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This repository describes the scripts from the paper <i>Ten Oever & Martin (2021), An oscillating computational model can
track pseudo-rhythmic speech by using linguistic predictions, Elife, 10:e68066. DOI: https://doi.org/10.7554/eLife.68066 </i> 

## Explanation
The repository consists of scripts belonging to the Corpus Gesproken Nederlands (CGN), simulations and fitting with STiMCON

### CGN related files:
This script extracts and plot the basic temporal variation in the syllables and words of the CGN related to Figure 2 of the main manuscript.

The ordinary least square and related figures.

The RNN model

Subfunctions to use the RNN_Model

### STiMCON related files:
Shows the basic behavior of STiMCON (Figure 4), the threshold/timing of activation (Figure 5) and ambiguous daga overall simulations (Figure 8A)

Shows how acoustic time and model time is not the same in STiMCON (Figure 6)

Fitting of the da/ga data using the first active node as output (Figure 8C)

Fitting of the da/ga data using the relative node activation as output (Figure 8D)

Core script for the STiMCON model which has all the low-level code

Plotting output of the STiMCON

Creating sensory input going into the STiMCON
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