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\title{Deleting Intermediate Results}
  \code{DeleteRegister} deletes an internal register of the random
        field simulation

  \code{DeleteAllRegisters} deletes all internal registers
  \item{nr}{number of the register to be deleted; in 0:9}
  \code{DeleteRegister} and \code{DeleteAllRegister} should be used if
    \item the simulations are finished and there
    is not enough memory available to continue the R session,
    and \command{\link{RFparameters}}\code{()$Storing} has been
    \item one of the parameters
    \command{\link{RFparameters}}\code{()$Storing} or
    ((or \command{\link{RFparameters}}\code{()$TBM.method},
    once this parameter is available)) has been changed by
    the user, and if these options should become
  See \link{GaussRF} and \link{RFparameters} for further details.
\author{Martin Schlather, \email{},

\seealso{\command{\link{GaussRF}}, \code{\link{RandomFields}} and \command{\link{RFparameters}}.}

 DeleteAllRegisters() ## no effect visible for the user

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