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Revision Author Date Message Commit Date
7dc5d2f Add files via upload Final SI source data 18 February 2022, 17:15:55 UTC
087e262 Add files via upload Added SI data with replicates for the statistical tests 28 October 2021, 01:35:32 UTC
5dc86c5 Add files via upload Added data analysis script with plate map excel spreadsheet example 14 October 2021, 01:38:35 UTC
be47001 Update README.md Added info to orient people on this page 14 October 2021, 01:37:32 UTC
59ce5a2 Add files via upload Added the list of strains used in this study 14 October 2021, 01:15:37 UTC
8554d6d Add files via upload Added codes to retrieve all the data for Figure 4 and 5 14 October 2021, 00:59:49 UTC
15ac1f4 Add files via upload Adding the codes to generate Figure 3 - Bistable Switch 14 October 2021, 00:03:51 UTC
c5b4b48 Add files via upload Added all the model estimation codes 13 October 2021, 06:32:36 UTC
045f54b Add files via upload All the experimental data used for this study 13 October 2021, 06:29:55 UTC
6f7ff53 Delete Figure 1 directory Wrong files 13 October 2021, 06:28:28 UTC
2d019df Add files via upload 07 October 2021, 20:52:41 UTC
cab3946 Initial commit 07 October 2021, 20:45:26 UTC
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