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#' Constructs data frame with gene annotations and submits it into Shiny GAM web-server
#' @param es Expression set object
#' @return URL for Shiny GAM
#' @importFrom utils write.table
shinyGAMAnalysis <- function(es) {
    de <- fData(es)

    deFile <- tempfile()
    write.table(de, deFile, sep="\t", row.names=FALSE, col.names=TRUE)

    # :ToDo: deal with bad certificates and remove ssl_verifypeer option
    r <- httr::POST(url="",
               body=readBin(deFile, what="raw", n=20e6),
               httr::config(ssl_verifypeer = FALSE))
    key <- httr::content(r, as="text", encoding="UTF-8")

    shinyGAMUrl <- sprintf("", key)
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