Revision a1e92fe78fe48925f83ffb20e6b577f5863d7faa authored by Jeff Mahoney on 05 June 2016, 00:21:04 UTC, committed by Jeff Mahoney on 05 June 2016, 00:21:04 UTC
can_redirect's test for existance of the path followed by the mkdir
is inherently racy.  It's trivially possible to encounter a situation
where the test for existance fails in two processes and one of them
succeeds in creating the directory.  Since both processes are
looking to create and use the directory for the same purpose, we
don't need to treat EEXIST as an error.
1 parent 7598fb9
Tip revision: f140dbc8b05aa3d341c70436a1920a06df9a0ed4 authored by Roberto Di Cosmo on 02 May 2021, 17:11:46 UTC
Signal exceptions in the worker to the master process in the simplemapper skeleton.
Tip revision: f140dbc
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