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Version 0.1-2

   o Add a wrapper of the profile likelihood approach to the "cpglm" 
     function that runs automatically to generate estimate of the 
     index parameter to arbitrary accuracy.


   o The MCEM algorithm is now implemented in pure C code
   o Remove the restrict on the "weights" argument (but not tested)
   o Add "beta.step" in "control" to allow skips in the update of beta
   o Allow "link" to be both character and numeric
   o Force coercion of argument type before callings the C function
 	- thanks Mikel Esnaola Acebes for pointing out this bug
   o Re-write "summary" and "show" function to produce statistical
	test output automatically
   o Revise "residuals" to allow different types of residuals to be computed
   o Add methods for "formula", "AIC", "deviance", "model.matrix", "terms"
   o Output now returns "deviance", "aic" and "model.frame"
   o Tracing info from MCEM tidied up by showing only the dispersion, the
	index parameter, and the sample size (if necessary)
   o Fix bug in the definition of "[[", add methods for "["
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