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Release notes:
- Improve structure of likelihoods subdirectory (#1416)
- Update (#1401) and GPflow 2 upgrade guide (#1414)
- Improved handling of invalid values for constrained Parameters (#1408)
- Improvements on types/function annotations (#1406, #1420)
- Documentation improvements (metalearning with GPs: #1382, coregionalization notebook: #1402, MCMC notebook: #1410, intro to gpflow with tensorflow 2: #1413)
- Minor documentation fixes (#1429, #1430, #1433)
- Fix: move matplotlib import inside ImageToTensorBoard (#1399)
- Fix: tf.function compilation of ndiagquad (#1418)
- Fix: cache tensorboard file writers and re-use them (#1424)
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.PHONY: help clean dev-install install package format test

	@echo "The following make targets are available:"
	@echo "	dev-install		install all dependencies for dev environment and sets a egg link to the project sources"
	@echo "	install			install all dependencies and the project in the current environment"
	@echo "	package			build pip package"
	@echo "	test			run all tests in parallel"
	@echo "	clean			removes package, build files and egg info"

	rm -rf dist *.egg-info build

	pip install -e .

	pip install .

	python bdist

	black -t py36 -l 100 gpflow tests doc

	pytest -v --durations=10 tests/
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