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# vpd-covid-phase-I

Related to manuscript [Health impact of routine immunisation service disruptions and mass
vaccination campaign suspensions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic:
Multimodel comparative analysis of disruption scenarios for measles,
meningococcal A, and yellow fever vaccination in 10 low- and lower middleincome countries](

This repository contains the code used to process the burden estimates from each modelling group and produce the figures shown in the manuscript.

## orderly

This is an [`orderly`]( project.  The directories are:

* `src`: create new reports here
* `archive`: versioed results of running your report
* `data`: copies of data used in the reports

## Running the reports

Running the reports is unfortunately not possible as running requires access to a PostgreSQL database which contains sensitive information. However, all report running inputs and outputs are contained within the archive folder.
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