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07ae00d Merge pull request #7 from yunjunz/master python3 version 07 November 2018, 22:29:23 UTC
93e947b continue to run if failed 06 November 2018, 21:02:31 UTC
e8db4f7 bug fixed for cropped unwrapPhase if reference point if out of coverage 06 November 2018, 04:19:04 UTC
7615206 add --nowhitespace option for 19 October 2018, 03:49:32 UTC
ff1fcd0 Update 12 October 2018, 17:41:30 UTC
e622766 add conda.txt for simple conda install command 12 October 2018, 17:27:28 UTC
7687c69 Update 12 October 2018, 17:26:16 UTC
6f6d044 Update 12 October 2018, 16:36:23 UTC
2308e8d bug fixed for 08 October 2018, 16:29:09 UTC
c20f4c2 more generic get_auto_path() 1. merge get_auto_path_isce/roipac/gamma() into one: get_auto_path(). Adjust the function usage in 2. copy custom template file into INPUTS folder so easier data moving around. 06 October 2018, 17:06:36 UTC
5b7af70 bug fixed for isce auto path 06 October 2018, 04:33:25 UTC
1c8d372 bug fixed for sorting dataset and dates while loading data in linux OS 06 October 2018, 03:46:05 UTC
a1f8703 fix bug for when some geometry files are missing 06 October 2018, 03:21:22 UTC
d28a17b support isce-2.2 FILE IO 1. utils/ 1.1. remove sorting argument in write_roipac_rsc() 1.2. make LENGTH key optional in write_roipac_rsc() 2. utils/ 2.1 add ISCE metadata key to global variable standardMetadataKeys 2.2 add new global variable ENVI2NUMPY_DATATYPE and make it together with GDAL2NUMPY_DATATYPE in string for both key and value 2.3 add new function read_binary() for generic binary data file reading, to replace all obsolete functions like read_float32(), read_real_float32(), etc. Those obsolete functions will still be kept for old users; but are not used in PySAR code since now. 2.4 adjust and rename attribute_envi2roipac() to standardize_metadata_isce() 2.5 add PAMDataset xml file support in read_isce_xml() 2.6 simplied read_attribute() with new argument "meta_ext" to specify the correponding metafile with a pre-fixed extension, used in new script 2.7 adjust read_binary_file() to use the new generic read_binary() instead of all those small functions. 3. add new script -, modified from ISCE/SentinelStack code with the following changes: 3.1 use instead of gdal for file reading, because gdal is hard to install 3.2 write master/IW1.xml file extraction result into data.rsc file, to avoid loading ISCE module eveytime when is called. 3.3 move load_product() from to make it independent from topsStack code 3.4 add new function extract_multilook_number() to grab A/RLOOKS 3.5 simplied prepare_geometry/stack() 3.6 use pysar.utils.readfile module to all xml/rsc file reading/writing except for the IW1.xml file reading and conversion 4. support in 4.1 add new template options for ISCE only pysar.load.metaFile pysar.load.baselineDir 4.2 adjust prepare_metadata() to call, so that can be run directly after topsStack processing, without calling 4.3 simplified defaults/ 06 October 2018, 01:29:42 UTC
d8e07a4 Update 01 October 2018, 18:58:12 UTC
07e507f modified prep_slice() in 1. add reference in space/time operations in prep_slice() in for more complete functionality. 2. add --scalebar-pad option to adjust the text offset while plotting scalebar 3. fix bug while geocoding some specific dataset from file with multiple datasets. 4. add greek symbol for RMS plot 28 September 2018, 03:15:00 UTC
f13bee8 bug fixed for --update option in more consistent run_or_skip() for all functions. This might be merged into one in the future. 26 September 2018, 23:54:25 UTC
786fa8b exclude dropped ifgrams for unw err correction with phase closure 1. Exclude the dropped interferograms during unwrapping error correction based on phase closure. 2. update MODIFICATION_TIME for unwrapPhase and unwrapPhase_bridging when dropIfgram value changes. 3. support multiple dataset removal in and utils/ 26 September 2018, 22:55:09 UTC
7d3c067 switch the order of dem_error and remove_ramp in 1. Apply deramping before DEM error correction in, because it helps to remove the long wavelength component in the estimated step functions in DEM error correction. 2.1 use "unwrapPhase_bridging" instead of "unwrapPhase_bridge" for output dataset name of unw error correction with bridging 2.2use "unwrapPhase_phaseClosure" instead of "unwrapPhase_closure" for output datasetname of unw error correction based on phase closure 3. add configKey "numIfgram" to ifgramStack.h5 for run_or_skip checking 4. modified split_into_boxes() in to make it suitable for unwrapping error correction also. 5. do not apply multilook for number of subplots less than 10 in 6. more generic way to plot timeseries*.h5 files in 26 September 2018, 21:38:02 UTC
50a98fc support coloring gps displacement with timeseries input file for 25 September 2018, 02:33:28 UTC
8c16eed comment update 24 September 2018, 03:03:51 UTC
1230219 minor bugs fix fix bug for geocoding when input file is timeseries with one date use ut.add_attribute() instead of in to not update file with SUBSET_X/YMIN into value in the custom template fix bug related with -o option in add fill_triangle and date_list argument to coherence_matrix() to plot half triangle update plot_network() in 24 September 2018, 00:29:09 UTC
6774eca update comment on 16 September 2018, 22:13:23 UTC
edc18d4 detecting obsolete in 1. move plotting code into plot_pysarApp() 2. check the "# Latest update: " line in the file, if a newer version exists: rename the current old one and copy the new one over. 16 September 2018, 02:59:52 UTC
884cb0b fix update option bug for bridging when using water mask 16 September 2018, 01:20:56 UTC
73510ee bug fixed for --base option in generate_mask.h5 15 September 2018, 23:52:53 UTC
cca4b94 comment and variable nameing update 13 September 2018, 23:41:43 UTC
e28c240 adjust design_matrix() for 1. use the relative temporal baseline in years for the design matrix instead of the absolute years, to avoid the conflict of float32 precision with the np.linalg.pinv() cutoff threshold. 2. adjust the use of this design matrix in, adjust cutoff threshold of linalg.lstsq() in for more precise estimation 13 September 2018, 16:25:40 UTC
a0d4cb3 add jupyter notebook for timeseries2velocity 13 September 2018, 16:09:34 UTC
91dc7fc tsview: support tsfile with reference point outside of data coverage 12 September 2018, 16:50:03 UTC
5ed67e7 improved xtick/labels for sample_decorrelation_phase() in 11 September 2018, 00:32:02 UTC
aa4305e move ceil_to_1() from to utils/ 10 September 2018, 19:24:57 UTC
0f878ed add timeseries_estimator notebook 10 September 2018, 19:24:28 UTC
e90d29f add output of ifgram_sim from simulate_network() 10 September 2018, 03:48:01 UTC
3c1b1bb adjust rms bar plotting 08 September 2018, 22:39:28 UTC
be97cbd remove TEMPLATE string in 1. use docs/pysarApp_template.txt for auto template file instead of the long str variable TEMPLATE in 2. rename all run_check() and ut.update_file() to run_or_skip() for less ambiguity, and use "run/skip" to replace True/False return values 3. move get_mission_name() from to objects/ 08 September 2018, 05:22:55 UTC
dee820e rename redundancyRatio to minRedundancy 08 September 2018, 00:48:01 UTC
ae1da46 add --update to velocity estimation and 1. add --update option to and, now all steps in will be run in the update mode adjust and script with the newly added --update option 2. add pysar.unwrapError.fastMode in the template for 3. adjust template number to the consistent with the paper bugs fixed in pysar/utils/ for DEM data reading and pysar/utils/ when ref_file is not in HDF5 format support outFile as list in update_file() in utils/ 07 September 2018, 21:43:27 UTC
41db0a4 Add pysarApp_template.txt to docs for demonstration 07 September 2018, 16:15:03 UTC
06b6e25 add shell script to compare velocities estimated from time-series with different tropospheric corrections 1. add shell script to compare velocities estimated from time-series with different tropospheric corrections 2. check existing ECMWF.h5 file when estimating trop delay using PyAPS 06 September 2018, 19:30:36 UTC
c385c2c add script to convert timeseries file from py2 pysar format to py3 pysar format add new script: to convert timeseries hdf5 file from py2 pysar format to py3 pysar format bug fixed in read_hdf5_file() in pysar/utils/ for reading old pysar files 05 September 2018, 22:51:25 UTC
321d8f1 updates bug fixed for -o option of ifgramStack class in 1. add get_max_connection_number() 2. update get_design_matrix4timeseries_estimation() to support output A, B with reference date info kept add --tick-right option to split plot_bridges() into two functions save_bridge_txt() and plot_bridge() for easier calling from external scripts pysar/utils/ 1. add plot_rotate_diag_coherence_matrix() 2. fix a bug related with mask file reading 05 September 2018, 02:42:10 UTC
6dea416 Update 04 September 2018, 15:28:37 UTC
5c19ac3 add redundancyRatio option to pysar.networkInversion 03 September 2018, 00:07:19 UTC
48c1c5b fix bug related with anomaly value in isce lookup table objects/ use the continous largest bins instead of the largest bin only as normal data range candidate, more robust anomaly value detection. bug fix for --title-in option and 30 August 2018, 21:53:30 UTC
bb3e26c bug fix 1. fix bug related with 3D perp baseline in 2. fix bug with geocoded time-series plot in 3. rename prep/plot_2d_matrix() to prep/plot_slice() in and 29 August 2018, 18:24:53 UTC
78ffe89 bug fix 28 August 2018, 23:03:57 UTC
96cd308 update script example related with obsolete *refDate*.h5 27 August 2018, 03:53:29 UTC
b2b9890 fix --update bug for fix bug related with --update option in add more test -f $file checking for 26 August 2018, 23:25:00 UTC
502814b remove utils/ 26 August 2018, 21:56:19 UTC
b7a40fc do not generate timeseries_*_refDate_*.h5 file as reference date does not affect deramping Do not generate timeseries_*refDate*.h5 files anymore, because changing reference date do not affect ramp estimation. 1. modify to write to input file directly by adjusting its timeseries data value and REF_DATE attribute, if there is not -o input. 2. add multiple files input support to 3. adjust for new usage, and modify the reference date of all time-series files once reference_date.txt file is generated/updated. 4. adjust bug fix 26 August 2018, 21:12:02 UTC
f154d1d add 3D matrix support for deramping 3D matrix support in deramping: 1. add 3D matrix support for data deramping, much faster speed. 2. reference estimated data ramp to the same pixel as input data 3. simplied function 4. rename the following functions and move them to utils/ remove_data_surface() --> deramp_data() remove_surface() --> deramp_file() 5. delete utils/ as it's now obsolete simplified main() in 1. move mask generation from temporal coherence into function get_temporal_coherence_mask() with better update checking 2. move unwrap error correction code into function correct_unwrap_error() 3. move troposhperic delay correction code into correct_tropospheric_delay() and delete base_trop_cor as it's obsolete 4. move save HDF-EOS5 file code into function save_hdfeos5() 5. add avgPhaseVelocity.h5 generation in 26 August 2018, 19:41:31 UTC
f73ff0c Update 24 August 2018, 21:05:18 UTC
b578907 update note on --weather-dir setup for 24 August 2018, 21:01:09 UTC
ee6e55e move update checking to run_check() in ifgram inversion and dem_error 24 August 2018, 20:26:35 UTC
87fa216 --update option for and add --update option support to the following two scenarios: 1. to generate avgSpatialCoh.h5 in 2. to generate nonzero mask in bugs fixed in introduced since slice-base reading 24 August 2018, 05:37:48 UTC
8a0d987 bug fixed when specify --nrows 1 --ncols 1 for 24 August 2018, 00:25:18 UTC
4584f0b add missing is_plot_attribute() 24 August 2018, 00:03:53 UTC
8d6e93d generic HDF5 file reading based on slices of 2D/3D dataset utils/ 1. modify get_slice_list() from get_2d_dataset_list() to get the list of slices for any hdf5 file by walking through the whole data structure except for the pre-defined file classes in pysar 2. implement similar walking through strategy to get_dataset_list() and read_attribute() for generic hdf5 file 3. split the content of read() into two functions: read_hdf5_file() for generic data reading based on slice information read_binary_file() for more consistent style of output and naming 4. remove obsolete check_variable_name() utils/ add remove_hdf5_dataset() and use it in add objects/ 1. add new class for giant stack files: giantIfgramStack 2. move giantTimeseries class from to now all giant files can be read and plot easily in pysar unwrap_error_*.py 1. add MODIFICATION_TIME metadata for 3D dataset in ifgramStack: for --update option 2. modify run_check() for better handling of updating or not 1. add --slice option to print out the slice information of any file 2. add support of --date option for giantTimeseries, giantIfgramStack and HDFEOS file 3. add --num support for --slice option 24 August 2018, 00:02:03 UTC
884f499 message warning for bridging 23 August 2018, 02:02:17 UTC
b46e139 Update 22 August 2018, 23:16:13 UTC
428c8b0 support giant file in 21 August 2018, 22:35:25 UTC
19d670a exclude shadow in maskTempCoh if exists 1. remove shadow area while generating mask from temporal coherence if shadowMask exists in geometry file 2. bug fix and more files to plot 21 August 2018, 21:37:03 UTC
f7e25be auto bridging based on water mask for unwrap error correction 1. add automatic unwrapping error correction with bridging based on water mask add water_mask2conn_comp_mask() to generate conn comp mask from input water mask move search_bridge() and plot_bridges() from to remove pysar.unwrapError.bridgeYX option as it's not automatically calculated 2. adjust to support combined method: bridging+phase_closure 3. add --label option to to label input timeseries files 21 August 2018, 20:01:03 UTC
21b5aee Update 21 August 2018, 19:00:59 UTC
15b445c better mask file handling in prep_2d_matrix() in 21 August 2018, 01:39:11 UTC
0b4a824 support --start/end-date for 20 August 2018, 02:01:42 UTC
1a0acad Update 19 August 2018, 23:17:43 UTC
d0fcb82 Update 19 August 2018, 22:53:48 UTC
e6f9cf1 Create 19 August 2018, 22:32:35 UTC
e9ec517 fixed h/wspace for multiple subplots in 1. fix hspace/wspace for tuning subplots 2. add --no-tight-layout to disable the auto layout adjustment 3. add --cbar-loc / --cbar-size options for colorbar setup 4. add prep_2d_matrix() to easy the preparation process with plot_2d_matrix() from jupyter notebook for example 18 August 2018, 05:02:47 UTC
bb5bd3a apply --nocbar option to multiple subplots in 16 August 2018, 22:16:21 UTC
fdf6072 rename plane ramp to linear ramp 1. rename all "plane" phase ramp to "linear" phase ramp And the deramped time-series file is not named as below by default: timeseries_ECMWF_demErr_ramp.h5 2. support multiple files to be substracted at one command for single dataset file input in 16 August 2018, 02:43:25 UTC
f8a6715 bug fixed for coordinate.lalo2yx() and yx2lalo() 14 August 2018, 20:04:16 UTC
0119dcb update isce metadata reading bug fixed in ignore .geo and .rdr while use file extension for FILE_TYPE attribute for binary data file read isce .xml file for binary file metadata if it's available update X/Y_FIRST/STEP reading from xml file add support for geocoded latitude dataset in utils/utils.get_lookup_file() 14 August 2018, 19:40:38 UTC
4fd6502 use number_bands and scheme from isce xml file for data read 14 August 2018, 15:54:28 UTC
4204693 use image_type property to identify file type for isce file 14 August 2018, 05:12:55 UTC
9e42e65 add template options from custom template to ifgramStack file 10 August 2018, 21:23:09 UTC
a2bec2a switch minNornvelocity to yes by default for network inversion 10 August 2018, 20:35:17 UTC
c92c8d6 --update and config par for key/slow steps add key configuration parameter into file metadata for the following scripts: add --update option to the following script to check whether to skip the step or not if it's turn on, instead of simply checking the modification time of input/output file: bug fixed in threshold calculation, with --wrap-range option, delay file location 09 August 2018, 23:57:43 UTC
54f7aae rename* options rename the following options: -- > --> bug fixed for* options 09 August 2018, 21:13:50 UTC
799609c add to simulation geodetic deformation 09 August 2018, 20:39:56 UTC
8963b4e add - tools for time-series and decorrelation simulation 09 August 2018, 20:39:29 UTC
c6dc567 Merge branch 'master' of 09 August 2018, 20:35:57 UTC
2c3142a add simulation/ for default plot setting 09 August 2018, 20:35:56 UTC
389f1f6 Update ports.txt 09 August 2018, 18:55:29 UTC
cbf2229 Update requirements.txt 09 August 2018, 18:54:48 UTC
66bb6a4 bug fixed add --num option to to show the number of order for each acquisition or interferogram check data coverage in bug fixed in plotting 09 August 2018, 18:17:14 UTC
475e039 delete obsolete notebook 09 August 2018, 17:21:11 UTC
1d40a43 change wrap-step to wrap-range for plotting 1. add --wrap-range option to specify the unequal min/max for data wrapping 2. support lalo_step as list of 2 float, for different steps in lat/lon direction for label 3. add dismph colormap, with colorlist from bakerunavco/pygmtsar 4. add cmap_map() to darken or brighten colormap rename docs/cpt folder to docs/colormaps folder 08 August 2018, 23:59:28 UTC
6f59a1e Update 08 August 2018, 18:54:32 UTC
d0b8ce5 Update 08 August 2018, 18:54:20 UTC
d205c37 Update 08 August 2018, 18:53:15 UTC
0e50d14 bug fix 08 August 2018, 17:53:24 UTC
5103363 add --base option to more message help in add --base option to to add a extra contraint to output mask file better alignment in output message bug fixed for interferometric phase stacking/temporal average generate maskSpatialCoh.h5 file from avgSpatialCoh.h5 for stacking output mask add cmd_line_parse() in pysar/utils/ so that the functions in could use the default parsed value of each option instead of writing them inside their own function 08 August 2018, 15:59:18 UTC
bd7ff04 make --mask = 'no' if --zero-mask option is enabled 07 August 2018, 22:57:37 UTC
7d27643 update 2to3_timeseries update example jupyter notebook: 2to3_timeseries.ipynb save_data2text.ipynb change default weight function to var instead of fim write numNonzeroClosure_unwrapPhase.h5 file in add more --shade-* options to plotting scripts. 07 August 2018, 19:52:41 UTC
077154b bug fixed for 04 August 2018, 16:17:17 UTC
da1b6a7 more robust SNWE calculation with presence of abnormal value on lon/lat.rdr from ISCE 03 August 2018, 18:37:49 UTC
d30b27f Update 03 August 2018, 01:12:53 UTC
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