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# GPflow documentation

## Online

[![Documentation Status (master)](](
[![Documentation Status (develop)](](

We use readthedocs to build the online documentation, and have separate versions for the `master` and `develop` branches: (for the latest official release e.g. on PyPI) and (for the latest cutting-edge code available from the develop branch on github).

## Compiling documentation

To compile the GPflow documentation locally:

1. Install doc dependencies
pip install sphinx sphinx_rtd_theme numpydoc nbsphinx
2. Install pandoc 
pip install pandoc
If pandoc does not install via pip, or step 4 does not work, go to

3. Change directory to `doc`
cd doc

4. Compile the documentation as html
make html

5. Check documentation locally by opening (in a browser) doc/build/html/index.html
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