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                Scaffold Compiler Working Group

                    Scripts README Document

  example scripts to test some of ScaffCC's functionalities.
  please direct any questions/feedback to

Important Note:
  The assumption in these scripts is that they are separated from the ScaffCC directory by only one directory level.
  Therefore let the scripts remain in ScaffCC/scripts


$ ./
Lowers .scaffold source file to .ll file (intermediary LLVM format). Creates <algorithm>.ll
The .ll file is the main file in LLVM on which all transformations, optimizations and analysis are performed.

NB: In general, to run a pass in LLVM, you invoke the opt program as follows:
    build/Release+Asserts/bin/opt -S -load build/Release+Asserts/lib/ <desired_pass_name> <input_ll_file> > <output_ll_file> 2> <log_file>
    (These scripts basically automate the above command for several passes)

$ ./
Finds critical path information for several different flattening thresholds by doing the following:
1- Finding module sizes using the ResourceCount2 pass.
2- Flattening modules based on the found module sizes and the requested threshold. divides modules into different buckets based on their size, to be used for flattening decision purposes.
3- Finds length of critical path, in terms of number of operations on it. Look for the number in front of "main" in the output. 

$ ./ 
This is the wrapper script around all the different schedulers.
Generates communication-unaware Multi-SIMD schedules and commnication-aware LPFS, RCP and SS scheudles.
  K=number of SIMD regions / D=capacity of each region
Calls the following scripts:
  $ ./
  Runs the 3 different communication-aware schedulers, LPFS, RCP, SS, with different scheduler configurations.
  Look in ./ for configuration options. For example using -m gives metrics only, while -s outputs entire schedule.

  $ ./
  The main scheduler code for LPFS and RCP.

  $ ./
  Finds leaf (i.e. flat) modules.

  $ ./
  Applies the communication penalty to timesteps.

All output files are placed in a new directory to avoid cluttering.
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