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CondSimu                Conditional Simulation
CovarianceFct           Covariance And Variogram Models
DeleteRegister          Deleting Intermediate Results
Dev                     Choosing the device
EmpiricalVariogram      Empirical (Semi-)Variogram
eval.parameters         Interactive menu
FileExists              Files
fitvario                LSQ and Maximum Likelihood Estimation of
                        Random Field Parameters
fractal.dim             fractal dimension
GaussRF                 Gaussian Random Fields
getactions              Get input behaviour
GetPracticalRange       Determination of the practical range
GetRegisterInfo         Internal information
hostname                System calls
hurst                   Hurst coefficient
Kriging                 Kriging methods
Locator                 Graphical Input
MaxStableRF             Max-Stable Random Fields
parameter.range         Range of model specific parameters
parampositions          Position of the parameters
pokeTBM                 Transfer of initialisation details
RandomFields            Simulation and Analysis of Random Fields
Readline                Read a Line
regression              Regression plot
RFMethods               Simulation Techniques
RFparameters            Control Parameters
ShowModels              Interactive Choice of Models and Parameters
SimulateRF              Simulation of Random Fields
soil                    Soil data of North Bavaria, Germany
useraction              Set input behaviour
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