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                               June 2, 2005

You are granted the non-exclusive rights set forth in this License
provided you agree to and comply with any and all conditions in this
License. Whole or partial distribution of CitcomS and
(hereinafter SOFTWARE), or software items that link with the SOFTWARE,
in any form signifies acceptance of this License.

California Institute of Technology (hereinafter Caltech) will provide
me, the organization and/or individual who has downloaded and/or
installed SOFTWARE (hereinafter UNDERSIGNED), data, information, know
how and software useful in modeling mantle convection. Caltech is
making SOFTWARE available to UNDERSIGNED on a nonexclusive basis,
under the following terms.

1. UNDERSIGNED agrees to utilize SOFTWARE solely for the purposes of
   non commercial research. Such research includes the copying of the
   source code, modifying the source code, incorporating the source
   code into new software, and redistributing the modified software
   code to others so long as redistributed software is used solely for
   non commercial purposes.

2. This License must be transferred and included in any copy made of
   SOFTWARE or derivative software.

3. The software SOFTWARE delivered hereby is experimental in
   nature. Caltech makes no warranties, representation or undertaking
   with respect to the utility, efficacy, safety, or appropriateness
   of using SOFTWARE. Caltech represents and warrants that it has the
   right to transfer SOFTWARE to UNDERSIGNED.

4. UNDERSIGNED agrees that any person within your place of employment
   utilizing SOFTWARE will be advised of, and is subject to, the
   conditions in this license agreement.

5. Caltech shall not be liable for any use of SOFTWARE or related
   know-how by UNDERSIGNED, and UNDERSIGNED hereby agrees to defend,
   indemnify and hold Caltech and its employees harmless from any
   loss, claim, damage or liability, or whatsoever kind of nature,
   which may arise from this Agreement, or the use by UNDERSIGNED of
   SOFTWARE or related know-how hereunder, except to the extent that
   the loss, claim, damage, or liability is due to the negligence or
   willful misconduct of Caltech or its employees or agents.

6. The Agreement covers the research use of SOFTWARE described in
   paragraph 1 above. All other types of experimentation on SOFTWARE
   by the UNDERSIGNED must be approved in advance by Caltech.

7. UNDERSIGNED agrees to acknowledge the authors of SOFTWARE and
   reference appropriate scientific papers that describe SOFTWARE (as
   detailed in the Users Manual) in these publications.
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