Revision 36a083521b39d9fb557741f9c5d703b7e42448c3 authored by Zhang Yunjun on 16 August 2022, 06:51:05 UTC, committed by GitHub on 16 August 2022, 06:51:05 UTC
+ version: add Tag for version 1.4.1

+ readfile.read_hdf5_file(): speedup the 3D matrix reading when slicing a small fraction of the 1st dimension, by using integer indexing for 3D h5 dataset, instead of 1D boolean array indexing.

+ view.read_data4figure(): bugfix for referencing unwrapPhase while plotting mixed dset types

+ move the following plotting functions to for a more compact module import, to simplify the UNAVCO notebook:
   - unwrap_error_phase_closure.plot_num_triplet_with_nonzero_integer_ambiguity()
   - timeseries_rms.plot_rms_bar()
   - objects.insar_vs_gps.plot_insar_vs_gps_scatter()

+ plot.plot_insar_vs_gps_scatter(): add preliminary outlier detection
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