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airpollution            Air Pollution
bild                    fit of parametric models for binary
                        longitudinal data via likelihood method
bild-class              Class "bild" for results of a maximum
                        likelihood estimation
bild-package            bild: a package for BInary Longitudinal Data
bildControl             Auxiliary for Controlling "bild" Fitting
bildIntegrate           Auxiliary for Controlling "bild" Fitting
getAIC                  Extract the Akaike Information Criterion
getAIC-methods          Extract the Akaike Information Criterion
getLogLik               Extract Log-Likelihood
getLogLik-methods       Extract Log-Likelihood
locust                  Locust
muscatine               Muscatine
plot-methods            Methods for function plot in package "bild"
show-methods            Methods for function show in package "bild"
summary-methods         Methods for Function summary in package "bild"
summary.bild-class      Class "summary.bild", summary of "bild" objects
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