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#(c) 2013-2014 by Authors
#This file is a part of Ragout program.
#Released under the BSD license (see LICENSE file)

This module solves "Half-breakpoint state parsimony"

import math
from collections import defaultdict

from ragout.parsers.phylogeny_parser import (parse_tree, is_terminal,

class Phylogeny:
    Represents phylogenetic tree and scores it with
    given half-breakpoint states
    def __init__(self, recipe):
        self.tree_string = recipe["tree"]
        self.tree = parse_tree(self.tree_string)

    def validate_tree(self, recipe_genomes):

    def estimate_tree(self, adjacencies):
        return _tree_score(self.tree, adjacencies)

def _tree_score(tree, leaf_states):
    Scoring with DP (see algorithm description in the paper)
    all_states = set(leaf_states.values())

    #score of a tree branch
    def branch_score(root, child, branch):
        MU = 1
        if root == child:
            return 0.0
            length = max(branch, 0.0000001)
            return math.exp(-MU * length)

    def rec_helper(root):
        if is_terminal(root):
            leaf_score = (lambda s: 0.0 if s == leaf_states[root.identifier]
                                        else float("inf"))
            return {s : leaf_score(s) for s in all_states}

        nodes_scores = {}
        for node, _bootstrap, _length  in root.edges:
            nodes_scores[node] = rec_helper(node)

        root_scores = defaultdict(float)
        for root_state in all_states:
            for node, _bootstrap, branch_length in root.edges:
                min_score = float("inf")
                for child_state in all_states:
                    score = (nodes_scores[node][child_state] +
                            branch_score(root_state, child_state,
                    min_score = min(min_score, score)
                root_scores[root_state] += min_score

        return root_scores

    return min(rec_helper(tree).values())
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