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d2173b0 fractal: adaptive p0 scaling factor adapt p0 value internally instead of the previously fixed scale value so that the input p0 is equal to C0 from the check_power_spectrum(). check_power_spectrum_1d() use the square part of the input data with dimension as a power of 2, for more robust performance. 04 January 2020, 01:08:35 UTC
d0259da update module dependency graph + update module dependency graph in mintpy/ + remove duplicated mintpy/utils/ and keep mintpy/simulation/ + reduce the dependency level for the following modules by using utils0/1 and coord directly instead of using utils + utils/ add get_residual_spectral_power_density() + version: update from beta verion to stable release 04 January 2020, 01:08:35 UTC
fd14b11 fractal: add crop_data_max_square() + handling input data with shape in odd number + use the portion with least zero values 04 January 2020, 01:08:35 UTC
2215dea smallbaselineApp: ignore no-data pixels in lat/lon while generating waterMask.h5 + update function comments in simulation modules 04 January 2020, 01:08:35 UTC
f8fed62 init simulation/ (#256) * init simulation/ + merge all decorrelation noise related functions from and simulation/ into a level1 sub-module simulation/ + rename simulation/ as simulation/ and move mogi_deformation() from to + update related and files 31 December 2019, 21:57:06 UTC
3741154 fix bugs/warnings found by Codacy 27 December 2019, 20:59:02 UTC
3fbc3bb update copyright year update copyright year to 2013 as the earliest available date remove obsolete legacy/ more the following unused scripts to `mintpy/objects/insarStack`: + + + + 27 December 2019, 20:59:02 UTC
0a47226 more robust coherence2variance calculation (#254) * bug fix for variance calculation while coherence is very close to 1 * handle all negative var in ifginv.phase_variance_ds() * calculate NCORRLOOKS from isce products * prep_isce: return warning message when no baseline file found * install basemap from native macport 27 December 2019, 06:39:32 UTC
e83c09a replace zip command with zipfile module (#252) * replace zip command with zipfile module 19 December 2019, 02:49:12 UTC
0f6c3e1 save_kmz: add --cbar-loc option + add --cbar-loc option to modify the location of colorbar screen overlay + fix the not working issue of --cbar-bin-num and --cbar-label + remove the obsolete --cbar-height option 05 December 2019, 05:30:59 UTC
b38a59c check/update reference point in (#248) * check reference point and raise exception if the input files have different reference point. * remove obsolete 0 from np.array.flatten() * update REF_X/Y based on the REF_LAT/LON value 04 December 2019, 22:56:00 UTC
4193199 prep_aria: constain X/Y_STEP/FIRST as a 9 digits float to fix the potentially very slight inconsistency between the spatial resolution (posting size) between different ARIA GUNW products 03 December 2019, 01:38:34 UTC
cd555fa support read/plot magnitude of .int file 1. objects.timeseries.get_design_matrix4average_velocity(): add optional refDate argument to specify the reference date 2. simulation.sample_decorrelation_phase(): more robust argument checking 3. utils.readfile.read_binary_file(): support reading (and plotting) magnitude of .int file 03 December 2019, 01:38:34 UTC
520b0ed utils.readfile: support 3 and 4 bands in binary files 27 November 2019, 21:20:15 UTC
9e6b1be support loading geometry only 27 November 2019, 21:20:15 UTC
7ce1392 update port to support ARIA-tools 27 November 2019, 21:20:15 UTC
0a861ac update conda install for basemap use the release version instead of git clone for faster install and smaller download, both in command line and conda_env.yml 22 November 2019, 04:34:19 UTC
be4e50b update install via macports docs/ports.txt: 1. switch to +gcc7 except for atlas, which supports gcc5 only 2. switch default python from 3.6 to 3.7 3. remove hdf4 docs/ 1. use released archive of basemap from github, faster and smaller than git clone 2. use 'sudo -H' to solve the directory ownership issue. typo fixes Update default test directory in 19 November 2019, 22:06:40 UTC
022d08d plot.plot_gps: remove whitespace in site ID while saving to CSV (#243) change from column name 'Site ID' to 'SiteID' in GPSSitesVel.csv file. 19 November 2019, 21:10:19 UTC
14573cb Save time-series in QGIS compatible format (#242) Adds support to export MintPy time-series in a QGIS ps-time-series plugin compatible shapefile format - Thanks @yunjunz for help with figuring out the directory structure. 18 November 2019, 18:40:02 UTC
990ad31 utils function for GSI F3 GPS daily solution (#239) utils/ptime: add yy2yyyy() objects/gps: + add read_pos_file() to read GSI F3 GPS solution generated by Bernese + add get_pos_years() to faciliate the file searching + add read_GSI_F3() as the generic reading function to extract info for specific GPS site with start/end_date sh/ copy *.txt file to pic folder 04 November 2019, 02:40:25 UTC
d03fd45 copy cfg files to pic folder (#238) copy default/custom template files to inputs/pic folders for easy backup. more detailed info for the paper. 03 November 2019, 19:02:30 UTC
d91e9e7 Write GPS LOS velocities to CSV file (#236) * write GPS velocities into a CSV file while plotting both InSAR and GPS velocities * return nan from GPS().get_gps_los_velocity() if no data 21 October 2019, 20:06:40 UTC
1f1e763 bugs fix for insar_vs_gps() 19 October 2019, 19:11:37 UTC
ed9c673 insar_vs_gps: add min_ref_date and more comments 19 October 2019, 18:40:00 UTC
745b4c9 insar_vs_gps: add start/end_date objects/insar_vs_gps: add start_date and end_date argument to replace the hardwired value; if not given, use the insar time-series file as reference. gps: add get_baseline_change() to calculate the baseline change history of two GPS displacement time-series 19 October 2019, 18:40:00 UTC
1a2e3eb view: add --lat-label/--contour-linewidth option + add --lat-label option to customize the rotation of latitude label, in order to save space. + fix bug when the last figure has only one subplot, resulting in a 2D matrix previously, instead of a 3D matrix with 1st dimension as 1. + utils/ add --contour-linewidth option for the DEM contour background 19 October 2019, 18:40:00 UTC
5848cb1 plot_transection: bug fix for --off option (#233) * load_gbis: comment out the calculation of lat/lon/height information as they are now calculated in GBIS directly. * plot_transection: bug fix for --off 06 October 2019, 03:48:01 UTC
8eef481 update pyaps account setup info 04 October 2019, 21:09:34 UTC
d7cc003 save_gbis: add --ellipsoid2geoid option + support converting height from ellipsoid to geoid for modeling with GBIS. This is required if the input DEM data is from ISCE or GSI DEHM data. + load/save_gbis: fix warning/backend issue for matplotlib + mask: restrict mask_isce_file() to ifgram files only + Update 04 October 2019, 00:26:20 UTC
fb4423a easy check defo signal with asc/desc/horz/vert all in one (#230) * easy check defo signal with asc/desc/horz/vert all in one + asc_desc2horz_vert: - split main() into get_design_matrix(), asc_desc2horz_vert() - add --output-one/--oo option to write all input/output datasets into one file for easy management. + support display scale/unit operation for asc_desc2horz_vert one output file format. + save_roipac: add --keep-all-metadata to keep all ROIPAC metadata for easy data play. + fix bug in prep_isce * remove os import 01 October 2019, 23:39:36 UTC
ccede87 update paper DOI move run_giant from MintPy to paper repo in geodesymiami 30 September 2019, 15:48:42 UTC
335903f save_kmz_ts: new options to customize display add -o / --output to specify output file name add --wrap to be able to re-wrap the velocity for color coding. expose --cutoff and --min-percentage options to modify the default high resolution output for deforming areas. 29 September 2019, 02:25:18 UTC
acbaa39 Fix typo in 22 September 2019, 00:45:18 UTC
781a53f ref_point: fix bug when input ref_y/x is 0 use "ref_y is not None" instead of "not ref_y" to check the validity of input reference y/x, which was ignored if the input ref_y/x has 0 value. simplify the code and add more comments. 19 September 2019, 21:26:12 UTC
e92c131 plot_sbApp: use --wrap-range for ts file use -u cm --wrap --wrap-range -5 5 as default option to plot time-series file, to give consistent color range for easy comparison. 19 September 2019, 21:26:12 UTC
8375103 unw_err_phase_closure: import mpl with Agg backend 18 September 2019, 16:05:12 UTC
b932725 readthedocs: add more links move docker/ to docs/ to be displayed in add colormaps, docker and code of conduct to nav bar in readthedocs. 18 September 2019, 03:08:13 UTC
752b926 use for roipoly in (#221) * use for roipoly in generate_mask: + add --keep-nan option to be able to not exclude pixels with nan values move get_poly_mask() from utils/ to utils/ to be able to call functions for more advanced plotting capability to facilitate the polygon selection. 18 September 2019, 02:57:38 UTC
66daae4 bug fix for multilook with AZIMUTH_PIXEL_SIZE (#220) * bug fix for multilook multilook: + check AZIMUTH_PXIEL_SIZE specifically, as it is not currently available from ARIA products yet. + use A/RLOOKS always with default value of 1 if not exists. + fix typo in the help message. * utils/utils0.get_lat_lon(): return the lat/lon of the pixel center instead of the upper left corner previously. * save_gbis: print cmd 16 September 2019, 22:01:29 UTC
c981280 transection: support files with different resolution in geo coord (#219) * transection: support files with different resolution in geo coord plot_transection: + add support for multiple input files in geo coordinates with different spatial resolutions by using geo coordinate to grab transection data + upgrade --offset option to support one number or exact number of offset as input files + utils/ add transect_lines() to extract continuous transection data along multiple lines generate_mask: + add --revert option + enable main() calling from external script utils/plot.get_poly_mask(): improved plotting for dataset with non-negative value, such as DEM geocode: print cmd in cmd_line_parse() 15 September 2019, 20:40:15 UTC
3df5596 smallbaselineApp: check key 'mintpy.networkInversion.shadowMask' (#218) * smallbaselineApp: check key 'mintpy.networkInversion.shadowMask' smallbaselineApp: check for 'mintpy.networkInversion.shadowMask' key for update mode while generating the mask from temporal coherence. asc_desc2horz_vert: constrain the output data type to float32 utils/plot: add buffer_year argument in auto_adjust_xaxis_date() docs/ remove commands example as the user should check the --help from the script, which will be the most up-to-date. sh/ remove the trop_models variable definition and use for loop directly. 13 September 2019, 20:05:29 UTC
6887f8f add --zero for ALOS2 in load_hdf5: support custom ds name more robust auto disp_unit for geocode: use linear instead of bilinear for generosity 12 September 2019, 17:20:45 UTC
a73e9de mask: auto check and convert data type to float32 (#214) * mask: auto check and convert data type to float32 + assign default fill value to np.nan. + change matrix data type to float32 if 1) fill value is nan AND 2) input original data type does not support NaN. * fix typo in example message 11 September 2019, 22:37:59 UTC
e3b8762 Bug fixes for unwrapping error correction using bridging method for network modified ifgramStack file (#212) * objects/ - fix a bug for the case when connected components are more than 10 - raise an error when the labelRef value is zero * skip the correction for dropped interferograms, otherwise it would cause the labelRef==0 error when 1) network is modified AND 2) when the reference point is in the masked out area in at least one dropped interferogram. 11 September 2019, 18:25:11 UTC
2bcdefc move tutorials in jupyter notebook from MintPy to MintPy-tutorial 09 September 2019, 22:36:35 UTC
9d49711 move paper dir out of mintpy to geodesymiami update link in remove link from mkdocs.yml so that this will not show up as a independent page in 09 September 2019, 21:57:43 UTC
a638752 add .sh file extension to sh/run_multilook_geometry + Update links in + update custom colormap link in help 05 September 2019, 20:49:56 UTC
158616b Update mkdocs.yml 03 September 2019, 02:07:49 UTC
5c2948e bug fix for 03 September 2019, 01:35:42 UTC
8472cd5 fix bug while reference_date.txt not exist 02 September 2019, 23:13:36 UTC
db95f34 add *.networkInversion.shadowMask option to be able to turn OFF the applying of shadow mask while generating mask of reliable pixels using temporal coherence. 02 September 2019, 22:46:04 UTC
3c32d1f switch default gzip compression to lzf for geometry 02 September 2019, 22:46:04 UTC
37580e3 add missing module import for glob 02 September 2019, 22:46:04 UTC
185ddf2 simplify titles in smallbaselineApp_aria 29 August 2019, 01:22:44 UTC
7221dd4 save_gmt: move auto output filename to the main() + add `sys.argv[1:]` back so that the calling of main() in python would work. + adjust indentation in objects/ + update images of GMT colormaps from GMT website + Update 28 August 2019, 17:54:09 UTC
130219e update MODIFICATION_TIME for all ifgramDatasetnames in modify_network step (#198) update the MODIFICATION_TIME metadata value for all datasets defined in objects.stack.ifgramDatasetNames while calling ifgramStack.update_drop_ifgram() function from in the modify_network step. 26 August 2019, 03:24:10 UTC
7a45670 ignore ZERO value for coherence in ifgramStack.spatial_average() (#196) 26 August 2019, 02:47:18 UTC
583915d add links to jupyter notebook of ARIA-tools-doc (#194) * sh/ update comment * view: reduce cbar length in ratio for multiple subplots with large figure height * add links to ARIA-tools-doc 26 August 2019, 00:40:33 UTC
a7bf383 update PULL_REQUEST template 24 August 2019, 20:26:14 UTC
e63118f load_data: skip files with inconsistent size skip files while loading data if 1) not all unwrapPhase files have the same size AND 2) if there is an input subset, the max subset range is beyond the min file size. 24 August 2019, 20:26:14 UTC
37b8cd5 load_gbis: bug fix for single track inversion result (#191) + .github/config.yml: update message for an opening pull request + fix bug when input inversion result is based on one track of insar data only. + utils/plot.get_poly_mask(): improved color while selecting roipoly. 23 August 2019, 15:10:17 UTC
a2712bc Create 22 August 2019, 05:00:13 UTC
81038cb create issue and pull request template 22 August 2019, 04:41:37 UTC
9180b78 add .github/config.yml for probot 22 August 2019, 04:41:37 UTC
17fcaf7 Update 21 August 2019, 23:09:08 UTC
cbd9f70 generate_mask: merge --base and --shadow into one + add --base-dset and --base-value to be able to custom the excluded pixel value and its related dataset in the input base mask file + ignore --base if input --base-dset dataset is not found and continue running the script without --base option. + remote obsolete --shadow option fix typo in support multiple input mask files in adjust according to the new --base usage for the shadow mask while generating mask of reliable pixels after inverting the network. 21 August 2019, 23:09:08 UTC
07f8d0c add notebook for unavco short course (#186) * notebook: simplify images directory * add notebook for unavco short course add smallbaselineApp_aria.ipynb for ARIA + MintPy workflow. * Update 21 August 2019, 05:09:27 UTC
6c21549 fix potential path bug of 21 August 2019, 00:57:45 UTC
121e7f8 load_gbis: add the origin lat/lon of the local coordinates 21 August 2019, 00:57:45 UTC
c0a7baf --dset: show data stats 21 August 2019, 00:57:45 UTC
ef693f2 load_gbis: add DEFORMATION_MODEL load_gbis: add metadata DEFORMATION_MODEL utils/plot.auto_shared_lalo_location(): new function to return the lat/lon label location in tuple of 4 int, for multiple subplots. 18 August 2019, 01:42:24 UTC
657f17d fix conflict in smallbaselineApp.ipynb open the final velocity map at the end of testing, so easy checking. 14 August 2019, 15:19:42 UTC
f65abba info: add --dset option to print out dataset add --dset option to printout the dataset value for easy checking the dataset of HDF5 file objects/stack: + rename openH5() to open_hdf5() + add open and close functions inside write2hdf5_block() so that file is properly closed always. ifgram_inversion: + adjust for the updated timeseries.write2hdf5_block() so that the file is properly closed even if the program is terminated in the middle of running. 14 August 2019, 14:52:38 UTC
acaa3fe adding block by block writing for timeseries inversion (#181) * adding block by block writing for timeseries inversion + object/ - added new methods to separate dataset creation from writing - added a list of indices to represent the 3D block in the new write method for timeseries class - added a method openH5 which simply opens the HDF5 file when called + writing each block of timeseries is done right after estimating that block Note: + For Dask, the writing has not changed. + If we agree that this is the way to go, then we should do similar thing for other files (tempCoh, etc) and for Dask inversion and for few other steps (e.g., DEM error correction, etc). 13 August 2019, 22:30:41 UTC
9a475ba update usage of grabing the list of built-in colormaps from matplotlib 09 August 2019, 18:29:03 UTC
1753ec0 [ImgBot] Optimize images (#179) *Total -- 5,550.29kb -> 4,585.70kb (17.38%) /docs/tutorials/docs/images/smallbaselineApp_workflow.png -- 272.60kb -> 163.04kb (40.19%) /docs/tutorials/docs/images/FernandinaSenDT128_unwrapPhase_wrap.png -- 2,927.26kb -> 2,281.56kb (22.06%) /docs/resources/star.png -- 2.24kb -> 2.03kb (9.39%) /docs/tutorials/docs/images/net_modification.jpg -- 2,346.89kb -> 2,137.84kb (8.91%) /docs/resources/shaded_dot.png -- 1.30kb -> 1.23kb (5.4%) Signed-off-by: ImgBotApp <> 09 August 2019, 18:10:32 UTC
ba9de4b wrap up for v1.2beta (#178) * Update * Update 08 August 2019, 18:34:34 UTC
97fc78e add "citing this work" in README (#177) * add "citing this work" in README * suppress matplotlib UserWarning while calling plotting scripts. * add GPS related options back to to avoid undefined arguments error, but raise an exception in while --gps-comp option is input. * update plotting script usage in smallbaselineApp.ipynb * fix bug of the relative path of data files in save_kmz 08 August 2019, 16:00:44 UTC
c2750e0 fix bug of mask from geometry in (#176) dem_error: ignore pixels with NaN value in any of the geometry dataset prep_aria: add more notes in example smallbaselineApp: move waterMask.h5 generation from step `load_data` to `modify_network` turn ON saving to HDF-EOS5 in testing 07 August 2019, 23:08:39 UTC
aac5999 add DOI of the paper pre-print + remove obsolete dir_*.ipynb and update directory structure link smallbaselineApp.ipynb + prep_aria: print out dataset type and size 07 August 2019, 17:59:44 UTC
cae87e5 add docs/ (#170) * Create * Update mkdocs.yml * Update for HDF-EOS5 format reference link 05 August 2019, 03:56:54 UTC
d48873e update using scipy.interpolate.griddata (#167) * using scipy.interpolate.griddata to convert the lookup-table * support parallel processing 04 August 2019, 18:29:41 UTC
fea1834 add docs/conda_env.yml for mintpy environment installation update installation note for mintpy environment 02 August 2019, 19:10:15 UTC
c3ed146 add relevant literature to example datasets 02 August 2019, 19:10:15 UTC
70387ba prep_aria: convert azAngle from ARIA to ISCE style (#166) * prep_aria: convert azAngle from ARIA to ISCE style * update comments while plotting GPS vs InSAR 01 August 2019, 21:41:02 UTC
bc99d1f convert lookup-tables under geo-coord to radar-coord (#144) * add to convert the Geo-coordinates based lookup-table (GAMMA, ROI_PAC) into the Radar-coordinates based lookup-table (ISCE). * add utils.get_lat_lon_rdc() to generate lats/lons under radar-coord when latitude/longitude is not available, taking into account the tilted geometry of radar-coded file. * use utils.get_lat_lon_rdc() in for radar-coded products with lookup table in geo-coordinates, for GAMMA and ROIPAC products. 01 August 2019, 01:54:21 UTC
f17490e ifgram_inversion: comment out ts_std to save memory (#163) + commenting out ts_std dataset to reduce memory usage + remove obsolete --split-file option to simplify the code 31 July 2019, 22:35:54 UTC
1aa5881 check azimuthAngle while plotting gps vs insar (#161) * update comments for in smallbaselineApp * utils.get_geometry_file() support checking of a list of datasets * check both incidenceAngle and azimuthAngle while calling utils.plot.plot_gps() * prep_aria: do not create azimuthAngle dataset if no azAngle file is input * stackDict: remove UNIT metadata while loading ifgramStack and geometry* files * disable GPS related options in for now because "insar displacement vs gps displacement" is not implemented yet. 31 July 2019, 03:16:21 UTC
9d9db53 specify custom ifgram file pattern while calling from prep_isce: change default --file-pattern argument value to *.unw only becuase *.rsc file for cor file is not necessary 30 July 2019, 21:06:03 UTC
823c8cc load_gbis: add optimal model parameters and convert model x y into longitude and latitude make MODEL_MIN_HEIGHT as optional metadata 30 July 2019, 21:06:03 UTC
4495dea version: hide subprocess stderr message (#159) hide git error message if mintpy is not installed through git clone. 28 July 2019, 23:26:33 UTC
805dc29 Update version 28 July 2019, 20:25:00 UTC
b72468c pre-release wrap up (#157) update template comments in individual scripts Update 28 July 2019, 19:50:11 UTC
4e7c5c0 fix bug for -g option (#156) * fix bug for -g option when no custom template and no default template * mintpy.troposphricDelay.weatherModel change default from ECMWF to ERA5 * fix typo in 28 July 2019, 14:07:46 UTC
63a60d7 prep_aria: grab NoDataValue for interferogram data grab NoDataValue for unwrapPhase, coherence and connectComponent with gdal function, instead of using hardwired value for connectComponent only; and translate them all to zero, to be consistent with isce and mintpy. 28 July 2019, 03:24:17 UTC
ac25d49 prep_aria: mask out invalid pixels in waterMask Grab mask of invalid pixels from incidence angle and use it to maskout pixels in water mask too. This benefits 1) the average spatial coherence calculation, improving the performance of coherence-based network modification; 2) one way of handling the no-data because water mask is used as a basic mask in mintpy. 28 July 2019, 03:24:17 UTC
736d087 prep_aria: add waterMask + add --water-mask option to load watermask.msk file into geometryGeo.h5 + add ARIA-tools example commands into usage fix bug of saving figure to file while runing command in a different dir than the input file. 26 July 2019, 22:32:57 UTC
3bd45f4 plot_coherence_matrix: support running outside of mintpy dir 26 July 2019, 18:07:00 UTC
77a5a12 remove masked out pixel while plotting transection + ut.transect_yx() remove masked out pixels. + bug fix for + add docker cmd and link to 26 July 2019, 16:17:24 UTC
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