Revision 5e599fb01df65d156a40f7a138ab6627a06a50db authored by Eric Hammy on 07 May 2020, 15:01:50 UTC, committed by GitHub on 07 May 2020, 15:01:50 UTC
* add long_description and project_urls to (#1438)
* add type hints for probability distributions (#1421)
* remove comment (#1441)
* Use a type alias in the fnction signature of leading_transpose (#1442)
* refactor natgrads to be more efficient (#1443)
* Fix dimensions of kernel evaluation of changepoint kernel (#1446)
* Removed unusued imports. (#1450)
* Improve representation of GPflow objects in IPython/Jupyter notebook (#1453)
* includes the repr() string in IPython/Jupyter notebook representation as well (i.e. fully-qualified class name and object hash (memory address), which helps distinguish objects from each other)
* only displays the parameter table when it is not empty
* makes use of default_summary_fmt() for IPython shell
* Convert data structures to tensor in model init method (#1452)
* Use a boolean for full covariance in sample_mvn. (#1448)
* #1452 for GPMC model (#1458)
* release candidate v2.0.2 (#1457)

Co-authored-by: st-- <>
Co-authored-by: joelberkeley-pio <>
Co-authored-by: John Mcleod <>
Co-authored-by: Mark van der Wilk <>
Co-authored-by: Artem Artemev <>
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.PHONY: help clean dev-install install package format test

	@echo "The following make targets are available:"
	@echo "	dev-install		install all dependencies for dev environment and sets a egg link to the project sources"
	@echo "	install			install all dependencies and the project in the current environment"
	@echo "	package			build pip package"
	@echo "	test			run all tests in parallel"
	@echo "	clean			removes package, build files and egg info"

	rm -rf dist *.egg-info build

	pip install -e .

	pip install .

	python bdist

	black -t py36 -l 100 gpflow tests doc

	pytest -v --durations=10 tests/
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