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R package 'bild' history file

2012-02-01, version 1.0-4: 
- Modification of CITATION inserting the correct fields of version and number 
  of the JSS article related to bild;
- amended reference of JSS article in files bild.Rd and package-bild.Rd.

2012-01-28, version 1.0-3: 
- Makevars removed in directory src;
- amended FORTRAN code in functions integ.f, integ1.f, gint.f and gint1.f.

2012-01-15, version 1.0-2: 
- Makevars introduced in directory src.

2012-01-08, version 1.0-1: 
- NAMESPACE introduced on request from R Core Team;
- amended FORTRAN code to comply with CRAN standards:
  In directory src/ d1mach.c was created to substitute the existing d1mach.f 
  in order to fix a problem of showing ERRORs when compiled with the current 
  version of gcc, 4.6.2;
- CITATION include a new article of JSS related to bild;
- fixed a bug in bild function: 
  in directory R/bild.R  change 'inherit' to 'inherits' in the argument 
  of both functions: and num.infoI.	

2010-06-06, version 1.0-0: first upload to CRAN.
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