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cobar   Demo of the triogram fitting and rgl perspective plot for Cobar Ore data
Frank   Demo of nonlinear in parameters fitting of Frank copula model
cobar   Demo of contour plot of triogram fit of cobar model
combos  Demo of combos function: ordered combinations
cpoint  Demo for a simple change point (broken-stick) problem
hinged  Demo for a simple rqss bivariate fitting  of hinge function
engel1  Demo of QR fitting of Engel curves
engel2  Demo of estimated conditional quantile functions for Engel data.
Mel	Demo of conditional density estimation using Melbourne daily temperature.
KMvCRQ  Demo to compare Kaplan Meier and Portnoy's crq estimation in one-sample case.
predemo Demo for prediction and confidence intervals 
rqsslasso	Demo for lasso penalized rqss
arqss	Demo for automatic lambda selection
Mammals	Demo for rqss with running speed of mammals data
crquis	Demo for crq method using UIS data and Peng Huang method.
RB-r	Demo for testing R beta = r using anova[.rq]
Polson	Demo to compare rqss fit with Polson-Scott ADMM fit
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