiabatic cooling 22 October 2007, 19:03 UTC
5b2e55b Added some comments 22 October 2007, 19:02 UTC
a27d3c6 Renamed control.width* -> control.inv_width* for clarity 19 October 2007, 19:24 UTC
88a2e23 Renamed coupler inventory: dimensional -> si_unit and transformational -> cartesian 18 October 2007, 18:53 UTC
f614f83 Minor change in the examples 17 October 2007, 22:44 UTC
25c9b53 Added comments on where C code is replaced by python code in Citcom.c 17 October 2007, 20:56 UTC
8d2bbbe Put the rest of r8111 back 17 October 2007, 20:55 UTC
9676e09 Fixed input diffusivity parameter in the examples, from r8111. 17 October 2007, 20:33 UTC
69e4ad8 Added back minor modification from r8111 17 October 2007, 20:32 UTC
7732890 Fixed a typo in the example 17 October 2007, 18:40 UTC
6a8e4b5 Fixed a bug in remove_rigid_rot() 17 October 2007, 18:36 UTC
93471fe Roll back r8111, reading velo files for init. temperature stays as tic_method=-1. Other changes in r8111 will be put back later. 17 October 2007, 18:35 UTC
1602d87 Fixed rigid rotation code bug. Added restart=2 option which will not use checkpoints, but tic_method=-1 style temperature input (formally realized via tic_method=-1, but this should be cleaner) fixed input diffusivity parameter in full example file. 13 October 2007, 19:07 UTC
334bd72 Turn off monitor_max_T in the test 12 October 2007, 20:24 UTC
fdf7f72 Boundary class is for regional model only, add a checking for it. 12 October 2007, 20:23 UTC
17b3276 Cookbook 9: nested solver coupling + coor_refine + tsolver tuning 11 October 2007, 01:23 UTC
0f0b81a Wiser now, commented in the E->fp output 11 October 2007, 00:03 UTC
4af480b Added coor=3 option for radial node spacing a la CitcomCU. Streamlined ggrd temperature init. Added file flush to heat flow output. 10 October 2007, 23:40 UTC
9c14928 Add an assertion 10 October 2007, 21:00 UTC
3c5bee2 Remove rigid body rotation from the velocity solution from global model. A input parameter 'solver.vsolver.remove_rigid_rotation', default to on, indicate whether to remove the rigid body rotation. For free-slip model, this parameter should be on. For model with imposed plate velocity, it is advised to turn off this parameter. 10 October 2007, 20:11 UTC
ee814bc Renamed excludeTop -> exclude_top, and excludeBottom -> exclude_bottom. (No other CitcomS parameter uses CamelCase.) Reworked the interaction of initial temperature and coupling. Created a new parameter exchange_initial_temperature. 05 October 2007, 20:02 UTC
b0f818a Strengthen the default convergence criterion for the 3rd iteration in compressible cg solver 05 October 2007, 20:00 UTC
72ad845 Disable a debugging output 05 October 2007, 19:58 UTC
4bcf0ad Add licence text to the multi-couplers 05 October 2007, 19:58 UTC
820d139 Turn off filter_temp by default since it's not in the energy equation 05 October 2007, 19:57 UTC
4e87245 Fxied material assignment bug in PDEPV (0 vs. 1 array issue...) 04 October 2007, 19:35 UTC
cc73a80 Updated the cookbook scripts 01 October 2007, 20:38 UTC
f4f2b13 Added Cookbook8 for compressible model + geoid + checkpoint + vsolver tuning 01 October 2007, 19:26 UTC
ae31e95 Fixed restart I/O bug in Output_gzdir. 28 September 2007, 23:36 UTC
e429e26 Added function prototype and fixed a few errors 27 September 2007, 19:33 UTC
a79e4a9 Shrink the size of checkpoint files 27 September 2007, 19:07 UTC
02acf94 Enable coor_refine for regional model, only radial coordinate is refined 27 September 2007, 19:07 UTC
e29d3c2 Fixed a bug in vtkio 25 September 2007, 19:40 UTC
f392355 Introducing choice of reference state: When solver.param.reference_state=0, the reference state is read from a file (solver.param.refstate_file) When solver.param.reference_state=1 (default), the reference state is calculated using Adams-Williamson equation of state. 25 September 2007, 01:31 UTC
4170440 Detect the presence of libz and enable ascii-gz at configure time 24 September 2007, 21:29 UTC
95c453f Comment out varialbe thermal conductivity. Removed unused struct members. 24 September 2007, 21:28 UTC
e4cd242 Multiply rho*cp to DT/dt 24 September 2007, 21:28 UTC
6a4ff8e Don't write to log file, since only rank-0 proc can access it 19 September 2007, 20:34 UTC
37b7dd0 Set default value for tracer/composition flags earlier 19 September 2007, 20:34 UTC
a3387ca Shrink the size of arrays 19 September 2007, 20:33 UTC
3488a3f Shrink the size of arrays 19 September 2007, 20:31 UTC
37e37f8 Fixed uninit'd heat flux and geoid arrays bugs, as reported by valgrind 19 September 2007, 20:30 UTC
dec899b Minor bug fix in Output_gzidir, output_heating function didn't work. 19 September 2007, 00:28 UTC
c89da81 Fixed a memory bug in checkpoint 18 September 2007, 23:08 UTC
995fff8 Setup composition for regional model 18 September 2007, 23:07 UTC
f23ffbf Fix for Issue129: "CitcomS configured without exchanger still links with -lExchanger". Also, use CIT_HEADER_MPI so that configuring --with-exchanger using MPICH2 works (see Issue14 and Issue57). 18 September 2007, 01:52 UTC
a2fd2a4 Generalized init. composition from neighbors for multi-component composition 17 September 2007, 20:30 UTC
c10e388 Using neighboring elements to determine the initial composition, if only a few elements are empty. 17 September 2007, 19:07 UTC
e1af673 Revert accidental commit in part of r7957 15 September 2007, 00:17 UTC
94cd779 Rearranged computation of latent heat and the test condition of phase change 14 September 2007, 23:39 UTC
fedce4a Added the contribution of latent heat to the diffusion term 14 September 2007, 23:11 UTC
ffe1a6f Replace abs() by fabs() 14 September 2007, 23:11 UTC
d4bc483 Consevert energy (sum of rho*cp*T) instead of temperature (sum of T) in the Lenardic filter, also fixed a long-standing bug (abs -> fabs) 14 September 2007, 23:10 UTC
d13bdd5 Changed the magic numbers (0.0 and 1.0) to const variables, reindent the code. 14 September 2007, 23:09 UTC
9189bab Comment out adiabatic temperature profile for now, since it is not used in the code. 13 September 2007, 22:36 UTC
fcd95c8 Fixed a problem when the input string is empty 12 September 2007, 19:24 UTC
249d790 Added heating file to optional output 12 September 2007, 19:24 UTC
cb39951 Keep the load vector intact in the bicg solver 12 September 2007, 19:24 UTC
0b02b96 Using drand48() instead of rand() to improve the quality of random tracers. Added some debugging output if the tracer count is low. 12 September 2007, 19:23 UTC
f8219a2 Add new input boolean parameter 'itracer_warnings'. Default to on. When it is off, the exit condition of tracer is relaxed. 12 September 2007, 19:22 UTC
6b934e2 Removed the test for F=0 load vector bug. The bug was fixed in r7940. 12 September 2007, 19:19 UTC
d6e4a43 Fixed tsolver. Fixed a bug in TMass and another in convert element # to nz. 07 September 2007, 22:53 UTC
0d53949 Fixed a few memory problems. Shrink the size of several arrays related to Stokes eqn. Moved jacobi() to Obsolete.c 05 September 2007, 22:35 UTC
7273549 Forgot to update surfacee_tem 05 September 2007, 22:21 UTC
c77dfd0 Set the min of 2nd strain rate invariant to 1e-16 to prevent infinite viscosity when SDEPV=on 05 September 2007, 22:20 UTC
681786d Init'd timestep variables 05 September 2007, 22:20 UTC
e3ccb79 Added test for F=0 load vector bug, moved open_qfiles to after set_elapsed time. 04 September 2007, 23:09 UTC
e3f6845 Forgot to update the makefile 29 August 2007, 23:50 UTC
4b3831f Removed unused velocity bc files 29 August 2007, 23:39 UTC
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