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Revision ee814bcb75202da357dd77918889b6cddb3b7615 authored by Eh Tan on 05 October 2007, 20:02:02 UTC, committed by Eh Tan on 05 October 2007, 20:02:02 UTC
(No other CitcomS parameter uses CamelCase.)

Reworked the interaction of initial temperature and coupling. 
Created a new parameter exchange_initial_temperature. 

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Authors of CitComS.py.

Louis Moresi
Shijie Zhong
Lijie Han
Clint Conrad
Eh Tan
Michael Gurnis
Eun-seo Choi
Pururav Thoutireddy 
Vlad Manea
Allen McNamara
Thorsten Becker
Wei Leng

Also see the file ChangeLog.

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