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d15eca6 Branch to experiment with new gui launcher application. 17 April 2006, 21:49:18 UTC
8a461c9 Changed externals from svn:// to http:// 28 March 2006, 19:22:51 UTC
013a137 Updated NEWS and ChangeLog. 14 February 2006, 23:24:22 UTC
1be179a Merged r2600 (fix for issue13, "make PYTHONPATH automatic") from v2 branch to trunk. 14 February 2006, 22:24:53 UTC
ef17b4e Fixed about 20 assorted typos. 04 February 2006, 02:11:44 UTC
098abb2 Eliminated the unused local variables lx,ly,lz in global_derived_values(). 04 February 2006, 00:18:07 UTC
de7c76c The value of max_size needs to be larger by 1, or else we access out-of-bound array elements in the arrays E->boundary.element and E->boundary.normal. Refer to issue10 in roundup for more details. 04 February 2006, 00:15:50 UTC
e2c2bfe Adjusted size of arrays in struct Shape_function_dA. This fixes a bug involving out-of-bounds array access caused by use of fortran-style indexing. Refer to issue10 in roundup for more information. 04 February 2006, 00:11:12 UTC
eb8eaab Need to initialize to zero the following variables * E->control.total_iteration_cycles * E->control.total_v_solver_calls 04 February 2006, 00:04:48 UTC
ab68e81 Merged r2575 (fix for issue9, "need a property for extra LSF options") from v2 branch to trunk. 31 January 2006, 23:16:37 UTC
5ec54db Merged r2573 (fix for issue8, "eliminate CitcomS default time limit for batch jobs") from v2 branch to trunk. 31 January 2006, 20:23:54 UTC
866fd7a Merged r2565 (fix for issue11, "broken install when 'pkgpyexecdir' is distinct from 'pkgpythondir'") from v2 branch to trunk. 31 January 2006, 02:54:42 UTC
cca5d95 Merged r2563 (fix for issue7, "CitcomS check_CXX check is broken") from v2 branch to trunk. 31 January 2006, 00:07:28 UTC
08455da Corrected typo. Should be: --solver.bc.topvbyval=0 17 November 2005, 19:14:06 UTC
5cc7fb8 boundition --> boundary condition 17 November 2005, 00:35:21 UTC
3bbc630 Fixed a bug which Luis found (""): bad default values for blob_radius and blob_dT. 16 November 2005, 02:23:22 UTC
9cba2cd Regenerated PDF. 09 November 2005, 18:53:53 UTC
9cb1716 Fixed example 5.6 in Cookbook 5 09 November 2005, 12:15:58 UTC
47aaf54 Fixed a few more typos. 09 November 2005, 11:45:05 UTC
ceeae50 Missed a stray = 09 November 2005, 11:31:47 UTC
764d11c Corrected several typos and mispelling errors. 09 November 2005, 11:20:53 UTC
7658b8a Regenerated PDF: updated date; minor corrections, format tweaks. 04 November 2005, 19:39:42 UTC
b1eb651 fixed a bug in closing <filename> tag 03 November 2005, 00:26:06 UTC
ed4f408 changes in Chapter 4 (post-processing) and Appendix C (output format) 01 November 2005, 01:10:39 UTC
cd88f7e Set svn:executable on all examples and cookbooks. 29 October 2005, 02:16:35 UTC
42bd2b6 Numerous minor corrections and format tweaks. 29 October 2005, 02:07:52 UTC
5703afb Minor corrections to Chapter 3, "Running", and a major update to Chapter 4, "Postprocessing and Graphics" (which still contained references to the "regcitcom input file"). 28 October 2005, 22:58:21 UTC
0791b4c Minor updates to Chapter 2 -- in particular, removed reference to the separate, sync'd Pythia repository. Also, removed reference to the Python installer. 28 October 2005, 20:06:44 UTC
c37f4b3 Added DocBook manual files from Cassie. 28 October 2005, 19:45:06 UTC
8169321 Merged revision 2466 from CitcomS v2.0.1 to v2 branch and trunk. 21 October 2005, 19:35:26 UTC
3e84d06 Don't suppress errors loading Full/Regional module. 07 October 2005, 12:37:29 UTC
63bfab3 changed the argument style of 'head'/'tail' command to conform with the standard 04 October 2005, 23:58:43 UTC
5555bb3 changed 'head -1' to 'head -n 1' to conform with the standard 04 October 2005, 23:56:31 UTC
6645b69 Changed CitcomS license header text to GNU GPL. 04 October 2005, 22:37:25 UTC
67482e6 Ported GNU Build System from CitcomS trunk to v2 branch. 04 October 2005, 02:53:16 UTC
3482c12 Nuked empty directories. 04 October 2005, 00:34:33 UTC
772a809 Strip "mc/3D/CitcomS/trunk" directory prefix. By the way, this file is generated with svn2cl ( using the command "svn log --xml --verbose | xsltproc --stringparam strip-prefix mc/3D/CitcomS/trunk svn2cl.xsl - > ChangeLog". 01 October 2005, 01:17:36 UTC
cd97a8a Added various GNU standard files, including the GPL. 01 October 2005, 01:01:45 UTC
fb6f251 Doh! Restored svn:ignore'ing of those ridiculous symlinks used by 30 September 2005, 23:48:12 UTC
c717581 Ignore files generated by Autoconf/Automake/Libtool. 30 September 2005, 22:39:01 UTC
fb309b7 Push/pop C++ around MPI tests, which are now sensitive to the current language. Made sure that '--without-pyre' works in the absence of a C++ compiler (tested on Hrothgar). When building with Pyre modules, fail if a C++ compiler is not found. 30 September 2005, 17:59:01 UTC
0f33ede Add ${pythondir} to PYTHONPATH before checking for Python modules, so that installing multiple packages to a single PREFIX "just works". This also attempts to simulate the final installation environment, which might make a difference in unusual cases. Also, 'sed' the install-time PYTHONPATH into CitComS scripts (instead of an explicit list of @pythondir@'s). Added _getPrivateDepositoryLocations() and CitcomS.pml. Changed "etc/citcoms" to "etc/CitcomS" for consistency with the Python package name. Add PACKAGE_VERSION to, and added pyconfig-generated Freeze the full path to 'mpirun' and 'mpipython.exe' at 'configure' time. First crack at batch system configuration. 28 September 2005, 23:26:16 UTC
76bf816 Utilize my new 'pyconfig' facility to automatically slurp config info from Pythia, Exchanger. Changed contact e-mail to cig-mc; other misc. changes. 21 September 2005, 00:03:40 UTC
04e6d48 Added Id keyword property to, 09 September 2005, 19:49:10 UTC
133fb1f Added files for the GNU Build System. 09 September 2005, 19:41:23 UTC
5819088 Added executable property and 'Id' keyword expansion. 29 August 2005, 19:28:14 UTC
b622a65 Avoid 'extern "C" { #include ... }'; it causes problems with mpi++.h/mpicxx.h. 27 August 2005, 03:04:54 UTC
d508dff Fixed it so that the uniprocessor examples work again. This invovled creating CitcomS's own version of LauncherMPICH, and tweaking the MPI launchers so that CitcomS re-execs itself under 'mpipython.exe' when it is run under plain old 'python'. Also: made "--launcher.dry" work; ignore 'nodegen' in LauncherBatch (so that the examples "just work" on the TeraGrid); added some 'tips' (""); added SimpleApp.usage(). 27 July 2005, 08:58:31 UTC
d667e5b General build clean-up: 'export' all the various scripts to $EXPORT_ROOT/bin, so that goofy relative paths are not needed (e.g., "../tests/"); and so that the 'visual' directory doesn't have to be added to the PATH. I also dusted-off 'array2d' -- it compiles and links now. 23 July 2005, 08:35:51 UTC
8766494 Raise an exception -- instead of crashing -- when pyCitcom_citcom_init() is passed a null "mpi::Communicator *" argument. 23 July 2005, 08:00:35 UTC
c1bb990 Switched from Python's '%' operator to pyre.util.expandMacros(), so that I don't have to escape '%' (e.g., --launcher.nodegen="n%03d"). Also, export key environment variables to LAM/MPI jobs. 22 July 2005, 10:03:14 UTC
ca04b90 Build with soflags to produce position-independent code. 'Export' the resulting shared libraries. 22 July 2005, 05:55:58 UTC
98518a5 Use 'python' instead of 'mpipython.exe' -- on some TeraGrid clusters, MPI programs cannot be run directly. 20 July 2005, 04:23:38 UTC
453f580 Removed sample batch scripts, which are obsoleted by my new launchers. Use "--launcher=pbs" or "--launcher=lsf" on NCSA and TACC, respectively. 20 July 2005, 04:12:31 UTC
f490bf9 Added Pyre launchers for LAM/MPI, Globus, LSF, and PBS. This is their temporary home; they should be incorporated into Pyre eventually. 20 July 2005, 04:07:15 UTC
aafe505 Merged revision from CitcomS-2_x branch to trunk: tan2: "a fix for single-processor (eg. laptop)". 20 July 2005, 03:55:47 UTC
ff15a34 Changes for Mac OS X build. 30 June 2005, 08:31:28 UTC
e185183 [vcp] delete of edited revision with dead state 23 August 2005, 03:42:59 UTC
a6be4a6 Removed 'Facilities' directory -- no longer needed under Pythia v0.8. 18 June 2005, 04:24:28 UTC
00bb873 Added example batch scripts for NCSA and TACC TeraGrid clusters. 18 June 2005, 04:20:35 UTC
4f6f6a3 * removed default paths to input/output files. * removed absolute paths to macros. 18 June 2005, 02:07:52 UTC
dd632fd script to automatically read input parameters from input file and call 16 June 2005, 02:33:59 UTC
17be934 1. moved parts of the script into functions so that other scripts can import them. 2. raise ValueError when the length of machinefile is not right 16 June 2005, 02:33:16 UTC
e2f7dfd using new-style class 16 June 2005, 02:30:55 UTC
301e521 print messages to stderr instead of stdout 16 June 2005, 01:27:42 UTC
758bb2e Corrected use of -Xlinker. 14 June 2005, 23:47:37 UTC
c56cbaa Added license text. 10 June 2005, 09:23:11 UTC
d5c21aa 1. subsitute 'staging' with 'launcher' as required by pythia-0.8 2. removed unneccesary input parameters 08 June 2005, 11:02:59 UTC
f3ba498 Port from pythia-0.4 to pythia-0.8, continued: use "factory=" instead of "default=" in facilities where appropriate. The scripts and seem to work now. 08 June 2005, 08:55:33 UTC
d31dc2f Parser class to parse CitcomS input file 06 June 2005, 06:41:59 UTC
4ed631f execute 'cmd_copy' only if 'cmd_paste' was finished without error 06 June 2005, 06:13:57 UTC
81267bf Initial port from pythia-0.4 to pythia-0.8. 04 June 2005, 04:51:39 UTC
b2d0398 * If a user doesn't specify "blob_center", assign [-999.,-999.,-999] as a default values in * The real default values are assigned in * The distance calculation in "construct_tic_from_input" modified. * A bug in non-dimensionalizing half_space_age fixed. 28 May 2005, 12:27:24 UTC
caca20a *** empty log message *** 28 May 2005, 04:41:22 UTC
bd418e4 *** empty log message *** 28 May 2005, 04:11:59 UTC
41611f5 Velocity files 28 May 2005, 01:39:34 UTC
d5172da Restart files 28 May 2005, 01:38:10 UTC
34fc82e Cookbook5 and coordinate files 28 May 2005, 01:35:25 UTC
c7d66fc changed the hard-wire path (/usr/bin/python) to run-time dep. path 25 May 2005, 08:22:11 UTC
bfc2759 a utility script to slize horizontal layers from CitcomS output. See docstring for usage. 25 May 2005, 04:28:12 UTC
5bea2ba Prefer "$(MM)" to "mm". 25 May 2005, 01:12:44 UTC
e29df2d * adding a script to run the Cookbook7 example and coord.dat file. * README for some additional information. 24 May 2005, 05:15:36 UTC
d0162a5 * added new parameters to control a hot blob as temperature IC. - One can specify three parameters: 1. Coordinates(theta,fi,r) of the center. 2. Radius. 3. The amount of temperature increase/decrease within the blob. - Currently works only for the Regional version. - CitcomS variable name: convection.blob_center, convection.blob_radius, convection.blob_dT - Pyre parameter name: solver.ic.blob_center, solver.ic.blob_radius, solver.ic.blob_dT - it is required to set "solver.ic.tic_method=2" * the format of coordinates file has been modified. - "nsd=1" is not recognized as "%s%d" on some machine. - now it should be "nsd= 1" to be read as "%s %d". 24 May 2005, 05:00:45 UTC
c076cf6 Include <cmath> in various files. Fixes compilation errors with GCC v3.4.3. 20 May 2005, 05:39:18 UTC
9a03eda * added a new function for the initial temperature field. - called "hot_blob_lith" - Thermal boudnary layer on top + one hot bloc at the center. 20 May 2005, 05:01:45 UTC
06c79d2 Added a prototype for temperatures_conform_bcs() -- fixes compilation failure with GCC v3.4.3. 19 May 2005, 01:27:56 UTC
d32399d test for coupled run 18 May 2005, 08:57:44 UTC
967656e using rpath to specify runtime library path 18 May 2005, 03:54:53 UTC
ebf8079 using rpath to specify runtime library path 18 May 2005, 02:45:44 UTC
05f2a79 the full path of shared library is given, otherwise g++ can compile but the program couldn't find the shared library at the run time 17 May 2005, 07:35:10 UTC
70c05e2 3D MPI tracer-advection code 17 May 2005, 06:53:59 UTC
dbfe7ad facelifted to work with new "config" repository (cvs -d co config). I think this will still work with the old config... Eh you may want to check. 11 April 2005, 19:09:20 UTC
7ee8b9d *** empty log message *** 30 March 2005, 10:34:47 UTC
79f2f38 *** empty log message *** 30 March 2005, 10:27:51 UTC
97e5139 Added EXCHANGER_INCDIR and EXCHANGER_LIBDIR, as in my case, I do not build exchanger into either pythia's or citcom's build root (but into its own) 11 March 2005, 12:23:33 UTC
8fd3a73 *** empty log message *** 11 March 2005, 08:24:46 UTC
570c900 The tracer code only works in root processor 09 March 2005, 06:24:27 UTC
f944753 fixed a bug in the validator of 'tic_method' 18 February 2005, 08:13:36 UTC
82cfb06 added new parameter 'tic_method' and 'half_space_age' 18 February 2005, 07:15:36 UTC
b96ce03 1. added validator to some of the input. 2. added new parameter 'tic_method' and 'half_space_age'. 18 February 2005, 06:57:42 UTC
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