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# Morbig
## A trustworthy static parser for POSIX shell

Morbig is a parser for shell scripts written in the POSIX shell script
language. It parses the scripts statically, that is without executing
them, and constructs a concrete syntax tree for each of them.  The
concrete syntax trees are built using constructors according to the
shell grammar of the POSIX standard.

## Download [![Build Status](https://travis-ci.org/colis-anr/morbig.svg?branch=master)](https://travis-ci.org/colis-anr/morbig)

    git clone git@github.com:colis-anr/morbig.git

## License and Copyright

   please see the file COPYING

## Are you in a hurry?

   Yes? Pull our docker image:
   docker pull colisanr/morbig:latest

   Then, define the following shell function:

   morbig () {
      D=$(cd "$(dirname "$1")"; pwd)
      B=$(basename "$1")
      docker run \
         -v "$D":/mnt \
         colisanr/morbig:latest --as simple /mnt/"$B"

   After that, you should be able to run ``morbig`` like this:

   morbig my-script.sh

   This will create a JSON file named ``my-script.sh.sjson``.

   You can also build a local docker image from the root of this repository:

   docker build -t morbig . # to build a docker image with morbig inside.

   Now if you want to use more features of ``morbig``, take the time
   to follow the building instructions of the next section.

## Building instructions

### Dependencies

``morbig`` depends on the following software:

    - ocaml               (>= 4.02.3)
    - ocamlbuild	      [ if ocaml >= 4.05 ]
    - ocamlfind
    - menhir              (>= 20170509)
    - yojson              (>= 1.3.2)
    - ppx_deriving_yojson (>= 3.0)
    - visitors            (>= 20170404)

### Building


### Installing

    make install            # for opam-based environments
    PREFIX=... make install # for system-wide install

### Testing

    make check
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