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Revision c5be9039f279dd683ac8dc4bf96378878a5df2d8 authored by Mai Zhou on 25 May 2005, 00:00:00 UTC, committed by Gabor Csardi on 25 May 2005, 00:00:00 UTC
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This package is based on R codes el.cen.EM, el.cen.EM2,
el.trun.test emplikH1, emplikH2, emplikdisc.test and 
el.cen.test, etc. written by Mai Zhou. 
The code el.test is based on S code ELM() by Art Owen. 

el.test() can handle vector means as Ho (several
mean parameters), but data must be uncensored. 
When dealing with censored data use el.cen.EM2() to handle 
vector means.

Many other codes in this package can only handle one parameter in Ho.
But that parameter can be mean/hazard/quantile, and can also take 
censored/truncated data.
The name convention: el.xxx    is for the parameter of mean.
                     emplikxxx is for the parameter of hazard.

Everything is written in R, so porting to Splus should be
easy. I may put out another version that move some of the
loops to C function. (Is there such need? this will also
make the porting harder).

Release History: 
Pre-beta           1998--1999
Version 0.1-2   Nov. 12, 2001
Version 0.2-1   Jan. 10, 2002
Version 0.3     Feb. 18, 2002
Version 0.4     Apr. 6,  2002
Version 0.5     Apr. 24, 2002
Version 0.5-1   Apr. 25, 2002
Version 0.6     May  13, 2002
Version 0.7     Oct. 12, 2002
Version 0.7-3   Jan. 12, 2003
Version 0.7-4   July 20, 2003
Version 0.8     March 18, 2004
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