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ac                      Clustering coefficients from package cluster.
bank                    Swiss bank notes data
body                    Exploring Relationships in Body Dimensions
colpairs                Applies a function to all pairs of columns
cpairs                  Enhanced scatterplot matrix
cparcoord               Enhanced parallel coordinate plot
diameter                Cluster heterogeneity of 2-d data
dmat.color              Colors a symmetric matrix
order.clusters          Orders clustered objects using hierarchical
order.single            Orders objects using hierarchical clustering
ozone                   Ozone data from Breiman and Friedman, 1985
partition.crit          Combines the results of appplying an index to
                        each group of observations
pclen                   Profile smoothness measures
plotcolors              Plots a matrix of colors
reorder.hclust          Reorders object order of hclust, keeping
                        objects within a cluster contiguous to each
vec2distm               Various utility functions
wine                    Wine recognition data
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