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License for the 'statnet' suite of packages

This software is distributed under the GPL-3 license.  It is free,
open source, and has the following attribution requirements
(GPL Section 7):

(a) you agree to retain in 'statnet' and any modifications to 'statnet'
    the copyright, author attribution and URL information as
    provided at
(b) you agree that 'statnet' and any modifications to 'statnet' will,
    when used, display the attribution:
     Based on 'statnet' project software (
     For license and citation information see

What does this mean?

If you are modifying 'statnet' or adopting any source code from
'statnet' for use in another application, you must ensure that the
copyright and attributions mentioned in the license above appear
in the code of your modified version or application. These 
attributions must also appear when the package is loaded
(e.g., via 'library' or 'require').


Mark S. Handcock, University of California-Los Angeles
David R. Hunter, Penn State University
Carter T. Butts, University of California-Irvine
Steven M. Goodreau, University of Washington
Pavel N. Krivitsky, University of Wollongong
Martina Morris, University of Washington

The 'statnet' development team

Copyright 2007-2013

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