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0f29122 An input file for multicoupled run 17 July 2007, 22:49:10 UTC
6ff6d36 Fixed a few typos and attached MultiC_Coupler as the default factory for the ccoupler facility 17 July 2007, 22:48:51 UTC
c72dd9f Simplified the MultiC_*Solver classes 17 July 2007, 22:48:26 UTC
3b731ec A Solver/ A Solver/ A Solver/ ideally these files works as the solvers I needed for the project. 16 July 2007, 23:45:52 UTC
85be698 M CitcomS/ trivial comment change M CitcomS/Coupler/ a nearly complete version. Although I am not sure how most of the things works , I managed to create a copy of everything.initTemperature, restartTemperature , and modifyT not defined. 16 July 2007, 21:21:10 UTC
690124c M Coupler/ trivial modification on comments 13 July 2007, 23:24:27 UTC
6569f99 M Coupler/ add __init__, initialize, createMesh some of createMesh are commented out because I do not understand it. 13 July 2007, 23:23:43 UTC
313ee04 A Coupler/ It's a child of Containing Coupler It has nothing now. 13 July 2007, 21:09:27 UTC
8c2b9ce Added some comments 11 July 2007, 20:17:32 UTC
d9f6e03 Renamed variables for clarification 10 July 2007, 20:08:44 UTC
c1c6dd3 Small changes in *Coupler class. * consolidated __init__() and initialize() * renamed numSrc -> remoteSize, boundary -> remoteBdryList, interior -> remoteIntrList * defaulted the dimensional and transformational properties to False 09 July 2007, 22:03:45 UTC
64a5133 Added svn:keywords Id 06 July 2007, 20:48:44 UTC
bcff7e0 Debugged MultiLayout.initialize() and MultiCoupledApp.findLayout(). Fixed some typos. 06 July 2007, 20:46:10 UTC
2931729 Using log() instead of line() to flush the journal buffer, otherwise no output at all. 06 July 2007, 18:00:49 UTC
ccf633e fix myPlus and remotePlus and report in MultiCoupledApp edit some comments in MultiLayout 06 July 2007, 17:50:59 UTC
4bc84ca add MultiLayout not sure about number of processor, currently assign 1-10 for ccom 11 for ecom1, and 12 for ecom2 05 July 2007, 23:45:19 UTC
9126f66 05 July 2007, 22:36:06 UTC
f54025a 05 July 2007, 20:49:14 UTC
a4173da a draft for multicoupled application 04 July 2007, 00:02:42 UTC
3b48492 Removing outdated and redundant documentation 02 July 2007, 22:21:36 UTC
0eb8131 Using log() instead of line() to flush the journal buffer, otherwise no output at all. 02 July 2007, 22:21:21 UTC
a1c3da7 Renamed ccomm -> containing_group and ecomm -> embedded_group. Added more checks to the groups 28 June 2007, 19:35:29 UTC
0ef55d1 Added/updated a bunch of comments, renamed variables 27 June 2007, 01:04:41 UTC
36f8d4f Added mime-type property to the PDF files 26 June 2007, 00:37:32 UTC
9dddcd2 Giving Exchanger/Coupler/CoupledApp as new life. The testing script tests/coupled.cfg finished successfully. 23 June 2007, 00:33:20 UTC
54685e2 Useful debuggin output, but disabled 23 June 2007, 00:30:33 UTC
34b601d Print CXX and CXXFLAGS after finishing configure 23 June 2007, 00:29:36 UTC
55c8dd2 Removed the back-and-forth interpolation of viscosity, which smoothes the viscosity field unnecessarily 23 June 2007, 00:28:23 UTC
ed4ce7b Forgot to commit module/setProperties.c in r7289. This should fix issue115 in the pyre version also. 22 June 2007, 23:43:21 UTC
1069325 Added BuildBot config. 22 June 2007, 04:36:08 UTC
fcdc999 Resolved the conflict 21 June 2007, 22:35:33 UTC
6e82004 Preparing a conflict test, again 21 June 2007, 22:25:40 UTC
3d9403f Preparing a conflict test, again 21 June 2007, 22:22:08 UTC
0a261b2 Preparing a conflict test 21 June 2007, 22:19:44 UTC
a2f4ad6 Renamed 'XXX1' -> 'cXXX' and 'XXX2' -> 'eXXX' 18 June 2007, 23:21:10 UTC
e546ce6 Fixing issue115: interference between restart=1 & tracer_ic_method Previously, when "restart" is set, tracer_ic_method will be set to 2 (restart tracers) by the code. Now, these two options are independent. 18 June 2007, 23:06:40 UTC
fe97c4c Fix for problem with GCC 3.4.5 (observed on CITerra): mv: cannot stat `.deps/dummy.Tpo': No such file or directory 15 June 2007, 18:01:27 UTC
d839465 Zeroing geoid arrays before every geoid calculation. This fixes issue114 14 June 2007, 21:38:19 UTC
7384d4c A better fix for issue110 14 June 2007, 17:55:31 UTC
25bb6b1 Fixing issue111: Expanding %RANK in 14 June 2007, 01:36:27 UTC
9c3dfa7 A trivial change 13 June 2007, 17:55:22 UTC
65ee539 Fixing issue112 12 June 2007, 00:05:11 UTC
50c2d55 Fixed LINK problem w/Automake. 11 May 2007, 20:19:28 UTC
9caddf1 Build with Exchanger, if available. The Exchanger package will be automatically detected if it is installed on your PYTHONPATH. The preprocessor & link flags for compiling/linking with Exchanger are handled automatically. To my chagrin, this change increases the CitcomS language count back up to 3 again (C, C++, Python). Even with the aid of the 'cproto' tool, it would take many hours of work to make the C code in 'lib' compile using a C++ compiler. 11 May 2007, 02:02:00 UTC
6019291 Forgot to update the makefile in r6541 11 April 2007, 00:40:49 UTC
60030f4 Finding the min/max of the Cartesian coordinates. The min/max values provide the bounding box for random tracer generation. This will speed up the tracer generation, and should avoid a potential problem of "too many tries?" error when the domain size of a processor is much smaller (<1%) than the size of the whole sphere. 10 April 2007, 21:59:45 UTC
247bcc7 Removed obsolete pyre components in tests/ 10 April 2007, 21:58:51 UTC
6d942e7 Adding the ability to combine optional fields to the post-processing scripts. will read the parameter 'output_optional' from the cfg file and combine the optional fields (can be pressure, stress, comp_nd, or a combination of the three) into a file. The file is named similar to the cap file, with 'cap' replaced by 'opt'. A .general file is also created, which describes the content, shape, and structure of the opt file. 05 April 2007, 22:21:46 UTC
f31b73c standardized typefaces on cover 27 March 2007, 20:54:47 UTC
d7a7f7a changed version to 2.2.1 per tan2 27 March 2007, 06:51:53 UTC
78e36d1 Regenerated ChangeLog upto r6417 27 March 2007, 04:39:34 UTC
190e4e8 Updated NEWS for the upcoming 2.2.1 27 March 2007, 04:37:54 UTC
1ab1ba9 Forgot to add cookbook7.cfg to the file list 27 March 2007, 04:20:05 UTC
d1623a6 Regenerated ChangeLog upto r6409 26 March 2007, 18:48:36 UTC
074e8d9 Forgot to add a header file to the file list 26 March 2007, 18:45:16 UTC
585244b Regenerated ChangeLog upto r6403 26 March 2007, 18:25:42 UTC
e8056e6 Set the length unit to cm to fit within the page 26 March 2007, 18:20:19 UTC
c7236d2 Changed the size of gmt plots to fit within the page 26 March 2007, 18:11:02 UTC
8ccaa32 restored edits to stable copy; regen pdf, images showing 26 March 2007, 18:05:31 UTC
3b056f3 Enlarged the figure of cookbook7. Rephrased the description of the low-viscosity-zone parameters, per Sue's suggestion. 26 March 2007, 06:01:18 UTC
d79404c chasing down image problem 26 March 2007, 00:23:55 UTC
6f388ea changed verbage in History 1.2, paragraphs on version 2.1, to past tense, since notes on 2.2 should be only ones in present tense \c 25 March 2007, 23:07:31 UTC
723f757 edits of new copy; attempt to fix an image that is not displaying, still unresolved 25 March 2007, 22:55:42 UTC
8688ee2 Finished Cookbook7 24 March 2007, 23:05:03 UTC
0a6d3bd Changed the version number to 2.2 24 March 2007, 23:03:00 UTC
1af6a2d Added new cookbook7 24 March 2007, 00:02:43 UTC
3cd5331 Updated the NEWS for v2.2.0 23 March 2007, 22:21:32 UTC
5fc07c2 Added new parameter 'adv_gamme' to the manual and input samples. Documented a new tic_method=3 23 March 2007, 22:21:06 UTC
1e70a61 Added description to the tracer and composition input/output files 23 March 2007, 21:06:06 UTC
c0753b2 Added the tracer parameters to the manual and sample input files 23 March 2007, 20:40:27 UTC
c50ae40 Disable the parameter "analytical_tracer_test", and make "chemical_buoyancy" a boolean 23 March 2007, 20:39:12 UTC
2678c56 Added the low-visc-zone parameters to the manual and the sample input files 23 March 2007, 19:37:24 UTC
b4b5b1c Added the image for cookbook7 (thermo-chemical convection 23 March 2007, 05:31:39 UTC
130bee2 When I renamed the old Cookbook7/ directory to Cookbook6/, I forgot to rename cookbook7.eps to cookbook6.eps. Now it is done. 23 March 2007, 05:30:43 UTC
a2482bb These two EPS files are the leftover of an old cookbook 23 March 2007, 05:25:10 UTC
801b1bb Gather theta and phi only in get_neighboring_caps() 23 March 2007, 05:22:29 UTC
6bef184 Changed the header format of comp_* output to be consistent with other data files 23 March 2007, 05:21:38 UTC
da31e1c added bib entry per eh, changed cover to citcoms (rem .py), changed to 2.2.0, todo notation removed; regen pdf 22 March 2007, 22:11:02 UTC
3339bf3 Make the output of 1st iteration consistent with later iterations 22 March 2007, 19:58:11 UTC
8f757ca Calling find_tracers() and count_tracers_of_flavors() in initialize_tracers(), so that the former two functions can become static/private 22 March 2007, 19:57:57 UTC
1d3cb93 Renamed initialize_tracer_arrays() to allocate_tracer_arrays() 22 March 2007, 19:55:18 UTC
34b83e1 Updated the version number to 2.2.0 21 March 2007, 22:46:51 UTC
f1b0e00 Updated the dependency information 21 March 2007, 22:46:34 UTC
c03947b Added chemical Rayleigh number to the equations 21 March 2007, 22:46:08 UTC
ed136d5 Added history of v2.2 release 21 March 2007, 22:45:51 UTC
9bf807f Added citation to McNamara & Zhong 2004 21 March 2007, 22:45:30 UTC
42b79b0 Added a safeguard against nprocx or nprocy greater than 1 21 March 2007, 19:30:45 UTC
064cf26 full_lost_souls() now works for nprocz>1 as well 20 March 2007, 06:34:22 UTC
585d503 Removed the 'tracer_interpolation_scheme' and 'tracer_advection_scheme' parameters 20 March 2007, 06:27:56 UTC
0860212 Reporting error if low viscosity channel/wedge is turned on, but tracer is turned off 20 March 2007, 06:26:19 UTC
5812fbe lost_souls() cannot be shared by both versions. The parallel communications of both versions are too different. So, the original lost_souls() is renamed to full_lost_souls(). A new regional_lost_souls() is implemented. This code has been tested in 3x3x3 processors, running over 100 timesteps. The number of total tracers is conserved. 19 March 2007, 23:49:51 UTC
7c2622b Init'd E->composition.icompositional_rheology to 0 19 March 2007, 23:44:12 UTC
086ba84 * Init'd E->composition.icompositional_rheology to 0 * Write composition instruction only if it is turned on * Clean up the code a bit 19 March 2007, 23:42:50 UTC
3d926d3 Removing read_comp(), which is not used anymore 19 March 2007, 23:29:00 UTC
4c3acc7 Advect the tracers right after temperature advection, before solving velocity 19 March 2007, 23:25:14 UTC
0bf6d88 Replaced for-loop by an if, which matchs the intention better 19 March 2007, 23:08:40 UTC
71b53f2 Init'd advection.timestep and advection.timesteps earlier. The time output uses these parameters. 19 March 2007, 22:53:40 UTC
f4292ca Reimplemented my version of low_viscosity_channel_factor() and low_viscosity_wedge_factor() 19 March 2007, 22:51:35 UTC
b9a5f9d Clean up the function prototype declaration 19 March 2007, 22:50:09 UTC
6ad7c85 Moving tracer initialization code to a function 19 March 2007, 22:48:13 UTC
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