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af0d6cb Merge pull request #2 from team-pancho/hdg3d_skdu Hdg3d skdu 29 April 2020, 21:46:21 UTC
df96bd8 Create A_simple_example.m Add a simple example on how to use the HDG3d library - a script to solve the Poisson's equation on a cubic domain with Dirichlet B.C. Detailed comments are added to guide users going through the main procedures that are needed to finish a miniature error test of HDG3d. 12 April 2020, 21:56:23 UTC
c828438 Update Update the link of [ACM_TOMS_paper]. The new link links directly to the paper instead of linking to the journal, which is what the old link does. 12 April 2020, 20:33:38 UTC
e06c667 Updated website links with repo links. Fixes #1 02 October 2019, 21:47:09 UTC
f3a8f81 Pull 27 September 2019, 17:37:10 UTC
c44cc37 Documentation 27 September 2019, 17:37:04 UTC
2af2339 Added: More 01 September 2019, 11:42:18 UTC
27d4179 More details: Developers, software and documentation 01 September 2019, 11:38:58 UTC
323882c Original code 31 August 2019, 02:29:02 UTC
998aa36 Initial commit 31 August 2019, 01:42:31 UTC
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