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# This is just a temporary makefile for the block1 branch, until
# that's merged back in to the main branch.  I don't want to 
# call it "Makefile", so I'm calling it "Makefile1".

.PHONY: all
	make -C yaAGC-Block1-Pultorak all
	make -C yaAGCb1 all
	make -C yaDSKYb1 all
	make -C yaUplinkBlock1 all
	make -C Validation-Block1 all

.PHONY: clean
	make -C yaAGC-Block1-Pultorak clean
	make -C yaAGCb1 clean
	make -C yaDSKYb1 clean
	make -C yaUplinkBlock1 clean
	make -C Validation-Block1 clean

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