Revision 46ad5e8400baa04f39223b810704c853773305b6 authored by Thorsten Becker on 08 August 2007, 05:58:48 UTC, committed by Thorsten Becker on 08 August 2007, 05:58:48 UTC
  convert_pvec_to_cvec for spherical to Cartesian vector 
  conversion to Pan_problem_functions.c

  Added "safe_malloc" to the same file because I didn't like the way
  Malloc1 uses int as arguments (64 bit issues).

- added support for gzipped ascii output into subdirectories
  of data_dir, option gzdir. To use, need to compile with
  USE_GZDIR and link with the -lz zlib libraries.
  Within gzdir output mode, selected by 

  user can define vtk I/O (gzdir_vtkio=1) to write Cartesian
  coordinates and velocities that are easy to combine to a single vtk
  file in a post-processing step.

  If gzlib_vtkio=0 the gzdir output option is meant to be identical to
  the original ascii output, but files are all gzipped on the fly, and
  the output that changes with each cycle is placed into
  subdirectories of data_dir/ called data_dir/cycles/
  For gzdir I/O, data_name is not used at all, all single output files
  are placed in the data_dir/ directory without prefix.

- added a new rheology option, PDEPV, for pseudo-plasticity and 
  added a corresponding description to the manual.

- Modified Drive_solver stderr output to show v.v, and not only dv.dv/v.v

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