Name Target Message Date
HEAD 2c48508 Merge pull request #337 from mupq/moreci More CI and add excluded schemes on all platforms 27 March 2024, 14:10:26 UTC
refs/heads/aimer a34a481 add AIMer 12 January 2024, 14:46:55 UTC
refs/heads/benchmarkupdate 527e9d6 Update benchmarks 17 March 2024, 20:36:16 UTC
refs/heads/biscuit 71f0daa Add biscuit 24 November 2023, 07:58:50 UTC
refs/heads/d2stack 827f152 eliminate some smaller buffers 28 March 2023, 07:52:05 UTC
refs/heads/duallicense 5d0fe86 Adds Apache-2.0 license in addition to CC0 To enable re-use in This is applied only to the sources of pqm4 itself that are to a vast degree written by the pqm4 maintainers. The scheme implementations plus symmetric primitives have other licenses. 20 March 2024, 03:13:23 UTC
refs/heads/efm32gg11b 8110b02 instead of sending more markers; just add delay in hal_setup 27 July 2020, 02:15:28 UTC
refs/heads/fixkyber 6ab1a04 fix inlining of Kyber reencryption 03 April 2024, 10:00:14 UTC
refs/heads/github-actions-test 7f05252 Run only on push to master, and when PR review requested 16 January 2024, 22:34:10 UTC
refs/heads/haetae-fix a39a172 Use fixed HAETAE reference 24 January 2024, 11:29:33 UTC
refs/heads/kybertimingleak f1a5523 Update Kyber poly_tomsg to fix timing leak (w/ -Os) This (partially) addresses The function poly_tomsg from the reference implementation of Kyber (which was copied into the M4-optimized implementations) would result in a variable-time udiv instruction operating on secret data when compiled with gcc using -Os. I tried a couple of versions from gcc 11 to gcc 13, but did not see any difference. This commit updates the m4-specific code to use the patch from Note that the code in PQClean has not yet been updated and hence the clean implementation within pqm4 is still vulnerable. 18 December 2023, 02:07:27 UTC
refs/heads/master 2c48508 Merge pull request #337 from mupq/moreci More CI and add excluded schemes on all platforms 27 March 2024, 14:10:26 UTC
refs/heads/meds 1c27aa0 Add MEDS 16 January 2024, 20:54:18 UTC
refs/heads/mirith 8821d31 Add MiRitH 24 November 2023, 08:05:20 UTC
refs/heads/moreci cc3481a fix build for other platforms 26 March 2024, 21:09:22 UTC
refs/heads/mqom 63d524b add skiplist entries for mqom 11 January 2024, 10:14:04 UTC
refs/heads/nistdraftkyberdilithium c4fd63c fix build on stm32f4discovery 23 February 2024, 07:51:58 UTC
refs/heads/openocdtcp 42ea270 Add option to use running OpenOCD server 07 November 2023, 09:41:19 UTC
refs/heads/outoftree 5fa22a8 Enable out-of-tree builds All build outputs are now placed in build-PLATFORMNAME. 21 January 2024, 18:14:32 UTC
refs/heads/snova bd9b47d recompute static tables 25 November 2023, 07:24:26 UTC
refs/heads/sphinca 57bb7dc update mupq 15 January 2024, 13:19:53 UTC
refs/heads/tuov 1ccd61f Exclude tuov from builds 19 January 2024, 13:42:57 UTC
refs/remotes/amin/kyberintt 604ca2d Add reductions to iNTT in stack optimized code 13 October 2022, 15:57:26 UTC
refs/tags/Round1 ae06d3d Add kyber512 and kyber1024 (#35) * add kyber512 and kyber1024 ref * add m4 optimized kyber512 and kyber1024 * add kyber512 and kyber1024 benchmarks 31 January 2019, 10:15:17 UTC
refs/tags/Round2 c32bcd0 Revert "clean up Makefile" This reverts commit b64e5f1073cc24097579417a91bcee3ee85eb260. Those lines were not unused. 15 June 2020, 18:45:45 UTC
refs/tags/Round3 26f810d Fix alignment issues in Kyber (#236) * Add .vscode to gitignore * Add alignment to arrays used in Kyber to address #235 07 June 2022, 08:39:12 UTC
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