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\title{Determination of the practical range}
  the function returns the practical range of a covariance model,
  i.e. the distance for which the model with standard parameters
  (\code{variance=1}, \code{nugget=0}, \code{scale=1}) values 0.05
GetPracticalRange(model, kappas=NULL)
  \item{model}{string; covariance model, see \command{\link{CovarianceFct}}, or
    type \command{\link{PrintModelList}}\code{()} to get all options.}
  \item{kappas}{additional parameters of a parametrised model, see
  In case the practical range has to be determined numerically, only a
  rough approximation is provided.

  The function can only be applied to isotropic models
  real number (the practical range)
  Goovaerts, P. (1997) \emph{Geostatistics for Natural Resources
    Evaluation.} New York: Oxford University Press.
\author{Martin Schlather, \email{schlath@hsu-hh.de}

\seealso{  \command{\link{CovarianceFct}},

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