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TODO tasks. Please put higher priority items higher up, within a


* - give user an estimate on RAM, disk space, cpu and time
   resources needed

* (low priority) provide figures as numerical tables on Zenodo

* (low priority) 2021-10-21 - some of the dependencies in the R
    build rule ('reproduce/software/make/') may be
    missing - these errors need log files for tracing and then
    fixing. Workaround: run './project configure
    --existing-conf' a second or third time if needed.

Scientific accuracy

* general
   - propose our fix for gevolution upstream

* init-conditions

* run-simulation

Software maintainability/security

* gevolution
   - Use the compile options
      '-Warray-bounds -Wformat-overflow -Wstringop-overflow -fsanitize=address'
      and fix up the LATfield2 buffer overflow errors in
      When gcc-11 is used, also try  -Wstringop-overread , although that
      seems to be enabled by default:

* init-conditions
   - If/when Simon Prunet updates mpgrafic to fftw3, then update
      the version used here. (low urgency, low priority)

* run-simulation
   - Update to a more modern version of RAMSES. (low urgency, low priority)
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