Revision 220393dd990835b34d08e793ab954e17fac15bcd authored by Eh Tan on 28 August 2007, 01:09:14 UTC, committed by Eh Tan on 28 August 2007, 01:09:14 UTC
A new input parameter: solver.surfaceT for non-dimensional surface temperature.

Removed old (and unused) input parameter: solver.const.surf_temp.

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  * To convert pseudo-free-surface B.C. to free-slip B.C., do the following:
      1) --solver.bc.topvbc=2 --> --solver.bc.topvbc=0
      2) --solver.bc.pseudo_free_surf=on --> --solver.bc.pseudo_free_surf=off

  * To try a different hot blob, one can specify three parameters:
    1. solver.ic.blob_center: Coordinates(theta,fi,r) of the center.
    2. solver.ic.blob_radius: Radius as non-dimensional distance.
    3. solver.ic.blob_dT:     The amount of temperature increase/decrease 
	                          within the blob as non-dimensional temperature.
    Note: It is required to keep "solver.ic.tic_method=2" to have the initial hot blob. 
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