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Revision 4e60f5e8014da9d2750262535e3d589ce9b638b2 authored by Lijie Han on 18 July 2007, 23:06:35 UTC, committed by Lijie Han on 18 July 2007, 23:06:35 UTC
M    Coupler/MultiC_Coupler.py

Fixed the synchronization part. Need to test on it. Now Embedded Couplers will wait until containing coupler make a decision.

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Authors of CitComS.py.

CitComS.py      Eh Tan
                Eun-seo Choi
                Pururav Thoutireddy 

CitcomS         Louis Moresi
                Shijie Zhong
                Lijie Han
                Eh Tan
                Clint Conrad
                Michael Gurnis
                Eun-seo Choi
                Vlad Manea
                Allen McNamara

Also see the file ChangeLog.

AUTHORS ends here
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