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a77c186 - added a compositional viscosity function, CDEPV, based on two tracer flavors - for this to work, I had to move viscosity_input() *behind* tic_input() and tracer_input() in Instructions.c - built in restart facilities for temperature and tracers when using gzdir I/O 09 August 2007, 01:27:32 UTC
8e448b0 - added new routine Ggrd_handling which will take care of netcdf grd input. For now, only the tracer innitial conditions can be set by using, for example, ictracer_grd_layers=2 ictracer_grd_file="tmask.grd" for this to work, the ggrd libraries from HC, as well as the -lgmt and -lnetcdf need to be linked, and -DUSE_GGRD needs to be defined on compile time. - rewrote TDEPV viscosity options 3 and 4 slightly to make them more efficient - added TDEPV viscosity option 6 eta = N_0 exp(E(T_0-T) + (1-z) Z_0 ) - took layers subroutine in Construct_arrays.c apart to allow calling the same function in a more flexible from other subroutines - addded error handling routine "myerror" to Pan_problem_misc_functions - made the output behavior of the multigrid solver convergence parameters consisent with verbosity setting (ie. use report instead of always stderr output) - changed tracer input parameter "tracer" and "chemical_buoyancy" to boolean routine for added flexibility (I hope) - made check_initial_composition consistent with tracer advection, exits after warning only for E->trace.itracer_warnings==1 - debugging output in Full_tracer_advection.c and Tracer_setup only gets printed to file for E->control.verbose == 1 - fixed some typos in Output_gzdir (that might have been introduced by asynchronous svn updating or something like that) 08 August 2007, 22:55:39 UTC
2f477b3 Forgot to actually add the new file that is needed for gzipped and "vtk" I/O. 08 August 2007, 16:41:20 UTC
46ad5e8 - added functions rtp2xyz, calc_cbase_at_tp, and convert_pvec_to_cvec for spherical to Cartesian vector conversion to Pan_problem_functions.c Added "safe_malloc" to the same file because I didn't like the way Malloc1 uses int as arguments (64 bit issues). - added support for gzipped ascii output into subdirectories of data_dir, option gzdir. To use, need to compile with USE_GZDIR and link with the -lz zlib libraries. Within gzdir output mode, selected by output_format=gzdir user can define vtk I/O (gzdir_vtkio=1) to write Cartesian coordinates and velocities that are easy to combine to a single vtk file in a post-processing step. If gzlib_vtkio=0 the gzdir output option is meant to be identical to the original ascii output, but files are all gzipped on the fly, and the output that changes with each cycle is placed into subdirectories of data_dir/ called data_dir/cycles/ For gzdir I/O, data_name is not used at all, all single output files are placed in the data_dir/ directory without prefix. - added a new rheology option, PDEPV, for pseudo-plasticity and added a corresponding description to the manual. - Modified Drive_solver stderr output to show v.v, and not only dv.dv/v.v 08 August 2007, 05:58:48 UTC
5d9b20c Ignore most files generated by build system 02 August 2007, 22:44:47 UTC
3d5f153 M fixed a bug on topbc 27 July 2007, 23:33:47 UTC
fa788b9 Fixed a typo, which was introduced in svn r5399 26 July 2007, 00:20:05 UTC
81df091 Fixed a bug that *opt*.general files are mistakenly named. This bug is introduced by svn r7236 26 July 2007, 00:13:39 UTC
6542116 Fixed a bug in ordering of mesh nodes. The bug was introduced in svn r6510. 25 July 2007, 23:19:21 UTC
36a1b8a M tests/multicoupled.cfg M tests/coupled.cfg The code has passed a test on a regional containing solver. Timestep will sync and initial condition will match. Going to use a full containing solver with embedded solvers at Hawaii and Reunion in next revision. 23 July 2007, 19:50:29 UTC
4f7c56a M coupled.cfg alligned nodes in the solvers for comparing velocity directly. 20 July 2007, 21:52:18 UTC
9a699d2 Fixed a bug in setting stable timestep 19 July 2007, 18:51:47 UTC
abb2c52 Changed the name attribute of all application classes to 'CitcomS'. This allows the users to specify the same launcher parameters for all application in their ~/.pyre/CitcomS/CitcomS.cfg. 19 July 2007, 18:51:12 UTC
e108cfa M trunk/CitcomS/Coupler/ M trunk/CitcomS/Coupler/ M trunk/CitcomS/Coupler/ M trunk/CitcomS/Coupler/ M trunk/CitcomS/Solver/ M trunk/CitcomS/ M trunk/CitcomS/ solved the synchronization issue. There are some bugs in the log of time. 19 July 2007, 18:37:13 UTC
4e60f5e A Coupler/ M Coupler/ Fixed the synchronization part. Need to test on it. Now Embedded Couplers will wait until containing coupler make a decision. 18 July 2007, 23:06:35 UTC
b639d7b Unify bin/citcoms with bin/coupledcitcoms scripts. Users can run 'bin/citcoms --coupled' to launch a coupled run and 'bin/citcoms --multicoupled' to launch a multicoupled run. 18 July 2007, 21:01:09 UTC
0f29122 An input file for multicoupled run 17 July 2007, 22:49:10 UTC
6ff6d36 Fixed a few typos and attached MultiC_Coupler as the default factory for the ccoupler facility 17 July 2007, 22:48:51 UTC
c72dd9f Simplified the MultiC_*Solver classes 17 July 2007, 22:48:26 UTC
3b731ec A Solver/ A Solver/ A Solver/ ideally these files works as the solvers I needed for the project. 16 July 2007, 23:45:52 UTC
85be698 M CitcomS/ trivial comment change M CitcomS/Coupler/ a nearly complete version. Although I am not sure how most of the things works , I managed to create a copy of everything.initTemperature, restartTemperature , and modifyT not defined. 16 July 2007, 21:21:10 UTC
690124c M Coupler/ trivial modification on comments 13 July 2007, 23:24:27 UTC
6569f99 M Coupler/ add __init__, initialize, createMesh some of createMesh are commented out because I do not understand it. 13 July 2007, 23:23:43 UTC
313ee04 A Coupler/ It's a child of Containing Coupler It has nothing now. 13 July 2007, 21:09:27 UTC
8c2b9ce Added some comments 11 July 2007, 20:17:32 UTC
d9f6e03 Renamed variables for clarification 10 July 2007, 20:08:44 UTC
c1c6dd3 Small changes in *Coupler class. * consolidated __init__() and initialize() * renamed numSrc -> remoteSize, boundary -> remoteBdryList, interior -> remoteIntrList * defaulted the dimensional and transformational properties to False 09 July 2007, 22:03:45 UTC
64a5133 Added svn:keywords Id 06 July 2007, 20:48:44 UTC
bcff7e0 Debugged MultiLayout.initialize() and MultiCoupledApp.findLayout(). Fixed some typos. 06 July 2007, 20:46:10 UTC
2931729 Using log() instead of line() to flush the journal buffer, otherwise no output at all. 06 July 2007, 18:00:49 UTC
ccf633e fix myPlus and remotePlus and report in MultiCoupledApp edit some comments in MultiLayout 06 July 2007, 17:50:59 UTC
4bc84ca add MultiLayout not sure about number of processor, currently assign 1-10 for ccom 11 for ecom1, and 12 for ecom2 05 July 2007, 23:45:19 UTC
9126f66 05 July 2007, 22:36:06 UTC
f54025a 05 July 2007, 20:49:14 UTC
a4173da a draft for multicoupled application 04 July 2007, 00:02:42 UTC
3b48492 Removing outdated and redundant documentation 02 July 2007, 22:21:36 UTC
0eb8131 Using log() instead of line() to flush the journal buffer, otherwise no output at all. 02 July 2007, 22:21:21 UTC
a1c3da7 Renamed ccomm -> containing_group and ecomm -> embedded_group. Added more checks to the groups 28 June 2007, 19:35:29 UTC
0ef55d1 Added/updated a bunch of comments, renamed variables 27 June 2007, 01:04:41 UTC
36f8d4f Added mime-type property to the PDF files 26 June 2007, 00:37:32 UTC
9dddcd2 Giving Exchanger/Coupler/CoupledApp as new life. The testing script tests/coupled.cfg finished successfully. 23 June 2007, 00:33:20 UTC
54685e2 Useful debuggin output, but disabled 23 June 2007, 00:30:33 UTC
34b601d Print CXX and CXXFLAGS after finishing configure 23 June 2007, 00:29:36 UTC
55c8dd2 Removed the back-and-forth interpolation of viscosity, which smoothes the viscosity field unnecessarily 23 June 2007, 00:28:23 UTC
ed4ce7b Forgot to commit module/setProperties.c in r7289. This should fix issue115 in the pyre version also. 22 June 2007, 23:43:21 UTC
1069325 Added BuildBot config. 22 June 2007, 04:36:08 UTC
fcdc999 Resolved the conflict 21 June 2007, 22:35:33 UTC
6e82004 Preparing a conflict test, again 21 June 2007, 22:25:40 UTC
3d9403f Preparing a conflict test, again 21 June 2007, 22:22:08 UTC
0a261b2 Preparing a conflict test 21 June 2007, 22:19:44 UTC
a2f4ad6 Renamed 'XXX1' -> 'cXXX' and 'XXX2' -> 'eXXX' 18 June 2007, 23:21:10 UTC
e546ce6 Fixing issue115: interference between restart=1 & tracer_ic_method Previously, when "restart" is set, tracer_ic_method will be set to 2 (restart tracers) by the code. Now, these two options are independent. 18 June 2007, 23:06:40 UTC
fe97c4c Fix for problem with GCC 3.4.5 (observed on CITerra): mv: cannot stat `.deps/dummy.Tpo': No such file or directory 15 June 2007, 18:01:27 UTC
d839465 Zeroing geoid arrays before every geoid calculation. This fixes issue114 14 June 2007, 21:38:19 UTC
7384d4c A better fix for issue110 14 June 2007, 17:55:31 UTC
25bb6b1 Fixing issue111: Expanding %RANK in 14 June 2007, 01:36:27 UTC
9c3dfa7 A trivial change 13 June 2007, 17:55:22 UTC
65ee539 Fixing issue112 12 June 2007, 00:05:11 UTC
50c2d55 Fixed LINK problem w/Automake. 11 May 2007, 20:19:28 UTC
9caddf1 Build with Exchanger, if available. The Exchanger package will be automatically detected if it is installed on your PYTHONPATH. The preprocessor & link flags for compiling/linking with Exchanger are handled automatically. To my chagrin, this change increases the CitcomS language count back up to 3 again (C, C++, Python). Even with the aid of the 'cproto' tool, it would take many hours of work to make the C code in 'lib' compile using a C++ compiler. 11 May 2007, 02:02:00 UTC
6019291 Forgot to update the makefile in r6541 11 April 2007, 00:40:49 UTC
60030f4 Finding the min/max of the Cartesian coordinates. The min/max values provide the bounding box for random tracer generation. This will speed up the tracer generation, and should avoid a potential problem of "too many tries?" error when the domain size of a processor is much smaller (<1%) than the size of the whole sphere. 10 April 2007, 21:59:45 UTC
247bcc7 Removed obsolete pyre components in tests/ 10 April 2007, 21:58:51 UTC
6d942e7 Adding the ability to combine optional fields to the post-processing scripts. will read the parameter 'output_optional' from the cfg file and combine the optional fields (can be pressure, stress, comp_nd, or a combination of the three) into a file. The file is named similar to the cap file, with 'cap' replaced by 'opt'. A .general file is also created, which describes the content, shape, and structure of the opt file. 05 April 2007, 22:21:46 UTC
f31b73c standardized typefaces on cover 27 March 2007, 20:54:47 UTC
d7a7f7a changed version to 2.2.1 per tan2 27 March 2007, 06:51:53 UTC
78e36d1 Regenerated ChangeLog upto r6417 27 March 2007, 04:39:34 UTC
190e4e8 Updated NEWS for the upcoming 2.2.1 27 March 2007, 04:37:54 UTC
1ab1ba9 Forgot to add cookbook7.cfg to the file list 27 March 2007, 04:20:05 UTC
d1623a6 Regenerated ChangeLog upto r6409 26 March 2007, 18:48:36 UTC
074e8d9 Forgot to add a header file to the file list 26 March 2007, 18:45:16 UTC
585244b Regenerated ChangeLog upto r6403 26 March 2007, 18:25:42 UTC
e8056e6 Set the length unit to cm to fit within the page 26 March 2007, 18:20:19 UTC
c7236d2 Changed the size of gmt plots to fit within the page 26 March 2007, 18:11:02 UTC
8ccaa32 restored edits to stable copy; regen pdf, images showing 26 March 2007, 18:05:31 UTC
3b056f3 Enlarged the figure of cookbook7. Rephrased the description of the low-viscosity-zone parameters, per Sue's suggestion. 26 March 2007, 06:01:18 UTC
d79404c chasing down image problem 26 March 2007, 00:23:55 UTC
6f388ea changed verbage in History 1.2, paragraphs on version 2.1, to past tense, since notes on 2.2 should be only ones in present tense \c 25 March 2007, 23:07:31 UTC
723f757 edits of new copy; attempt to fix an image that is not displaying, still unresolved 25 March 2007, 22:55:42 UTC
8688ee2 Finished Cookbook7 24 March 2007, 23:05:03 UTC
0a6d3bd Changed the version number to 2.2 24 March 2007, 23:03:00 UTC
1af6a2d Added new cookbook7 24 March 2007, 00:02:43 UTC
3cd5331 Updated the NEWS for v2.2.0 23 March 2007, 22:21:32 UTC
5fc07c2 Added new parameter 'adv_gamme' to the manual and input samples. Documented a new tic_method=3 23 March 2007, 22:21:06 UTC
1e70a61 Added description to the tracer and composition input/output files 23 March 2007, 21:06:06 UTC
c0753b2 Added the tracer parameters to the manual and sample input files 23 March 2007, 20:40:27 UTC
c50ae40 Disable the parameter "analytical_tracer_test", and make "chemical_buoyancy" a boolean 23 March 2007, 20:39:12 UTC
2678c56 Added the low-visc-zone parameters to the manual and the sample input files 23 March 2007, 19:37:24 UTC
b4b5b1c Added the image for cookbook7 (thermo-chemical convection 23 March 2007, 05:31:39 UTC
130bee2 When I renamed the old Cookbook7/ directory to Cookbook6/, I forgot to rename cookbook7.eps to cookbook6.eps. Now it is done. 23 March 2007, 05:30:43 UTC
a2482bb These two EPS files are the leftover of an old cookbook 23 March 2007, 05:25:10 UTC
801b1bb Gather theta and phi only in get_neighboring_caps() 23 March 2007, 05:22:29 UTC
6bef184 Changed the header format of comp_* output to be consistent with other data files 23 March 2007, 05:21:38 UTC
da31e1c added bib entry per eh, changed cover to citcoms (rem .py), changed to 2.2.0, todo notation removed; regen pdf 22 March 2007, 22:11:02 UTC
3339bf3 Make the output of 1st iteration consistent with later iterations 22 March 2007, 19:58:11 UTC
8f757ca Calling find_tracers() and count_tracers_of_flavors() in initialize_tracers(), so that the former two functions can become static/private 22 March 2007, 19:57:57 UTC
1d3cb93 Renamed initialize_tracer_arrays() to allocate_tracer_arrays() 22 March 2007, 19:55:18 UTC
34b83e1 Updated the version number to 2.2.0 21 March 2007, 22:46:51 UTC
f1b0e00 Updated the dependency information 21 March 2007, 22:46:34 UTC
c03947b Added chemical Rayleigh number to the equations 21 March 2007, 22:46:08 UTC
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