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80f2b36 added ignore file 16 October 2013, 05:09:46 UTC
90690a9 m4 file for mxml library required by adios. 03 July 2013, 15:55:46 UTC
f42243c Make CIT_FC_MPI_MODULE a bit more autoconf-y. That is, allow overriding the default actions for when the module is or isn't found. This was the simplest way to let me check for the mpi module without changing every other user of this check. 02 July 2013, 21:41:00 UTC
340ecdc Added a m4 file for the detection of the ADIOS library. 02 July 2013, 18:27:06 UTC
3ad1ec5 Add some Fortran tests that are in the just-released autoconf. 06 January 2013, 07:59:33 UTC
d02fab2 Fixed potential problem in python setup. Delete sysconfig.pyc when done in addition to 06 November 2012, 08:38:51 UTC
7c6e2e3 adds file cit_openmp.m4 for OpenMP compilation & linking tests 10 July 2012, 18:29:29 UTC
17e77fa Created new file for updated HDF5 macros that are more general. 08 June 2011, 22:38:08 UTC
9d01d4d Fixed Python version issue. Need to generate egg info for Python <= 2.6. 25 May 2011, 14:52:04 UTC
bb941d0 Limit egg stuff in setup per Leif's suggestions for compatibility with Python 2.7. 24 May 2011, 21:49:26 UTC
e754795 Added test for CUDA compiler (nvcc). 22 May 2011, 15:06:05 UTC
250265e Fixed test. 22 May 2011, 14:28:52 UTC
a5fb9ba Added cit_cuda.m4. 22 May 2011, 14:10:03 UTC
2461f5d Fixed errors. 22 April 2011, 03:24:44 UTC
4ebda91 Removed extra command. 22 April 2011, 02:55:17 UTC
1827971 Added file for backported macros. 22 April 2011, 02:24:18 UTC
535397d Add pthread detection 27 March 2011, 00:54:33 UTC
db659d3 Update for change in PETSc Sieve header file names. 23 March 2011, 00:59:17 UTC
a701edf Updated Sieve test header file. 14 March 2011, 16:01:45 UTC
c46b05b Added missing line. 08 March 2011, 02:53:26 UTC
31c6117 Created macros for general PyLith dependencies. 07 March 2011, 22:58:23 UTC
bfd1df2 Added case for installed PETSc. 02 March 2011, 02:27:31 UTC
fd22e0f Improved version check for python module. 24 February 2011, 17:22:51 UTC
6f03a50 Fixed version check for module check. 23 February 2011, 23:22:00 UTC
a952ad0 Added output of version number of python module. 23 February 2011, 20:25:20 UTC
ba37f9c Added function to check for python module and version. 23 February 2011, 20:20:08 UTC
72f7189 Fixed mesh test. 22 February 2011, 20:47:56 UTC
eec3cd4 Removed debugging output. 19 November 2010, 16:21:50 UTC
18b9bbe Updated PETSc autoconf macros to account for removal of obsolete variables. Only change for applications should be using PETSC_CC_INCLUDES and PETSC_FC_INCLUDES which already existed rather than PETSC_INCLUDE which was removed. 15 October 2010, 23:05:04 UTC
c2432bf Fixed test of swig version (permit newer major and minor versions than required). 17 July 2010, 20:32:39 UTC
b1d83a1 Loosen restriction on version (don't require specific major and minor version). 15 July 2010, 21:34:06 UTC
1d02c1f Fix a bug in configuration when a user does not have '.' in their path 02 February 2010, 23:44:16 UTC
fab12ea Search LIBDIR before LIBPL... not all versions of Python deposit a symlink to the shared Python library in LIBPL. 20 May 2009, 21:07:03 UTC
3fe0266 Added CIT_CHECK_PYTHON_SHARED, which checks whether -lpythonX.X is a shared library. 19 May 2009, 23:41:34 UTC
0ab30af Wrote CIT_PYTHON_CONFIG. It is based upon the pythonX.X-config utility that ships with Python 2.4 and later. This new macro is simpler than CIT_PYTHON_SYSCONFIG -- and therefore more robust (hopefully). However, it is not expected to work when Python is not installed as a shared library. See Issue39. 18 May 2009, 23:15:54 UTC
0562c14 Fixed copy&paste error. 21 April 2009, 19:38:27 UTC
40cf996 Revised Eh's new Python.h macro. See Issue45. 21 April 2009, 19:31:52 UTC
2a0cbbc Added a macro to check the existence of Python.h 21 April 2009, 18:05:06 UTC
c63b129 Updated for newer version of autoreconf. 04 April 2009, 20:23:37 UTC
b1da2d6 Added macro for checking whether compiler sets variable with function name (for use in error messages). 20 March 2009, 18:44:01 UTC
a792002 Changed warnings to failures and improved error messages. 19 January 2009, 03:54:11 UTC
9433ff9 Added macros for python numpy module. 14 January 2009, 18:30:17 UTC
36dda03 Added SWIG m4 macros from 09 December 2008, 23:41:45 UTC
b30c043 Avoid svn externals like the plague! Moved files to own config directory. 08 December 2008, 11:01:16 UTC
842f713 Test expression needs quotes (or it breaks on Mac OS X) 08 December 2008, 10:36:01 UTC
63fcfe0 Patched ax_*python macros from debian mailing list These patched files are not available in autoconf-archive yet, so we include them here. 24 September 2008, 03:05:57 UTC
8524c66 Useful macros from 24 September 2008, 03:05:55 UTC
f61fd5a CIG copy of the cppunit.m4 autoconf macros Here we maintain macros for autodetecting the compiler and linker flags that are necessary to use CppUnit. 17 September 2008, 08:17:56 UTC
ea75cf4 CIG copy of the boost.m4 autoconf macros While most boost components consist of header files, a certain number of them need to be compiled. These macros configure the compiler and library flags necessary for using those boost components. 17 September 2008, 07:56:51 UTC
80fdb94 Tweaks for building Cigma under Cygwin. 08 July 2008, 20:53:07 UTC
a1b8079 It turns out that VTK_LIBS requires more guesswork. Changed rogue CIGMA_PATH_PYTHON to CIGMA_PATH_NUMPY. 25 June 2008, 19:09:52 UTC
dd7c349 Removed non-portable 'rpath' from LDFLAGS. (Use Libtool!) 25 June 2008, 00:35:17 UTC
03b72e5 Changes to accommodate static VTK libs. 24 June 2008, 19:11:29 UTC
6c19827 Added CIGMA_PARALLEL_HDF5, which checks whether H5_HAVE_PARALLEL is defined. 23 June 2008, 23:44:46 UTC
24a8ebe Merged Cigma's Autoconf macros into the global macro library. 23 June 2008, 21:35:08 UTC
a390994 Clear PYTHON_LDFLAGS -- it only causes trouble. See issue97. 04 March 2008, 01:19:07 UTC
c836818 Updated location and name of of PETSc variables file to account for changes in layout of configuration files in PETSc dev. 07 January 2008, 22:58:05 UTC
c612f60 Simplified/modernized CIT_HEADER_MPI. 18 September 2007, 01:01:59 UTC
20c1f93 Added LIBS and PYXFLAGS to the "config.cfg" egg metadata -- for Exchanger and PyLith, respectively. 30 June 2007, 00:18:54 UTC
a83be6a Remap /System/Library/Frameworks/vecLib.framework/vecLib (slurped from PETSc config) to -Wl,-framework,vecLib so that it won't be eaten by Libtool. 20 June 2007, 08:55:27 UTC
fb7086c I've think I've got it this time. 20 June 2007, 01:56:32 UTC
9d1c8f4 Fixed typo. 20 June 2007, 01:51:39 UTC
3eb8d9c Added PYTHON_LA_LDFLAGS. Now that we link Python modules with "-no-undefined" (in order to tickle libtool into creating DLLs on Windows), we need to specify the Python library on the module link line. But with Apple's Python on Mac OS X, "-lpythonX.X" will not work; no, sir. On the Mac, it must be done with "-framework Python". (If they want to be different, why don't they just pour jell-o down their pants?) In order slip this past libtool, it must be given as "-Wl,-framework,Python", and this is what PYTHON_LA_LDFLAGS contains on Mac OS X under Apple's framework-ized Python. 20 June 2007, 01:47:03 UTC
89d0e65 Fixed CIT_PYTHON_SYSCONFIG so that it no longer adds -L/usr/lib to the link line. This was problematic for LAM/MPI's 'mpicc' driver on a system that also had an unrelated -lmpi installed under /usr/lib. 13 June 2007, 18:08:51 UTC
e1d7675 Changed CIT_PATH_PETSC to support the new config layout in petsc-dev ('bmake' -> 'conf'). The macro still recognizes the old layout. Also, it now expects a full three-component version number as its first argument -- i.e., in '', instead of CIT_PATH_PETSC([2.3]) one must now write CIT_PATH_PETSC([2.3.3]) Because -- as it turns out -- releases of PETSc that differ only in the subminor version can be incompatible with one another. It is unclear to me what logic they are using. Version 2.3.3 is not merely a bug-fix release; it is the first version to include Sieve, and contains changes to existing function prototypes/signatures. If that doesn't justify an increment to v2.4.x, what does? 12 June 2007, 03:01:33 UTC
60b99cd Added CIT_PATH_NEMESIS. Removed some obsolete egg macros. 14 May 2007, 23:03:20 UTC
71f90ea Tweaked install_deps so that it works w/o network access, provided the required Python source packages are in the 'deps' subdirectory of the build directory, and 'merlin-1.x.egg' is in the top-level source directory. 22 March 2007, 00:07:15 UTC
9ca5521 Issue39: Fixed CIT_PYTHON_SYSCONFIG so that it works on Windows. 31 January 2007, 15:44:32 UTC
34c96d0 Added CIT_PYTHON_EGG_SETUP. 30 January 2007, 21:15:02 UTC
ca4452c Deleted old, dusty, unused Autoconf macros. Consolidated Python macros into 'cit_python.m4'; merged the loner 'cit_fc_main.m4' into 'cit_fortran.m4'. 30 January 2007, 20:54:53 UTC
a00b6a6 Read additional variables from 'petscconf' -- most importantly, CXX. 10 January 2007, 03:08:39 UTC
7e376a5 Issue57: Added "#include <stdio.h>" to the trivial MPI test program, so that if the MPICH2 SEEK_XXX issue manifests, 'configure' will automatically add -DMPICH_SKIP_MPICXX to work-around the problem. 10 January 2007, 02:28:42 UTC
d483a49 Fix for issue39 on Mac OS X: "Python.framework/Versions/2.3/Python: No such file or directory" 16 November 2006, 12:59:42 UTC
9052e2a Moved CitcomS HDF5 macros to cs/autoconf. 07 November 2006, 02:29:23 UTC
c7c1874 Fix for issue62: "PETSc autoconf macro CIT_PETSC_SIEVE out of date". This macro is now called CIT_CHECK_LIB_PETSC_SIEVE. Also, set PETSC_SIEVE_FLAGS in CIT_PATH_PETSC. 04 November 2006, 00:56:20 UTC
cdcecf3 Wrote Autoconf macros for Python eggs. 25 September 2006, 23:41:07 UTC
2ecacbe Added CIT_FC_MPI_HEADER for Specfem. 05 June 2006, 00:47:53 UTC
4d75666 Allow for the fact that PetscInitialize may have C++ linkage. Fixed some quoting problems in cit_mpi.m4. Also, wrote preliminary CIT_PETSC_SIEVE. 27 April 2006, 02:02:00 UTC
e3aa74b You have got to be kidding me... another stab at a portable shell 'for' loop. 11 April 2006, 02:45:29 UTC
0d2fe57 Fix for minor bug found while testing Lithomop on AIX. 11 April 2006, 02:27:04 UTC
26f688b Added CIT_CHECK_LIB_PETSC and CIT_HEADER_PETSC to the existing CIT_PATH_PETSC -- all live together in 'cit_petc.m4'. Grouped MPI macros together in 'cit_mpi.m4', and refactored them so that the new PETSc macros can share their query-MPI-wrapper functionality. Factored Fortran macros out of Lithomop into 'cit_fortran.m4' (mainly to make Lithomop's '' pretty). All of this took place while getting Lithomop to build without MPI. 01 April 2006, 01:41:01 UTC
1102bf3 Don't check for mpipython.exe unless the subpackage 'mpi' was requested. 30 March 2006, 01:43:24 UTC
4a5c179 Improvements prompted by PETSc v2.3.1: 'configarch' proved to be unreliable for guessing PETSC_ARCH; parse $PETSC_DIR/bmake/petscconf instead. Also, avoid PETSC_*_BASIC variables... these are apparently for internal use only. 22 February 2006, 01:19:13 UTC
9f0bd87 Added CIT_{F77,FC}_MAIN, replacements for the AC_* macros of the same name. (The AC_* macros don't work with ifort v9.) 24 January 2006, 03:12:35 UTC
f51049b Check for 'mpipython.exe' was not printing a message result in all cases. Also, don't search PATH if 'pythia_bindir' is known. 03 October 2005, 23:14:03 UTC
7df027e Succeed even if the MPI library was built with a different, link-incompatible C++ compiler. 01 October 2005, 03:43:45 UTC
ca6f5bf Cleaned up loop structure of MPI lib, header macros. 30 September 2005, 21:07:02 UTC
3fac1e6 More fixes and enhancements to the MPI Autoconf macros. C++ projects can now correctly guess the MPICH configuraton using 'mpicc' when 'mpicxx' is missing. 30 September 2005, 17:51:14 UTC
c943428 Initial revision. 30 September 2005, 17:42:17 UTC
8d9fb45 Added CIT_PYTHON_SITE macro (currently only used by Pythia). 28 September 2005, 22:51:53 UTC
e7fff5b Abandoned the use of XXX_VERSION in favor of a 'configure' argument (--with-XXX=VERSION). Charles Williams had PYTHIA_VERSION set in his environment, which interferred with 'configure'. Use of such Aivazis-esque environment variables could be common amongst 'mm' users; it's best to avoid conflicts... 28 September 2005, 21:39:36 UTC
c1fecd1 Made MPI tests more robust in response to my first encounter with Open MPI. Also changed the semantics of e.g., "./configure CXX=g++ MPICXX=mpicxx" to mean "use g++, and use mpicxx to merely gather flags" (and likewise when only CXX is specified, and likewise for C). The goal is to make configure's behavior automatic yet unsurprising, while at the same time making sure a single C++ compiler is used to compile all C++ source. 28 September 2005, 21:31:04 UTC
3064dfd Added 'pyconfig' macro/tool, which allows packages to export their configuration, much like Python's distutils.sysconfig. The CIT_PATH_PYTHIA and CIT_PATH_EXCHANGER macros now automagically slurp paths from pyconfig-generated info. So, for example, if a Pythia installation is on your Python path, 'configure' scripts will automatically detect the corresponding Pythia 'include' and 'lib' paths to use. 20 September 2005, 23:47:41 UTC
5d3ce28 Establishing an Autoconf macro archive for CIG/CIT projects. 09 September 2005, 16:46:52 UTC
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