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\title{Validity of a covariance model}
  \command{CheckAndComplete} checks the validity of a covariance model;
  further a matrix of internal parameters is returned.
CheckAndComplete(model, param, dim)
  \item{model}{definition of a covariance function,
    see \code{\link{CovarianceFct}} for examples}
  \item{param}{see model}
  \item{dim}{dimension for the space}

  A list of two parameters is returned:

  a value different from zero signifies an error;
  to get a readable error information put
  to a higher level and rerun.
  (currently for internal purposes only).
  matrix of the internal parameter list; columns correspond to
  the simple models and can be extracted using
\author{Martin Schlather, \email{},

\seealso{\command{\link{GaussRF}},  \command{\link{paramextract}},
  \code{\link{RandomFields}}, \code{\link{RFMethods}}.}

 ## for an example see \link{RFMethods}

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