Revision f1a552355dca37d96e685bba150659a9714e10bd authored by Matthias J. Kannwischer on 18 December 2023, 02:07:27 UTC, committed by Matthias J. Kannwischer on 18 December 2023, 02:07:27 UTC
This (partially) addresses

The function poly_tomsg from the reference implementation of Kyber
(which was copied into the M4-optimized implementations) would result
in a variable-time udiv instruction operating on secret data when compiled
with gcc using -Os. I tried a couple of versions from gcc 11 to gcc 13,
but did not see any difference.

This commit updates the m4-specific code to use the patch from
Note that the code in PQClean has not yet been updated and hence the
clean implementation within pqm4 is still vulnerable.
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