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a3b18f1 Add missing patched_rlcompleter 06 July 2011, 09:34:10 UTC
5bdf6b9 Filter the list of completions against the word type blacklist (and remove python cmene from the completion list.) also, better python 3 support. 06 July 2011, 09:19:57 UTC
18ed5d2 Handle the case for ':?' where the notes file doesn't exist. 30 September 2010, 04:25:39 UTC
f59f527 Use xdg basedir (config moves to ~/.config/jbofacki/jbofacki.cfg on Linux) 30 September 2010, 04:20:35 UTC
d2c755e Implement text wrapping. 15 September 2010, 10:18:07 UTC
89d0f97 Add missing data about TEI termination, and improve color. 15 September 2010, 07:53:36 UTC
46dca96 Minor fix to prev commit 15 September 2010, 07:38:22 UTC
faa8213 Fix silly help bug. ie. make help not lie about how to get help :) 15 September 2010, 07:26:17 UTC
ecd4a9f New and improved help text .i ckire la aionys Also, normal help is just ? verbose is ?? now (reduces typing need) 15 September 2010, 07:16:48 UTC
ef65251 provide two levels of help, the first is simplified (ki'e aionys) (?? vs ???) Also start on line wrapping of definitions. 15 September 2010, 06:50:21 UTC
7cc54cf Say something after note taking, to notify the user it actually happened (ki'e aionys) 15 September 2010, 06:18:15 UTC
52784ae Fix ! behaviour (mysteriously.) 15 September 2010, 06:06:50 UTC
d82c5be Change '!bridi le brodo' behaviour slightly (store the string as the previous item in history) 15 September 2010, 05:57:59 UTC
df1efe1 Fix strange bug where 'purci' variable was regarded as undefined, rather than None. 15 September 2010, 05:56:34 UTC
1efa56e Support "!bridi le brodo" to give a specific string to alt parser, rather than just the prev one. Also, give a nice error message when alt parser doesn't seem to be runnable. 15 September 2010, 05:51:54 UTC
acee9c1 Autodetect a local .makfa.dmp, as well as looking for ~/.makfa.dmp 15 September 2010, 05:50:18 UTC
108fb48 Detect and cope with possible lack of readline. 15 September 2010, 05:07:06 UTC
f1a0776 finish removing locking :| 15 September 2010, 05:02:43 UTC
4b4a373 py3 compatible print() usage 15 September 2010, 04:20:34 UTC
0aab781 Implement auto-hiding of certain word types during search (via config file option). Also, ensure the config file is always saved, so that new or renamed options get into it. I like to set the option to "fu'ivla;cmene" and occasionally add lujvo to that list. Type and number of results omitted are tracked, and printed immediately before search results. 14 September 2010, 05:22:55 UTC
6a10da6 rename to for greater Windows friendliness 12 September 2010, 03:17:25 UTC
e02e05b Read configuration from file (~/.jbofacki.cfg on Linux/others, ./jbofacki.cfg on Windows). Allows all parameters previously set via editing the script to be altered easily via config file. Note that a few, like 'pager'/vinri'a and 'hide fuhivla'/mipri_ro_fuhivla, don't effect anything yet. 12 September 2010, 03:02:08 UTC
2809012 search: accept and interpret "-term" - to choose results that DON'T contain a certain result. 11 September 2010, 13:31:31 UTC
5d5c1e8 Search via intersection of terms, not union. Search is more useful now. 11 September 2010, 13:18:04 UTC
37ebae3 Disable color on windows, or if na_skari is True. 11 September 2010, 09:57:38 UTC
a34538b fix silly pygments.console usage (obsoleeeeete!) 11 September 2010, 09:47:05 UTC
4d8ccc5 Fix syntax error in prev commit. and avoid pulling in subprocess stuff until as late as possible. 11 September 2010, 09:30:16 UTC
00464a9 Quick fix for bad /tmp/ usage (non-windows-compatible behaviour.) 11 September 2010, 09:15:12 UTC
478b7fc Add a sample dump so we're not strictly dependent on makfa. Place in your homedir. On linux, you should know this. On Windows, I *think* you want "C:\Users\Your Username\Application Data". If not, the error message should be informative about what is expected. 11 September 2010, 08:47:34 UTC
035e7ea Add lujvo analysis ("somelujvo%") 11 September 2010, 08:21:19 UTC
71716f6 Implement locking. 09 September 2010, 12:39:51 UTC
a5bb7b6 Nice 'Thanks to' message, using a single bridi, termsets, and careful formatting 08 September 2010, 10:38:34 UTC
a569fd5 List more things to improve 08 September 2010, 10:37:59 UTC
8e4efca Add more intelligent selmaho matching and sorting. (as if * weren't included, so eg UI*7 sorts as the same key as UI7. le valsi is used as a secondary key, so primarily sorts on selmaho, then lo valsi) 08 September 2010, 09:53:14 UTC
31ca832 initial commit 08 September 2010, 09:06:29 UTC
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