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[Version 1.9 - October 13, 2023 - Local Saves]
    + Local Saves
        + SAVES button
        + Save the scene to 1 of 12 slots
        + Save the scene to a file
        + Load a scene from a file
        + Saves include a ton of information, even your selected element!
        + Choose to include your settings or mods
        + Drag & Drop or Paste a save file
    + Pumpkin
        + Fireproof solid for carving activities
    + Pumpkin Seed
        + Will grow when planted on soil!
    ~ Thermal View now uses a more useful logarithmic scale
    + Resetting now adjusts canvas size if needed
    + Dot appears in center of cursor
    + E-cloner can select an element while unpowered
    + E-cloner ignores Wires and E-walls
    + Grass can spread on Sand, Clay, and Mycelium
    + Tree roots can grow through Clay
    ~ Sap no longer mixes with Sawdust
    + Plant and Sauce remove Stench
    + Humans break Eggs, Grapes, and bugs when on top of them
    + Humans can trample Grass
    + Termites can eat Confetti, Straw, and Wheat
    + Fleas can eat Hair
    + Ants can eat Honey
    + Snails can eat Calcium, Limestone, and Paper
    + Worms can infect and swim in Blood
    + Worms are killed by Antibodies
    + Eggs die at high temperatures
    + Bugs will form Amber when touching Sap
    ~ Frogs and Fish burn slower
    + Uranium dirties Salt Water
    + Radiation can dirty Ice
    + Blood is infected by Rotten Meat and Rotten Cheese
    + Vinegar and Limestone reaction
    + Ketchup slowly deoxidizes Rust
    ~ Charcoal leaves behind Ash and less CO₂
    ~ C4 no longer explodes when burnt
    + C4 releases poisonous fumes when burnt
    + C4 burns longer, can be used as fuel
    + C4 explodes when broken
    + Fireworks ignite at high temperatures
    + Dye dissolves in Pool Water
    + Ink slowly dissolves in Water
    + Honey dissolves in Tea
    + Molten Salt conducts electricity
    + Hair can be made by radiating Skin
    + Skin can absorb Soap
    + Proton and Electric reaction generates heat
    + Positron and Electric reaction generates Light
    + Escape key resets to Normal View
    ~ Recolored Tuff
    ~ Recolored Blood
    ~ Selected element outline is more clear
    ~ Improved button readability
    ~ Improved canvas pixel sharpness
    + Pressing - or + button centers the cursor
    ~ Step button is now an arrow
    + Clear Saves setting
   [Bug Fixes]
    ~ Fixed: Fireworks and Flash don't transfer heat
    ~ Fixed: Flash from Heat Ray is not hot
    ~ Fixed: Alcohol Gas density too high
    ~ Fixed: Pistil and Mushroom Gill can be dragged
    ~ Fixed: Herb can't be mixed in Batter or Dough
    ~ Fixed: Amber spawns at high temperature
    ~ Fixed: Heads can detach if Body moves during reaction
    ~ Fixed: Many Flour reactions make Gingerbread instead of Dough
    ~ Fixed: Ghost pixels when burning Plague, other deleting gases
    ~ Fixed: Color picker always appears when toggling GUI on (F1)
    ~ Fixed: Cooldowned elements can't be placed before 8th tick
    ~ Fixed: Frozen Fish break into Slime
    + logMessage() function
    + SOIL eList
    + generateSave() and loadSave() functions
    + resizeCanvas() and autoResizeCanvas() functions
    + sb1 save format
    ~ Browser dark color scheme for UI elements
    ~ Light, Laser, etc. use bx/by instead of vx/vy (velocity.js fix)
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