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ba9de4b wrap up for v1.2beta (#178) * Update * Update 08 August 2019, 18:34:34 UTC
97fc78e add "citing this work" in README (#177) * add "citing this work" in README * suppress matplotlib UserWarning while calling plotting scripts. * add GPS related options back to to avoid undefined arguments error, but raise an exception in while --gps-comp option is input. * update plotting script usage in smallbaselineApp.ipynb * fix bug of the relative path of data files in save_kmz 08 August 2019, 16:00:44 UTC
c2750e0 fix bug of mask from geometry in (#176) dem_error: ignore pixels with NaN value in any of the geometry dataset prep_aria: add more notes in example smallbaselineApp: move waterMask.h5 generation from step `load_data` to `modify_network` turn ON saving to HDF-EOS5 in testing 07 August 2019, 23:08:39 UTC
aac5999 add DOI of the paper pre-print + remove obsolete dir_*.ipynb and update directory structure link smallbaselineApp.ipynb + prep_aria: print out dataset type and size 07 August 2019, 17:59:44 UTC
cae87e5 add docs/ (#170) * Create * Update mkdocs.yml * Update for HDF-EOS5 format reference link 05 August 2019, 03:56:54 UTC
d48873e update using scipy.interpolate.griddata (#167) * using scipy.interpolate.griddata to convert the lookup-table * support parallel processing 04 August 2019, 18:29:41 UTC
fea1834 add docs/conda_env.yml for mintpy environment installation update installation note for mintpy environment 02 August 2019, 19:10:15 UTC
c3ed146 add relevant literature to example datasets 02 August 2019, 19:10:15 UTC
70387ba prep_aria: convert azAngle from ARIA to ISCE style (#166) * prep_aria: convert azAngle from ARIA to ISCE style * update comments while plotting GPS vs InSAR 01 August 2019, 21:41:02 UTC
bc99d1f convert lookup-tables under geo-coord to radar-coord (#144) * add to convert the Geo-coordinates based lookup-table (GAMMA, ROI_PAC) into the Radar-coordinates based lookup-table (ISCE). * add utils.get_lat_lon_rdc() to generate lats/lons under radar-coord when latitude/longitude is not available, taking into account the tilted geometry of radar-coded file. * use utils.get_lat_lon_rdc() in for radar-coded products with lookup table in geo-coordinates, for GAMMA and ROIPAC products. 01 August 2019, 01:54:21 UTC
f17490e ifgram_inversion: comment out ts_std to save memory (#163) + commenting out ts_std dataset to reduce memory usage + remove obsolete --split-file option to simplify the code 31 July 2019, 22:35:54 UTC
1aa5881 check azimuthAngle while plotting gps vs insar (#161) * update comments for in smallbaselineApp * utils.get_geometry_file() support checking of a list of datasets * check both incidenceAngle and azimuthAngle while calling utils.plot.plot_gps() * prep_aria: do not create azimuthAngle dataset if no azAngle file is input * stackDict: remove UNIT metadata while loading ifgramStack and geometry* files * disable GPS related options in for now because "insar displacement vs gps displacement" is not implemented yet. 31 July 2019, 03:16:21 UTC
9d9db53 specify custom ifgram file pattern while calling from prep_isce: change default --file-pattern argument value to *.unw only becuase *.rsc file for cor file is not necessary 30 July 2019, 21:06:03 UTC
823c8cc load_gbis: add optimal model parameters and convert model x y into longitude and latitude make MODEL_MIN_HEIGHT as optional metadata 30 July 2019, 21:06:03 UTC
4495dea version: hide subprocess stderr message (#159) hide git error message if mintpy is not installed through git clone. 28 July 2019, 23:26:33 UTC
805dc29 Update version 28 July 2019, 20:25:00 UTC
b72468c pre-release wrap up (#157) update template comments in individual scripts Update 28 July 2019, 19:50:11 UTC
4e7c5c0 fix bug for -g option (#156) * fix bug for -g option when no custom template and no default template * mintpy.troposphricDelay.weatherModel change default from ECMWF to ERA5 * fix typo in 28 July 2019, 14:07:46 UTC
63a60d7 prep_aria: grab NoDataValue for interferogram data grab NoDataValue for unwrapPhase, coherence and connectComponent with gdal function, instead of using hardwired value for connectComponent only; and translate them all to zero, to be consistent with isce and mintpy. 28 July 2019, 03:24:17 UTC
ac25d49 prep_aria: mask out invalid pixels in waterMask Grab mask of invalid pixels from incidence angle and use it to maskout pixels in water mask too. This benefits 1) the average spatial coherence calculation, improving the performance of coherence-based network modification; 2) one way of handling the no-data because water mask is used as a basic mask in mintpy. 28 July 2019, 03:24:17 UTC
736d087 prep_aria: add waterMask + add --water-mask option to load watermask.msk file into geometryGeo.h5 + add ARIA-tools example commands into usage fix bug of saving figure to file while runing command in a different dir than the input file. 26 July 2019, 22:32:57 UTC
3bd45f4 plot_coherence_matrix: support running outside of mintpy dir 26 July 2019, 18:07:00 UTC
77a5a12 remove masked out pixel while plotting transection + ut.transect_yx() remove masked out pixels. + bug fix for + add docker cmd and link to 26 July 2019, 16:17:24 UTC
4ee67f9 connectComponent: byte to int16 (#150) * Update contributing docs * connectComponent: byte to int16 and objects/ + change the data type of connectComponent dataset from BYTE to INT16 to support up to 32767 reliable regions/connected components for single interferograms. + turn ON compression of "lzf" while writing connectComponent to HDF5 file to save disk space + add FILE_TYPE metadata + add MODIFICATION_TIME metadata to 3D datasets + turn ON chunks while writing HDF5 to speedup file IO + turn ON maxshape for 3D datasets to support updatable ifgramStack.h5: feature not used anyway yet; just to be consistent with mintpy. update default plot settings for connectComponent dataset in and 26 July 2019, 05:13:14 UTC
4745acf bug fixed in Should not calling through its main() in a loop which has different insar processors, becuase it changes the global variable datasetName2templateKey during load_data.read_inps_dict2geometry_dict_object() 25 July 2019, 22:45:28 UTC
ecf8d3e speedup (#147) * speedup add 3 template files into local `test` directory and turn OFF pixelwise inversion for both invert_network and correct_topography step to speed up the testing process. add --test-pyaps option and keep existing ECMWF file * move unittestGalapagos* to test dir move unittestGalapagosSenDT128.template as a more appropriate location remove files in mintpy.troposphericDelay.weatherModel = ECMWF from docs/examples/input_files because 1) they are not recommended for best performance and 2) they are copies of them in test dir now with fast processing setup. 25 July 2019, 21:41:16 UTC
ffe8f56 bug fix for unwrap_erro_bridging if num_label > 10 (#146) objects/ + fix bug of connection identification confusion when there are more than 10 reliable connected components in the dataset. + more comments on get_all_bridges() and find_mst_bridge() support ouptut connectComponent from ifgramStack.h5 file utils/readfile: more generic reading for binary data files by assigning some data structure info before checking InSAR processor utils/writefile: bug fixed for writing byte and bool type of data file specify ECMWF (ERAI) as the tropo dataset for test example. They should be changed to ERA5 in the future. 25 July 2019, 21:30:38 UTC
857063f prep_aria: add more metadata (#139) prep_aria: + comment out skimage.transform.resize() because the updated produces the same size DEM file as the interferogram stack, this eliminates the need of installing scikit-image module while running with the `ARIA-tools` python environment. + copy over all metadata from unwrappedPhase for the sake of completeness, except for Dates and bperp + add metadata extraction for: - ANTENNA_SIDE - HEADING (hardwired to typical asc/desc track values) - RANGE_PIXEL_SIZE - LON/LAT_REF1/2/3/4 - CENTER_LINE_UTC - ORBIT_DIRECTION + write all ifgrams in the sorted order of date1_date2 with date1 < date2 + add -a/--az-angle option + more print out message for file IO + update example utils/ptime: remove obsolete ifgram_date_list() to that can be independent from h5py module add ARIA format link to Update indentation in smallbaselineApp.cfg 25 July 2019, 20:44:20 UTC
9ac8b04 Add files via upload 25 July 2019, 19:51:05 UTC
cbe79b3 fixed typo 24 July 2019, 14:39:08 UTC
7e7a554 improved notebooks for 3D time-series simulation (#136) * update link for example .tcshrc file * readfile: add backup parameter for unknown binary file format * improved notebooks for 3D time-series simulation + fix bug of NaN fill_value while geocoding data in int + fix bug of colormap in plot.plot_rotate_diag_coherence_matrix() + more robust readfile.get_hdf5_compression() + more robust coord unit checking in + get rid of more pysar in the documents + remove obsolete docs/_includes/visit_location.html + remove obsolete docs/paper/Fig_S07*.ipynb, because it's covered in Fig_12*.ipynb + remove obsolete docs/paper/phaseCorrection_order/ because it's now shown in X_phaseCorrection*.ipynb 24 July 2019, 03:50:06 UTC
84682cb bug fix: (#135) * adding geometry files - added the option to load DEM file * add DEM to the geometry file track no-data-value with gdal and set to Nan * minor bug fix - bug fixed in reading STARTING_RANGE metadata * bug fix: - NoData value is tracked and converted to 0 for DEM 23 July 2019, 20:30:59 UTC
50cc493 plot_gps: search/use geometry file for incAngle if available (#134) * plot_gps: search/use geometry file for incAngle if available + utils.plot.plot_gps(): search existing geometry files with incidenceAngle dataset and use it to convert GPS enu to LOS. + utils.utils1.get_file_list(): bug fix related with coord argument + utils.utils1.get_geometry_file(): add work_dir to support searching while runing script not in the directory of the input file. * remove up option for --gps-comp * fix format bug suggested by codacy 23 July 2019, 20:07:43 UTC
e3e74ce remove obsolete legacy files 23 July 2019, 17:25:02 UTC
2b567be bug fix for mpl ColorbarBase + fix bug related with latest matplotlib.ColorbarBase by replaceing str type cmap argument with LinearSegmentedColormap cmap argument + fix remaining "truncate_RdBu" to the new convention of "RdBu_truncate" + remove duplicated plot_colorbar() and generate_cbar_element() from and call it from directly. 23 July 2019, 17:25:02 UTC
cad03ae update note to install basemap and pykml + use for the updated python3 support + use for bug fixed problem with PROJ_LIB + use "pip install" instead of "python install" for one line simplicity 23 July 2019, 03:04:31 UTC
26dd03d update macports installation by @hfattahi + ports.txt update gcc5 to gcc7 + add commands to install pyresample and pykdtree, which are not included in macports 23 July 2019, 03:04:31 UTC
e26d8a1 load_data: use auto path if mintpy.load.unwFile == auto 23 July 2019, 03:04:31 UTC
0ca6ea3 update test data url 23 July 2019, 03:04:31 UTC
8f0e755 move default plot setting to defaults dir 22 July 2019, 16:15:03 UTC
710a1c3 GBIS support: add height and MODEL_MIN_HEIGHT 22 July 2019, 16:15:03 UTC
d0076d2 more returns of prep_isce.extract_*_metadata() for easy inspection adjust docs/resources/colormaps/ following codacy suggestions 22 July 2019, 16:15:03 UTC
0bdf4b5 update ALOS2 sensor information (#129) * alos2 case added. Values should be checked, but it should work 19 July 2019, 02:14:49 UTC
7cc9e3b more colormaps from GMT and scientific-colormaps + support local GMT cpt colormaps for macOS user if GMT is installed with macports + add several colormaps from Scientific Color-Maps project by Fabio Crameri + update docs/resources/colormaps/ with images for easy navigation + move ColormapExt class from utils/ to objects/ - import objects.colors in utils/ so that all previous usage won't be affected. - change "truncate_" prefix to "_truncate" suffix for derivative colormap for consistency - change "{int}" suffix to "{_int}" suffix for derivative colormap for consistency - modify read_cpt_file() to support cpt files from GMT - add check_input_colormap_name() to simplify the class workflow. - support combined derivative settings in get_colormap() + move global variable mplColors to objects/colors, and import it in utils/, so that all previous usage won't be affected. 19 July 2019, 00:26:46 UTC
1495360 Initial Docker image with config file (#126) * Add docker/Dockerfile and docker/ * Init of docker as run option * Revert --no-installs-reccomend which breaks build * Update 18 July 2019, 15:22:16 UTC
7e4a834 support GAMMA lookup file with coordinates in meters + prep_gamma.extract_metadata4geometry_geo(): calculate Y_FIST from corner/post_east metadata + geocode.metadata_radar2geo(): use X/Y_UNIT from lookup file metadata if they exists + view.plot_slice(): add code to plot geo-coord in meters based on the code for radar-coord data and adjust for: - the extent - axis ticklabel rotation + add SNAP processor to doc + switch GAM for FernandinaSenDT128.txt from ERAI to ERA5 17 July 2019, 18:00:24 UTC
b156439 load_data: temp fix the file size inconsistency for SNAP products Add check_files_size() to check the file size of a list of files. Adjust read_subset_box() to check the bounding box if 1) no input subset and 2) processor is snap. 17 July 2019, 01:02:39 UTC
7c6b1bc fixed for only one interferogram 17 July 2019, 00:42:11 UTC
a28b4da prep_snap: use *.img file as input instead of *.dim file (#122) * Update * prep_snap: use *.img file as input instead of *.dim file + use *.img data file as input instead of *.dim file for to facilitate the code in + minor format changes for the following metadata so that the "update" mode works: - PLATFORM - X/Y_FIRST/STEP 16 July 2019, 19:28:14 UTC
8199c09 add add to convert GBIS inversion result mat file into HDF5 files. adjust to support GBIS hdf5 file. 15 July 2019, 19:01:04 UTC
eef7b8a deep integrated with + add get_view_cmd() to assemble an command to plot the map axes based on the input argument of + merge both the inps from and the inps from into the objects, to truely share the same setting, to take advantage of existing auto setting from + bug fixed for --save option move the copy/update part of from plot_result() to startup() 15 July 2019, 19:01:04 UTC
d974ec6 add circle CI badge 13 July 2019, 19:57:48 UTC
5d9a348 initial circle ci test (#119) * initial circle ci test * update comments for mintpy.troposphericDelay.looks option2 * Update 13 July 2019, 19:13:11 UTC
34f8fb1 update comments for mintpy.troposphericDelay.looks option 12 July 2019, 21:36:29 UTC
9131516 potential bug fix for resize() by @ehavazli + turn preserve_range=True while calling skimage.transform.resize(), otherwise, it alters the data if input data is not in float32. Identified and fixed by @ehavazli + fix bugs while calling main() from,, and plot_coherence_matrix().py 12 July 2019, 21:36:29 UTC
b63719f improved transection plot + rename to + re-factor based on the style of and - add transectionViewer() class for interactive profile checking - show profile start/end point for easy tracking - drop DEM support for now, might add it back in the future. The corresponding old code is in legacy/ + add notebook tutorial for, similar as + move transect_yx/lalo() to utils/ for easy calling. 12 July 2019, 21:36:29 UTC
670b3b5 save_gbis: add mask to mat file save_gbis: + add --out-dir option to specify the output directory. This is used only if --output is not specified + add Mask 2D matrix to GBIS mat data file to facilirate GBIS2MINTPY conversion. 12 July 2019, 21:36:29 UTC
c037bcb plot_network: support ifgramStack_coherence_spatialAvg.txt objects/stack.ifgramStack.get_perp_baseline_timeseries(): simplied inversion using design matrix A instead of B plot_network: + remove obsolete option --baseline for bl_list.txt since can plot too. + remote --list option because --date --show option can do it too and do it better. + read pbase, date, date12 and coherence info from ifgramStack_coherence_spatialAvg.txt 11 July 2019, 16:55:37 UTC
c0dd2fa raise exception if no triangles found in ifgramStack.get_design_matrix4triplet() 11 July 2019, 16:55:37 UTC
a902aa4 asc_desc2horz_vert: switch output filenames 11 July 2019, 16:55:37 UTC
1eee625 improved save_roipac/ (#114) + - for velocity input file, change displacement time length from one year to DATE12 - for velocity input file, use DATE12 for auto output filename - add -mask option to be able to mask out input files - add --ref-lalo option to change reference point in lat/lon + - add --nodisplay option - use project_name for default output filename base - adjust plot details + - bugs fixed - adjust print out message while selecting points + sort excluded dates in the metadata + objects/sensor.project_name2sensor_name(): use `os.sep` instead of `/` for path split + utils/plot.read_date_txt(): set default output to [] and check existance of input file + utils/utils.read_timeseries_lalo/yx(): add unit argument 07 July 2019, 00:01:54 UTC
3f45e2b tsview: update slider while pressing left / right arrow key (#113) * tsview: update slider while pressing left / right arrow key to advance to the previous / next image. * save_gbis: update colormap for plot 04 July 2019, 03:42:53 UTC
74ce1bc fixed indent bug 03 July 2019, 21:18:46 UTC
2d078dc add to prepare data for GBIS modeling 01 July 2019, 19:15:48 UTC
f0b1e96 support background DEM smaller than input data objects/coord: check_box_within_data_coverage(): add print_msg to control the message output utils/plot:read_dem(): support DEM file that does not cover the input geo_box completely by filling the outside area with NaN 28 June 2019, 20:07:18 UTC
40a1a62 update doc for (#109) * update docs/examples/input_files/README * Update 28 June 2019, 18:10:40 UTC
49a0756 example template for ISCE/stripmapStack 26 June 2019, 14:30:38 UTC
f307526 plot_network: fix bug in colormap plot_network: + add --cmap-vlist option to replace the -m, -M and --threshold options. + more robust default color jump utils/plot.plot_network(): use ColormapExt() for the truncate_* colormap directly. modify_network: remove --plot for more simple main() 24 June 2019, 19:44:12 UTC
9471a30 assign no-data pixel to zero for ARIA connComp 19 June 2019, 21:48:05 UTC
18bfad0 refactoring save_kmz_timeseries 2 + get rid of global variables + use `shutil` and `os` modules to create/move files/directories instead of calling shell commands using os.system() + support full path, so that the script can be ran in other directories. 19 June 2019, 20:36:50 UTC
7bcb825 Init of basic snap (BEAM-DIMAP) ingest functionality (#101) + add `` based on `prep_isce` and `prep_roipac` to extract metadata from interferogram/coherence/unwrapped/elevation .dim (BEAM-DIMAP format) files produced by ESA SNAP and writes a RSC file in ROIPAC format in the same folder as the .dim file. + add `get_ellpsoid_local_radius()` in prep_snap to extract HEIGHT and EARTH_RADIUS from orbit parameters using code adapted and simplified from `isce.isceobj.Planet` in ISCE2. + add `snap` as processor in `load_data`. 19 June 2019, 20:32:56 UTC
247461d fix bug of data type while reading isce .conncomp utils/readfile: fix bug while converting byte data type for ISCE file objects/stackDict: change default connectComponent data type from bool to byte (int8) while loading from binary files using update comments accordingly 19 June 2019, 16:24:03 UTC
6aaafad fix typo in doc for datatype of connectComponent connectComponent is read and saved as np.bool_ format, not int16. 19 June 2019, 15:18:50 UTC
dcd8ce1 remove duplicated get_lat_lon() + move get_lat_lon() to utils/ and remove all the other duplicated copies. + save_kmz_ts*: adjust parsing options 19 June 2019, 15:18:50 UTC
9dce3cb refactoring + bug fixed for masking with input --mask file. + add --steps and --lods options to be able to customize the details setup + check file existance and coordinates of input files + add get_aux_filename() for default aux files + adjust split_into_sub_boxes() and get_boxes4deforming_area() to take step as argument instead of win_size + adjust print out message in the terminal + clean the following functions: - create_regionalized_networklinks_file() - generate_network_link() - main() 18 June 2019, 15:52:19 UTC
bb5f393 add docs/examples/*/ docs/examples + add README file with nbviewer links to notebooks in for `applications` and `simulations` to load notebook fast on the web docs/resources + remove obsolete pysar logo files + grab WAVELENGTH metadata only when it's available + if user input custom output filename, use it to determined the FILE_TYPE metadata + get rid of SUBSET_X/YMIN/MAX metadata utils/ + enforce float32 for DATA_TYPE metadata while writing .trans file + enforce float32 output data type while calling write_float32() + more comments for GPS related example. 18 June 2019, 01:51:27 UTC
6178799 unit in legend label has been changed from "cm/year" to given unit in the inputs. If no unit is give, the default is still "cm/year" 18 June 2019, 01:36:17 UTC
074504e fix mkdir typos in 18 June 2019, 01:31:19 UTC
a9940c4 tsview: support slide using left/right key tsview: add on_key_event() to timeseriesViewer object to support slide image using left and right key on the keyboard, to facilitate detailed interpretation on displacement time-series. add jupyter notebook for image_slider diff: fix bug when ts_file2 has more dates than ts_file1 17 June 2019, 16:04:46 UTC
cde74c5 bperp is read from the metadata bperp calculation function and required dirs are removed 14 June 2019, 01:24:06 UTC
4b5d684 improved plot_coherence_matrix: + add `--tcoh` option to display temporal coherence of the pixel in the axis title + add `--template` option to not show excluded interferograms due to pixel-wise masking based on coherence during network inversion, so that the upper and lower triangles shows the exact situation used in the network inversion. + add `--cmap-vlist` option to customized truncated colromap tsview: auto transparent map view utils/plot: + class ColormapExt: bug fixed in truncate_* colormaps + plot_coherence_matrix(): support colormap object input in the plot_dict argument 14 June 2019, 00:57:02 UTC
9b5c9bd mintpy.residualRms.* --> mintpy.residualRMS.* update google earth link in docs/tutorials/README 14 June 2019, 00:57:02 UTC
0d4942a Merge branch 'hfattahi-master' 13 June 2019, 22:51:16 UTC
737dd55 merge with upstream 13 June 2019, 22:09:41 UTC
a78b1f3 fixing the sign of the unwrapped phase 13 June 2019, 21:57:26 UTC
3d90ac9 ifg_inv: convert NaN to zero ifgram_inversion: convert all NaN values in phase, coherence and mask data to zero, to avoid RuntimeWarning message during math operation. Since zero is ignored in the inversion, it won't has effect on the result. view: + turn ON reference point display by default for multiple subplots + fix bug of coordinates in status bar for radar coord, as it starts from -0.5 in the UL corner. This is introduced from last commit. + bug fix while showing heigt in coordinates status bar ptime: sorting in read_date_list(), otherwise, it causes unexpected behavior for --ex option in 13 June 2019, 02:17:48 UTC
2d3d934 readfile: support SNAP BEAM-DIMAP format (#89) * readfile: support SNAP BEAM-DIMAP format utils/readfile: + read_binary(): add positional argument shape, to avoid calling read_attribute() inside, to gain more independence; and adjust its usage in utils/ and + adjust read_attribute() and read_binary_file() to support the following SNAP unw, cor, int and dem data files * add docs/examples/dev/read_snap_img.ipynb * consistent sub-pixel coordinate rule: details in objects/ comments. * reference_point: fix a bug by not using existing REF_Y/X if they are out of the coverage (after subsetting for example). * ifgram_inversion: suppress warning message while calculating mask of Nan and zero phases * update Python version in docs from 3.5 to 3.6. * dem_error: + skip pixel with nan value in any interferogram, instead of in all interferograms before. + ignore input non-existed default exclude_date.txt file * ptime/read_date_list(): support input list contains non-existed text file. * view: shorted coordinates bar 12 June 2019, 19:12:56 UTC
5333468 remove gdal>=3.0 from docs/conda.txt (#88) * Update conda.txt * ifg_inv: comment out unused variable Astd * suppress mplDeprecation warning in 11 June 2019, 00:09:39 UTC
da4f3dc add cartopy notebook notebook draft of using cartopy for plotting in geo coordinates to replace basemap. It works fine in notebook, but failed when tranferring into *.py script, not clear on the reason yet. 10 June 2019, 21:03:35 UTC
7be64f8 bugs fix (#86) * mkdocs: bug fixed for repo_url * installation: new fix for PROJ_LIB (by piyushrpt) 10 June 2019, 00:28:54 UTC
f207fdd initial + setup + add mkdocs.yml and readthedocs.yml + move the following files from root to docs - requirements.txt - + move the following files from Wiki to docs - api/ - api/ - api/ - api/Doxyfile - api/latex.sty - - + add the following files in docs - + move the following files out of github repo - docs/resources/coord_index.png - docs/resources/FernandinaSenDT128_POI.jpg - docs/resources/KujuAlosAT422F650_vel.jpg - docs/resources/WellsEnvD2T399_CO_POI.jpg - docs/resources/web_viewer_screenshot.png 09 June 2019, 17:15:09 UTC
d21cb73 Update download button link on github pages 09 June 2019, 17:15:09 UTC
b17a01d Update conda.txt 08 June 2019, 17:09:12 UTC
37863c7 docs/paper: add markdown description (#82) * Update * Update * Update share.html * Update * docs/paper: add markdown description 07 June 2019, 03:00:35 UTC
4eb3fe1 fixed link for license and sh scripts (#81) * Update * Update 07 June 2019, 00:21:50 UTC
b2757f0 link fixed for docs/ (#80) * Update * Update 07 June 2019, 00:03:45 UTC
d171ca2 GitHub Pages: move files to docs/ (#79) Move the files related with github pages from root to docs directory, for more simple structure. Add github user name (insarlab) to the page title. 06 June 2019, 23:40:29 UTC
3438022 smallbaselineApp: add mintpy.topographicResidual.pixelwiseGeometry option 1. add mintpy.topographicResidual.pixelwiseGeometry option to speedup the DEM error correction step [turned OFF by defalut] 2. add example in to generate updated/corrected DEM file 3. save_roipac: get rid of the starting "." in the dataset name if output file is HDF5 file. 4. add: ignore dataset name if input file is single dataset, to be able to support input files without different dataset names. 06 June 2019, 22:59:44 UTC
8595ce0 unwrap_error_bridging: use input bridgePtsRadius 1. use input custom bridge endpoint radius for phase difference calculate. 2. change default bridgePtsRadius value from 150 to 50 pixels 3. more comments on defaults/smallbaselineApp.cfg 06 June 2019, 21:55:53 UTC
269bc76 bugs fix for geo dataset without incidence angle file 06 June 2019, 21:55:53 UTC
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