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Changes in robCompositions version 1.6.2

	+ alr, clr, ilr, invalr, invclr, invilr are now deprecated. The new functions are called
	  addLR, cenLR, isomLR, addLRinv, cenLRinv, isomLRinv
	+ new functions gm, orthbasis, missPatterns and zeroPatterns
	+ return instead of invisible return for all log-ratio transformations

Changes in robCompositions version 1.5.0
    + variable names in expendiure data corrected
    + graphical user interface added    
    + vignette about an overview of the package added
    + alrEM() function now renamed in impRZalr() to be consistent with notation

Changes in robCompositions version 1.4.6
    + correct transformation of the detection limit in impRZilr when having not constant sum 1.

Changes in robCompositions version 1.4.5

    + Bug in alrEM fixed.
    + impRZilr included, but without documentation.

Changes in robCompositions version 1.4.4

    + Description for the Expenditures data changed. Wrong variable description fixed.
    + Wrong formula in robVariation method robust=FALSE fixed after an comment 
      from from Mark Engle (thanks!).

    + Improved code in 'CITATION' file.
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