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+++ Instructions to perform a merge of two versions using an ancestor version

This file explains how to syncronize different versions of the same
distribution using an ancestor copy. The technique is very simple, but the
instructions must be followed carefully.
The instructions refer to the CMM distributions, but are very general and
can be used in other similar contexts.

Suppose we have an official directory containing CMM v. 1.0:


This is a freezed version, all developers copy this version on their local disk
and start working on cmm-1.0. 

>> Before doing any local change to cmm-1.0, you must create their own
   tar cf - cmm-1.0 | gzip >my-home/cmm-ancestor.tgz
   cp -rp cmm-1.0 my-home/cmm-working

Then, you can start working on the local copy in cmm-working.
Suppose that, e.g. after one week, you fixed some bugs, added some improvements
and you think it is time to update the official distribution in cmm-1.0.
Probably, in the meantime, somebody else might have changed cmm-1.0.

>> Thus, before proceeding, you recreate your ancestor directory and use the
devtools/show-cmm-status utility to check the state of changes:

   cd my-home
   gunzip <cmm-ancestor.tgz | tar xvf -
   (name the extracted directory: cmm-ancestor)
Since at the time you created the ancestor you were syncronized with the
official distribution, the derivation tree is:

                      /   \
		     /     \
                 cmm-1.0  cmm-working

Now you are going to create the new official distribution:

   mkdir cmm-new

>> Run show-cmm-status:  (run it w/out arguments to get help)

     devtools/show-cmm-status my-home/cmm-working cmm-1.0 my-home/cmm-ancestor

You will get output like:

   "msw.cpp" can be copied
   File "xxx" does not exist in cmm-ancestor (new file?)
   "cmm.cpp" must be merged -------


The first line means that you changed "msw.cpp" and nobody else did, so:

   cp cmm-working/msw.cpp cmm-new/.

Do exactly the same for any file that can be copied.
The second line means that you added "xxx" after the ancestor was created,
so it can be copied as well:

  cp cmm-working/xxx cmm-new/.

Finally, for each file that must be merged, run the 
"emerge-files-with-ancestor" command, and specify:

    File A: cmm-working/cmm.cpp
    File B: cmm-1.0/cmm.cpp
    Ancestor: cmm-ancestor/cmm.cpp

Emacs will create tree windows: the bottom window is the merge window.
Use keys:

     n/p  -> next/previous diff
     a/b  -> accept "File A" or "File B" change

After the last difference, you can use "q" to successfully terminate the
merge, and save the resulting file in cmm-new/cmm.cpp
Note that in the emacs status bar there is an "A" ("B") if the current
difference is from file A (B), and a "*" if there is a conflict, i.e.
both file A and file B have been changed in the same zone.
Please be carefull when there is a "*", probably you will need to manually
edit the merged file.

The merge task can take some time, unless you merge very frequently
(=> less differences). Consider, anyway, that generally there are
only one or two files to merge.

After you merged/copied all files, compile everything and run tests.

At the very end, you can remove the official cmm-1.0 (create a backup first!),
move cmm-new to cmm-1.0 (now this is the official version).
Create a new ancestor copy and a local working copy from the new cmm-1.0
directory and start working again.


Quick reminder:

- at the time you create a local copy of the official distribution, create
  a local ancestor copy;
- when you decide to apply your changes to the official distribution,
  create cmm-new, run "devtools/show-cmm-status", and copy/merge files
  opportunely in cmm-new;
- compile and test everything;
- backup official distribution, make cmm-new the new official distribution,
  create again an ancestor copy and a local copy;

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