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Package: trendsegmentR
Title: Linear Trend Segmentation
Version: 1.3.0
Authors@R: c(person("Hyeyoung", "Maeng", email = "", role = c("aut", "cre")), person("Piotr", "Fryzlewicz", email = "", role="aut"))
Maintainer: Hyeyoung Maeng <>
Description: Performs the detection of linear trend changes for univariate time series 
    by implementing the bottom-up unbalanced wavelet transformation proposed by 
    H. Maeng and P. Fryzlewicz (2023). The estimated number and locations of the 
    change-points are returned with the piecewise-linear estimator for signal.
License: GPL
Encoding: UTF-8
RoxygenNote: 7.2.3
NeedsCompilation: no
Repository: CRAN
Packaged: 2023-08-24 10:59:33 UTC; hyeyoung
Author: Hyeyoung Maeng [aut, cre],
  Piotr Fryzlewicz [aut]
Date/Publication: 2023-08-24 11:20:02 UTC
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